The 3 Essential Tips For Driving Safely In Snowy Weather

Do you know how to drive in snowy weather? If not, then there are certain tips that are surely for you.
When there is a winter storm warning in effect, driving can be tricky and sometimes dangerous. According to personal injury lawyer, Marc Lamber, many accidents in winter are because drivers are not ready for the road conditions. Snow and ice make streets slippery. It’s hard to see when it’s snowing hard.  

Although it can be dangerous, when you understand how to drive in the snow, it and go very smoothly. There are certain techniques to use and precautions to take to be able to safely drive in snowy weather. In this article, we will go over several tips to help you stay safe on your wintry drive.  

3 Essential Tips for Driving in Snowy Weather

So, when we talk about the essential tips for driving in snow, focus and safety tips are always on the top. Here, here we have the best 3 tips for a snowy drive.

1 – Preparation is Key 

Preparation is key in snow weather

When winter comes, getting your car ready for the snow is important. One of the first things to do is to put winter tires on your car. These tires are made to grip snowy and icy roads better than regular tires. This means you’re less likely to slide and lose control. If your area is also very icy then having tire chains can be a big help in getting through tough conditions.  

The cold can have a big effect on the fluids of your car which can make it hard to control. Check all the fluids in your car, like the antifreeze, to make sure they’re at the right levels. These fluids keep your car running smoothly in cold weather. The battery should also be checked. Cold weather can make it hard for your car to start, so a good battery is necessary. 

It’s also smart to have certain things in your car in case of an emergency. A snow scraper and a shovel can help you clear snow from your car and dig out if you get stuck. Blankets are important to keep you warm if your car breaks down and you have to wait for help. It’s good to have emergency supplies too, like a flashlight, some food that won’t go bad, water, and a winter car emergency kit.  

2 – Driving Safety Tips 

You have to adjust how you drive when the weather is snowy and difficult. Driving safely in snowy conditions requires extra caution and focus. The first thing to do is moderate your speed. It takes longer to come to a stop when the roads are slick with snow so you’ll need to counter that by driving slowly.  

Even if you’re familiar with the route, unexpected icy patches can appear, requiring quick and careful responses. By driving slower, you give yourself more time to notice and react to these hazards. This slower pace also helps other drivers on the road so think about them as well.  

Visibility is poor when it snows so you have to keep distractions to a minimum. Giving your full attention means not checking that text message or driving distracted in other ways.  

Keeping your phone out of reach, setting your radio or playlist before you start driving, and avoiding eating or drinking while driving can help keep your focus where it needs to be.  

3 – What to Do in Case of an Emergency 

If you do find yourself in an accident in snowy conditions, it’s important to stay calm and follow specific steps for safety. First, if you can, move your car to the side of the road to avoid blocking traffic. Then, turn on your hazard lights to alert other drivers. If it’s safe to do so, take pictures of the accident to help you if you file a claim against the other driver’s insurance.  

Even if there don’t seem to be any injuries, it’s a good idea to call the police to report the accident. They can help manage the situation and file a report. Not only that, but sometimes injuries from a car accident aren’t immediately apparent so it pays to get checked out.  

Even though it is cold and snowy, stay away from the car if you’re on the highway. You run the risk of being hit by other cars on the road that lose control due to the conditions.  

If you get stuck in the snow then try to get yourself out by shoveling and even putting some sand down in front of the tires. Call for a tow truck and try to stay warm. If you aren’t on the highway then you can stay in the car. Be careful if you leave the car running to ensure the tailpipe is clear of snow so fumes don’t get inside the car.  

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