How JLo And Ben Has Occupied Tabloids By Their Passionate Tale?

How often do you keep track of a celebrity’s love life? JLo and Ben Affleck have quite an interesting relationship timeline. The couple first got together in early 2002. The romance sparked when both played lead roles in a rom-com series. They dated for 2 years and parted ways in 2004.

They moved on started relationships with their respective partners, and had children. But destiny had other plans, their relationship started again in 2021. They became public with their relationship status and tied the knot in 2022. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail why JLo and Ben split up in 2004, and what forced them to move in together again and led to marriage.  

When Did JLo And Ben Start Dating? 

When Did JLo And Ben Start Dating? 

When does JLo and Ben officially meet for the first time? Their first encounter took place on the set of Gigli in early 2002. The duo played lead roles and played quite romantic scenes. However, they didn’t start dating right after their first meetup. Jennifer Lopez was already married at that time but got divorced very soon.

In mid-2002, the couple was seen kissing, and their love tales started becoming headlines. Later that year, Ben Affleck starred in JLo’s music video, which was a hit. In one scene, Ben was touching Jennifer’s butt which became a hot topic right after release. 

Gigli was not the only series they played together. They starred again in the movie ‘Jersey Girl in 2004, which was a flop. And unfortunately, it was the end of their relationship as well. 

The couple parted ways even before the premiere of the movie. The couple didn’t disclose much about their breakup. 

JLo and Ben’s First Engagement 

JLo and Ben's First Engagement 

The couple became the interest of the paparazzi very soon. How do JLo and Ben do their engagement? The couple publicized their relationship on Jennifer’s 32nd birthday. Ben proposed to her quite romantically with a ring worth $2.5M. Jennifer Lopez was over the moon seeing her Pink engagement ring. (Her favorite color). 

Jennifer’s fiancé made a debut in her music videos as well. ‘Jenny From The Block’, and ‘This is Me… Then’, where the couple performed passionately. 

Their engagement also brings out Ben’s side which Media didn’t know of. Their relationship lasted for 2 years. ‘dear Ben’ was also her popular song in which Ben Affleck made an appearance. The couple stayed in the tabloids, but the sparks died real soon when the couple called off their engagement just before wedding prep. 

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Why did JLo And Ben Call Off Their Engagement?

What do you think was the reason behind JLo and Ben’s breakup? Well initially, just a day before the wedding they announced they wanted to postpone the wedding. The reason they gave was excessive media surrounding them. The couple claimed the media will ruin their sacred family union and they want to postpone for some time. 

But later on, in January 2004, the couple officially ended their relationship. The reason remained unknown. But the couple asked for their privacy. Although both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck remained friends and even did projects together. 

Flashbacks To JLo And Ben’s Life After Breakup

Did JLo and Ben move on in their lives? The breakup didn’t put a full stop in their lives. They moved on pretty quickly. 

Just 5 months after her breakup with Ben, Jennifer tied the knot with Marc Anthony. He was a Latin music star, they had quite a balanced after-marriage life. The couple had 2 children, named Emme and Max. The couple still separated in 2014. 

Ben also got into a relationship with Jennifer Garner. The couple got married in 2005. They had 3 kids together, named Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel. Their marriage lasted for 13 years, but eventually, they parted ways.

Both have had on-and-off flings with people till 2021, but eventually, both made their way to each other’s hearts. 

Although JLo and Ben didn’t settle their conflicts in their first time together. But destiny had some plans for them which led them to a relationship again in 2021. The couple again becomes a limelight. 

However, their friendship never died the entire time. Both remained supportive of each other. We happen to believe the couple had never truly separated from each other. But who knows? 

What Made JLo And Ben Start Dating Again?

What Made JLo And Ben Start Dating Again?

In early 2021, JLo and Ben started going out together on casual dates and romantic ones. Their followers were quick to assume that they had reunited. 

Later that year, the couple confirmed the rumors by posting their steamy photos. The photos from Jennifer’s 52nd birthday were bold and were a recreation of their iconic moments. 

But at that time, they weren’t bachelors they had families of their own. Jennifer has two kids while Ben has 3 kids. The couple decides to take their family together to build a healthy family. 

JLo and Ben both have high opinions of each and both adore each other a lot. Ben has praised Jennifer’s personality in numerous interviews and spoke highly about her being great in everything. Jennifer was also quite infatuated with her new fiancé. 

The couple decided to give a chance to each other and officially got engaged. Ben proposed to her this time with a green Emerald ring worth $5M. 

The couple didn’t stop there but moved to the bigger step by tying the knot. Both seem excited to live together by the images gathered by the media. 

Don’t you think it’s dreamy? The way they found a way to each other after 2 decades. The ones who are made for each other find their way no matter what. 

JLo And Ben’s Wedding Celebration 

Well, guess what how did JLo and Ben get their marriage license? In the most iconic manner by flying to Vegas. The couple got in line with a few other couples who were starting the same journey. They got their license on July 16, 2023. 

The couple had a dreamy wedding in Georgia, which they celebrated with their family and friends. The three-day wedding took place at their joint property located a few miles from Savanna. The couple said the vows and sealed the deal. 

Jennifer wore a Ralph Lauren dress and her bridesmaids were her daughter Emme and Ben’s daughter Seraphina. The wedding was exactly the way you could dream. Fireworks and a big fat kiss between the newlywed couple. 


Concluding JLo and Ben’s romantic tale, which took quite turns and twists. But the couple made their way to each other after 2 decades giving new meaning to love. The couple first started dating in 2002. They got engaged later that year, but it was called off during 2004, due to unknown reasons. The couple moved on and started their families. Even getting divorced still dated other people. But they got reunited in 2021, they went out, dated, and tied the knot in 2022 finally. 

Have you read JLo and ben passionate love story, what do you think of that? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

FAQs on JLo And Ben

Why did JLo go back to Ben?

Ben emailed Jennifer after his breakup about how he praised her during an interview, which led to one talk after another. Not long after couple started hanging out. 

Are JLo and Ben Affleck happy together?

WE it won’t be wrong to say that both are over the moon to finally get back to each other.

How many times has JLo been engaged?

Jennifer Lopez has been engaged 6 times and married thrice. 

How did JLo meet Ben Affleck?

The legendary tale started at the sets of Gigli, where both played the lead roles. 

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