Tantric Yoga: A Wake-Up Call to Your Inner Peace

“Get insight into a holistic mind and body connection by practicing tantric yoga that merges one’s movement and spirituality.”

Ever wondered what tantric yoga is? It is a spiritual form of yoga practice where the literal meaning of tantric is “to weave.” In this yoga, different yogic techniques are woven together where the practitioner focuses on the energy centers in the body and spiritually connects with his body and mind. The techniques emphasize changing your life by strengthening your body and improving cognitive health.

Here we will see why tantric yoga is better than traditional meditation and why people have some misconceptions regarding it. 

What Is Tantric Yoga & How It Is Different Than Neo-Tantra? 

Traditional tantric is a systematic and spiritual approach towards directing your whole body involving your mind, body, imagination, and experiences in sync with your energy chakras. Tantric does not just involve all the fancy yoga postures but it is more of relishing the daily common activities (i.e., brushing the teeth, cleaning, or maybe cooking). In general, tantric yoga postures involve bending forward, twisting, side bends, and bending backward.

What Is Tantric Yoga & How It Is Different Than Neo-Tantra? 

Tantric is a holistic approach that involves, visualization of God, mantra, meditation, deep breathing, asana, etc. It is preferred over others because it involves all the human being’s emotions, sensations, energy, and enlightenment all at once with his physical body. The practitioners find it easy to get rid of addictions through this physical and mental cleansing activity. 

Neo-tantra on the other hand, is tantric sex which is done with a partner as a means of satisfying sexual needs. People often misinterpret tantric with tantric sex, while there is a huge difference between the two. Tantric is more about spirituality while neo-tantra is about sexual gratification by doing intimate yoga postures with your partner. 

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History of Tantric Yoga

It is difficult to tell when exactly this yoga came into existence as the origin dates to 7000 years ago, through a yoga guru named Shiva. He introduced yoga postures to cleanse the mind and body and to push away the negativities. The emphasis of this specific yoga is spiritual liberation by building a strong mind and body connection.

In the nineteenth century, tantric sex was introduced into Western culture by bringing the concept of couple intimacy and connection by doing yoga together. The purpose of combining spiritual awakening with sexual gratification was to bring pleasure and subtly center the mind and body. 

Tantric Yoga Postures

These are some effective tantric postures that help in spiritually centering your mind and body to energy chakras. 

  1. Peace Pose

This is a partner tantric yoga posture, where one partner will sit cross-legged over the yoga mat, other partner will sit on his thighs by interlocking both of his/her ankles on the backside of the first partner. You should put the backside of your hand on your partner’s heart. Now bring your foreheads together and close your eyes. You may open your eyes as well and look into each other eyes to get better intimacy. Now inhale and exhale at least five times. 

This is one of the amazing relaxation postures that synchronize both of your energies. 

  1. Child’s pose
Child’s pose

In the child’s pose, you must get down on your knees over the mat, fold yourself forwards over the yoga mat stretch your arms forward, and touch your palms to the mat. While doing this pose with your partner, you both have to get into a child pose while facing each other but interlock each other’s palms as that will build the connection between you two. 

As your palms are linked to your heart, it will allow you both to feel each other’s energy by inhaling from one palm and exhaling through another. 

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  1. Sun Salutation

Stand straight over your yoga mat and bring your hands together in the prayer gesture over the center of your body. Now, stretch your arms above your head, like a mountain posture. Bow your torso forward by opening your front and gazing straight ahead. 

Now stretch your spine in a lifted position by bringing your interlocked palms towards either your thighs or calves.

  1. Warrior pose

Stand on one edge of the yoga mat and lunge forward with your left foot by aligning your knee right upward this foot and bringing your right foot backward straight. 

Now put your hands over your torso and then stretch it overhead as much as possible as we want to open the chest to its maximum. Take a long breath and then put your hands down. Repeat 5x. If you are practicing this tantric yoga pose with your partner, you both can pull this off by facing each other.

  1. Hand-on-heart Pose

This tantric posture ensures a sense of connection between partners. Both partners will sit on the floor facing each other, put their hands on each other’s hearts, and focus on heartbeats. 

The partners do not necessarily have to be intimately connected as it could be done among friends and is a great relaxation pose. This posture allows you to feel each other’s energy. 

Merits of Tantric Yoga

Merits of Tantric Yoga

Tantric Yoga is superior to other traditional yoga practices because it’s a complex combination of many yoga positions, meditation, and other breathing techniques. A few great benefits of practicing tantric yoga are:

  • Tantric yoga works wonders in improving health as it cleanses out toxins from the body and prevents hypertension (i.e., High blood pressure). Growth hormones are effectively released which improves cognitive health and strengthens the body. 
  • Tantric like other yoga practices helps in building immunity and metabolism get boosted up. 
  • This yoga is a great means of meditation and reduces cortisol levels (i.e., hormone-regulating stress levels) within the body, and is relatively less physical exerting.
  • It brings delight to your life as it aids in eliminating all the barriers hindering your inner happiness.
  • Helps bring clarity to your cognitive system conditions the subconscious level and redirect your mind to the specific energy chakras.
  • Releases dopamine and helps in getting rid of depression and stress.
  • The breathing technique in tantric helps in relaxing your mind and body.
  • Helps in centering yourself to your energy chakras and brings peace and a sense of empowerment within a person.
  • Improves body posture and makes the body more flexible due to the versatility of postures. 
  • Tantric yoga puts less pressure on joints, so people of any age can do this without stressing their bodies.


Tantric yoga is a spiritually oriented practice that involves a combination of postures by religiously including breathing, mind, body, mantra, and chakras. It can be practiced alone and among couples as well. It is a fruitful approach on your own but with partners strengthens the bonding and brings intimacy which ultimately improves their sex life. Tantric yoga has many benefits and is overall a great practice to build mind and body connection.

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FAQs On Tantric Yoga

How is Tantric yoga different from regular yoga?

Both have similar ultimate goals as both are concerned with strengthening the body, but traditional does not require any outside source while tantra is all about linking to one source and using a variety of other meditation techniques.

What is tantric yoga for a couple?

For couples, it’s a form of sex yoga, but it’s not just that you can surely build a strong intimate connection with your partner by doing this.

Is tantric healthy?

Yes, it is healthy. Traditional tantric detoxifies the body and releases stress while neo-tantra prolongs the intercourse timing and releases oxytocin hormone. 

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