10 Molasses Substitutes You Can Find in Your Kitchen

How to find suitable molasses substitutes? Exploring alternatives for molasses that are in sync with the taste profile and the properties molasses impart in certain recipes.

You can mimic molasses by using ingredients just lying in your pantry and create a substitute that can elevate the flavor of your recipes, and in some cases maybe a healthier option, such as corn syrup or honey. 

We will delve into unique molasses substitutes and how with little adjustments can be your top choice if you run out of molasses. 

What Is Molasses & Why Do You Require Molasses Substitutes? 

Molasses: Molasses, a thick dark syrup attained as a by-product during sugar production. Sugar cane is crushed, and the extracted juice is crystallized, after crystallization, the remaining liquid is called molasses.

Why Do You Require Molasses Substitutes |

Molasses come in different varieties, (i.e., light, dark, and blackstrap molasses) which are manufactured at different stages of sugar production.  Each variety is characterized by its unique flavor and color. Light molasses is the mildest one, while blackstrap is the strong and bitter one. 

Molasses is the main ingredient used in various recipes. When there is a shortage of this ingredient, you will be required to find a suitable substitute that mimics molasses in every regard, either its flavor, consistency, or color. 

As molasses have different types, which according to their taste impart different flavors in respective recipes, one must consider carefully. Light molasses is used in baking recipes while blackstrap molasses is utilized in cooking recipes.

Health Concern: Molasses also contain significant amounts of sulfites in their composition, people sensitive to sulfites can choose a molasses substitute to avoid allergic reactions.

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10 Healthy Molasses Substitutes 

There are many DIY molasses substitutes one can easily make at home by using ingredients from the pantry and other closely resembled options available at the market. The few most suitable options are:

  1. Granulated Sugar 

You can make this sweetened molasses substitute by adding granulated sugar into warm water, this caramelized option will provide you with added crunch to your recipe.

You can even make this substitute better by adding cream of tartar, which will allow you to have a similar consistency that will otherwise be lacing. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add an equal amount of substitute as molasses. 

  1. Corn Syrup

Dark corn syrup may sound like a bad option because of the High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) you are familiar with, which contains an excess amount of sugar that seems like an unhealthy choice. However, HFCS is different from dark corn syrup because of its nutritional profile and is a mild substitute for molasses. 

Mildness could be a drawback as now you must add ingredients to get the desired flavor and taste. Dark corn syrup gives better texture to baked recipes than molasses as it keeps your baked item moist and fluffy. Although baking soda will not be activated by mere dark corn syrup, you will have to add lemon juice for effective baking soda activity which provides leavening. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add the same ratio of dark corn syrup as molasses. 

  1. Black Treacle
Black Treacle |

In the UK, black treacle is used as an excellent substitute for blackstrap molasses as both these syrups match in flavor, consistency, and color. Black treacle may have a more bitter flavor than molasses, so it must not be used in baking, but in cooking it may elevate the taste. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add an equal ratio of black treacle as molasses. 

  1. Agave Syrup

Agave syrup can be a great molasses substitute because of its great flavor profile. However, you cannot just directly add it as an alternative, you will some trials to get an exact flavor as molasses as agave syrup is relatively sweeter. With little changes here and there, you can get a taste that is worthwhile at the end. 

Agave syrup may be neglected by some as it is quite expensive than other alternatives, but if you are not into compromising on flavor then this may be your best shot. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add 1:1 of agave syrup as molasses. 

  1. Brown Rice Syrup

This syrup is produced by the cooking and fermentation of brown rice and gives a burnt nutty taste which may resemble dark molasses, but the sweetness is nowhere near to either sugar or light molasses. You can add it into vegan recipes, or other which requires not much sweetness. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add double the amount of this substitute than molasses. 

  1. Date Syrup

Date syrup may prove to be a great choice when selecting molasses substitute as it can be used in a variety of recipes. It has caramel-like flavor and consistency which elevate the taste in baked products. It tastes delicious in the topping of pancakes, and waffles, and in the filling of fudges.  

However, it might be lighter in consistency which would need to be altered as per the recipe requirement. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add ½ amount of date syrup as the substitute of molasses.

  1. Honey

Honey can be a good molasses substitute because it imparts a nice and mild flavor to the recipe, which may not be exactly like the molasses, but it will go. 

However, because of the large variety available in honey types in the market these days, you can choose the darker honey so that you can at least mimic the color of molasses. You can add it to the batter for baked items, such as glazing and in sauces. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add an equal amount of this alternative as molasses.

  1. Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is processed by the sap which is extracted by maple trees. The flavor of this maple varies as per the cultivar, the period of harvesting time, and the geography. Maple syrup has a similar taste profile to molasses and date syrup, as both have caramel-like flavor notes and a dark color, but the consistency is slightly liquid in comparison to molasses. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add an equal amount of this alternative as molasses.

  1. Sorghum

Sorghum has similar characteristics to sugar molasses, but the origin differs as sorghum molasses is extracted by cereal, sorghum. However, consistency may vary as it is not thick syrupy like molasses but has a thinner consistency. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add an equal amount of this alternative as molasses.

  1.  Yogurt

Yogurt may surprisingly be a great molasses substitute as you can maneuver the flavor profile and thickness the way you like. To get the burnt, sweet flavor, you must add spices and condiments as much as you like. 

Quantity of Substitute: Add the amount as per the thickness of your yogurt.


Molasses is thick, charcoal-like syrup acquired as a by-product during sugar manufacturing. This is used in many recipes, either bakery products, cooked items, or barbequed products. Some molasses substitutes may be gluten-based vegan options such as sorghum molasses.

The alternatives of molasses may provide greater nutritional properties, flavor, and taste characteristics. 

FAQs on Molasses Substitutes

What is the same as molasses?

As per its taste and color, dark corn syrup resembles molasses the most. However, other options may be great as well, such as honey, sugar, and date syrup. 

How do you mimic molasses flavor?

You can achieve molasses flavor if you carefully blend sweeteners such as brown sugar with warm water, and then other widely available sweeteners, i.e., maple syrup, and honey so that molasses flavor is there in your recipe. 

Is molasses halal?

Molasses is not considered halal by a few schools of thought as it’s a by-product produced during sugar production. But some Muslims consider it permissible, so ambiguity is there. 

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