Hamsa Hand & Its Impeccable Protection Power!

There are different notions associated with Hamsa Hand according to different cultures and religions. In some cultures, it is a symbol of protection while some may frown upon the use because of their own belief.

In this article, we will delve into its history, its powerful benefits brought into the wearer’s life, and how it should be positioned to attract positivity and good luck. 

What Is Hamsa Hand? 

Hamsa Hand is an amulet or talisman widely used in several jewelry items because of its increasing significance in almost every culture. It may depict good luck, fortune, and protection. 

Initially, the person who is going to purchase this amulet must be aware of its variety of names and each has different background due to a different religious perspective. 

Hamsa, the Arabic word translated as “five’’, depicts five the pillars of Islam according to Muslims. Different sects may consider it differently, as it may be portrayed as the Hand of Fatima. 

Jews consider it the Hand of Miriam or Mary.  It may also be named Hamesh, Khamesh, Khamsa, or Humes Hand. 

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Hamsa Hand Roots Back To? 

Hamsa Hand Roots Back To? |

Hamsa is a Hebrew term that translates to five. The symbol of Five fingers on this talisman portrays five books of the Torah for Hebrews. Christians used to consider it the Hand of Miriam and is of religious importance to them. The history of Hamsa hand may date back to the 14th century when the Spanish Islamic Fortress portrays the Gate of Judgement.

Muslims used to consider it the Hand of Fatima and some may relate it to the five pillars of Islam since the time it starts to become popular among them.

Although there is no certain time when historians can say Hamsa originated, it may have roots way earlier than that and has no particularly religious history. 

Hamsa Hand & Its Significance Among Cultures

Hamsa Hand & Its Significance Among Cultures |

Hamsa hand is revered differently among different cultures and religions and the meaning behind the symbol varies as well. The meaning people from different cultures may associate with this symbol may be described as:

  1. Islam

Different sects in Islam may put different meanings behind this symbol, Sunni Muslims consider it the five pillars of Islam (i.e., Faith, Prayer, Alms, Fasting, and pilgrimage), while Shi’ite Muslims believe it belongs to the five most influential Muslim personalities, specifically naming its hand of Fatima, whom Muslims seek for protection against evil eyes and source of good luck. 

  1. Hinduism/ Buddhism

Hindus or Buddhists perceive the fingers of the Hamsa hand as five chakras, which coordinate human senses and mediate the human mind and body. Each finger denotes a different chakra and belongs to a different element which signifies different aspects. 

The index finger is the heart chakra and signifies air. The middle one portrays throat chakra and ethereal elements. The ring finger is associated with the root chakra, the pinkie finger with sacral chakra and the thumb coordinates solar plexus chakra and fire.  

  1. Christianity

Christians have different ideologies regarding wearing this symbol, some consider it the hand of Mother Mary and association with her personality makes them believe that it protects them. 

However, some Christians are not in favor of wearing it as they think that other cultures’ ideologies negate their belief. Moreover, they are more comfortable with wearing a cross symbol as a means of protection talisman.

  1. Judaism

In Hebrew, Islam, and Judaism cultures Hamsa translates to five, and for Jews, it is of high significance due to protection from evilness and malicious intentions. 

The sign also symbolizes the five Holy Books in Torah as an indication to pray wholeheartedly with the five senses.  

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What Do Style Positions Say About Hamsa Hand? 

The positions of the symbol may put different meanings behind the purpose of use. 

  • If Hamsa Hand is positioned upwards, then the amulet protects against evil eyes and ill intentions. It wards off negative emotions which influence one’s personality such as jealousy, malice, envy, and greed. It also prevents feelings of self-pity. 
  • If Hamsa Hand is hanging downwards, then it is a good sign that it will bring positive things in your life, and lots of wealth. In some cultures, it is a sign of fertility, and your prayers are readily answered. 

The spacing between the finger of the hand also alters the meaning of the symbol, such as,

  • No spacing is a sign of good luck and charm.
  • Spacing between the fingers brings protection. 

Hamsa Hand Jewelry Styles 

The Hamsa hand has become trendy and became an essential accessory for men and women alike. The talisman looks aesthetics and brings good luck to the person wearing it. 

Hamsa hand jewelry may include pendants, bracelets, and rings, which can be easily worn and will be visible so that it attracts wealth, and positivity and protect against evil eyes. 

Hamsa hand could be hung in your vehicles to protect against accidents and can be kept close to you in your offices. People are obsessed with this tattoo that they don’t even hesitate to ink it on their body so it can stay with them forever. 


The Hamsa hand has originated for centuries and holds significance in almost every religion and culture however belief may vary. Some astrologists claim it brings optimism, hope, fortune, and good luck.

If a person’s spiritual notions align with the symbol that it wards off malice and many other negative emotions. The fingers on Hamsa Hand regulate different chakras in the human body and mediates the human mind by bringing happiness. Some people have strong faith associated with the symbol while some may wear it just for fashion. 

FAQs On Hamsa Hand 

Is it OK to wear a Hamsa hand?

There is no restriction to wearing this symbol, regardless of your intention to wearing for spiritual connection or to attract good luck.

What is the difference between the evil eye and Hamsa Hand?

The abilities of both symbols may overlap, but evil eyes specifically protect against evil intentions while Hamsa brings good luck.

Can I wear Hamsa & Evil Eye together?

Yes, you can wear both symbols together, the combination of both these provides you with increased protection. There is no harm in the integration of these two. 

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