How These 8 Standing Core Exercises Changed My Training Perspective?

“Get stronger core muscles today with these remarkable standing core exercises! Elevate your training game by gaining an excellent posture and resilient body muscles.”

While doing standing core exercises, you give great energy to your lateral muscles as you move your body in almost every motion. This not-lying-down-on-floor workout may become your best option to lose tons of calories and body fluidity as your glutes have seen no better days. 

You can get your hands on 8 amazing standing core exercise moves which will alter your training routine here. 

8 Incredible Standing Core Exercises 

The standing core exercises are great to get your body into full-body action and improve mobility and posture. There are several ways you can train your core, a few are mentioned below: 

  1. Standing Side Crunch
Standing Core Exercises, Standing Side Crunch |

This posture works wonderfully to stabilize your abdominal muscles, although it does not hit all the targeted abdominal parts but still, a great move to strengthen your core. 

How To Do It: Stand straight and keep your finger behind the ears. Stretch your elbows sideways. Now by focusing your core, move your right knee upwards and do a crunch with your right elbow. Move to a standing position and repeat. After doing these crunches 20 times, move to another position and repeat. 

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  1. Standing Stabilization

This standing core exercise particularly focuses on the stability of the core, glutes, and quad muscles.  The lower back muscles become strong enough to bring fluidity to your muscles. 

How To Do It: Stand straight by widening your feet into a comfortable posture. Hold the weight in both hands and extend your arms straight forward while pressing the shoulders down, rotating the torso to your right, and then coming back to starting position. Repeat it 10 times, and then change to the other side. 

  1. Squat to Oblique Knee Crunch

This exercise is great for overall body strength but mainly it tones down legs and oblique. This can quickly accelerate your heart rate and body circulation. 

How To Do It: Stand straight with your feet widened aligning to the shoulder distance. Put your hand behind the head with elbows protruding sideways. Now, push your buttocks out and squat down as much as you can. With the support of your feet, move up and draw your one knee upwards, and by moving it to the side, do the crunch with the same side elbow where the elbow touches the knee. Come back to the beginning position and repeat it on the other side.

  1. Standing Side Bend + Dumbbells

This standing core exercise engages your leg muscles, and helps in strengthening them, so a great workout for mobility. 

How To Do It: Straighten your arms and press down your shoulders. Hold your Dumbbells and move your torso to the right side and return to the center position. Repeat this 10 times, and then switch to the left side and repeat the same reps.

  1. Cyclone

This is a great standing core exercise, which helps in training your shoulders, legs, and calves by rotating your body. This challenging workout helps in stabilizing core muscles and improves overall balance. 

How To Do It: Stand straight with your feet apart, aligned with your hips. Hold the dumbbell in both hands and press the tool weight overhead. Now contract your Glute muscles and get on the toes of your feet and start to rotate like a cyclone. The bigger the cyclone circle, the more challenging the exercise will be. Move one circle at a normal pace, then intensify the speed for set times and change the directions of the cyclone, and repeat. 

Caution: Avoid contracting lower back muscles, and engage just the glutes and abs. 

Tip For Beginners: You can skip using weights and keep your heels down as well until you get a knack for it. 

  1. Cross-Body Chop

This full-body standing core exercise helps in the shoulders, abdominals, back, and glutes muscles. The pelvic muscles get stabilized by this exercise.  

How To Do It: Strand straight by holding dumbbells in both arms. Move the dumbbell over your head as you get on your toes, by keeping the arms straight overhead. Now move the dumbbell down towards the left hips by diagonally crossing across your profile. Move the dumbbell over the head again and repeat the procedure. 

Repeat the motion at least 10 times, and then switch to the other side. 

  1. Skater Hop + Reach
Skater Hop + Reach |

This cardio workout gives great strength to your leg muscles, and the exercise becomes more difficult if you target a reach as it challenges your core and glutes. Thus, standing core exercise may prove to be great get perfect core balance. 

How To Do It: Stand straight on one side of your workout space and get on your feet which are outside of the vicinity and put all your weight over it. Now squat down as low as possible while trying to touch your standing foot by lowering your arms down. Then, move up and jump to your other foot by putting the sure over it and repeat the same procedure. 

Now repeat the procedure for at least 10 reps.

  1. Overhead Squat

This position is quite challenging if the barbells or dumbbells are used in addition to the exercise, as it engages the abdominal and back muscles simultaneously.  These full-body standing core exercises strengthen the targeted muscles effectively.  

How To Do It: Begin your exercise by keeping your arms straight upwards by tightening your core muscles and no weight, and squat down as low as possible. 

Begin with taking lighter weights in the same position and then gradually move to heavier ones. 

Equipment Used in Standing Core Exercises

Different tools are used to make the postures more challenging and involve the majority of your core muscles. 

  • Dumbbells: These heavy tools make the exercise difficult and strengthen the core.
  • Resistance Bands: While rotating your torso, and doing a wood chops workout, these tools come in handy.
  • Kettlebells: As the use of such equipment is supposed to make the position hard, so using heavier weights is recommended. 

But again, if you are a beginner, try to adapt to the posture first and then gradually start using weights. 

Merits of Standing Core Exercises

Merits of Standing Core Exercises |

Standing core exercises has major benefits over regular squats and crunches as it involves compound movements. The potential benefits include:

  • These exercises simultaneously involve many body muscles such as abdominals, lower back, glutes, quads, calves, and core which helps in toning all these muscles and efficiency in doing daily chores, as the strength has improved.
  • If you start to do things monotonously, it does not interest you anymore. But these exercises spice up your workout game.
  • You do not have to lower down on the ground, as you can do these exercises easily by standing up instead of lying. 
  • These exercises work great for those who are medically compromised such as those having hypertension or joint issues.

However, if you start to feel major discomfort and pain during a workout, slow down or you can skip training for the time being as it should not stress you out. 


These compound exercise moves are safer than other intense core workouts. However, consulting with your trainer or healthcare provider before starting standing core exercise may seem viable as you should compromise on your health if you are already dealing with a medical issue. These exercises involve almost all of the body muscles and work greatly in improving strength. 

FAQs On Standing Core Exercises 

Are standing core exercises effective? 

Yes, these involve multiple motions and are great for developing body strength and stability.

Can you hit core every day? 

If you are doing intense abdominal exercises, then it’s suggested that you wait at least 2 days to repeat the exercise and for the already hard muscles to loosen up. 

Are standing planks effective? 

Yes, these standing core exercises engage, your chest, upper back, lower back, pelvic, glutes, and quad muscles which may all contribute to improving your body posture. 

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