James Heltibridle: Early Life, Physical Attributes, Education, Family, Career, Relationship, Net Worth, Death

How did James Heltibridle start his professional journey in the film industry? He started his journey in the film industry by working as a film director on numerous film sets. 

He achieved treasured skills and knowledge by assisting in different features of film production, including directing movements, supervising equipment, and supporting the cast members of films. 

The late James was an art designer and film director in popular movies like The Walking Dead, Venison Eaters, Memoirs, Dust Devils, and Death & the Robot. 

But his dedication and work in The Walking Dead made him more prominent in the film industry. Sorrowfully, James died at the young age of 27 in a terrifying car accident. The news of his sudden death was highlighted on Michael Jaeger’s certified dead fansite.

In this guide, you read the in-depth biography of James Benjamin, early life, physical attributes, education, family, career, relationship, death, and net worth.

Quick Biofacts Of James Heltibridle

Full NameJames Benjamin Heltibridle
Date Of Birth29 November,1988
Place Of BirthUnited States Of America
Education Graduation In Cimentography
Relationship StatusUnmarried 
ProfessionFilm Director, Art Designer 
Cause Of DeathSadly Died In A Car Accident
Death Date10 November 2016
Net Worth 1 Million Dollars

James Heltibridle & Early Life

The late celebrity James was an artist and film director who worked backstage in several other industries from the United States of America. 

He rose to fame for his prominent role as a producer for the famous TV serial The Walking Dead. With stunning proficiency and loyalty, James granted the achievement of the serial until his sudden death in 2016. 

When and where James was born? His date of birth is 29 November 1988 and his place of birth is the United States of America. What is his ethnic background? He belongs to the American nationality with a religious faith Christian. His ethnic background is white.

Physical Attributes

If we explore the physical attributes of James, he stands at 5 feet 8 inches with an appropriate weight of 78 kg. He had attractive blue eyes and shiny Brunette hair.

Educational Background

James completed his education in the School of Arts in North Carolina, a US state. During his education, he dug into numerous disciplines, achieving degrees in SketchUp Modeling, Visual Merchandising, and Art Direction. 

Remarkably, in 2013, James completed his graduation BA in cinematography and Production Design. He confirmed his passion and profession in filmmaking.

Family Background Of James Heltibridle

He is a very familiar personality and has a very positive and strong relationship with his family especially with his parents. 

His mother’s name is Sue Heltibridle and his father’s name is Bob Heltibridle. According to reports, he also has a brother named Bobby.

Career Of James Heltibridle

James started a flourishing career in the cinema industry, manifesting his talent as a film director. He fabricated characters for numerous short features such as “Memories and Death” in 2012 and “Robot” in 2013. 

On the other hand, his vital role as the film producer for the highly praised TV series “The Walking Dead” led him to universal recognition. 

Throughout his life with The Walking Dead serial, James teamed up effectively with the performers and production team significantly during the sixth season of this serial. 

His hard work and promise to his work made him a respected producer, and he enjoyed cherished memories with his co-workers. Tragically, lost their life unexpectedly in a car accident on November 10, 2016, only 19 days before his 28th birthday.

His early departure created a vacuum in the entertainment world and various fellow professionals and supporters celebrated him as a hidden gem. 

He was recalled for his creative ability and compassionate personality that warmed the hearts of everyone who worked with him.

Relationship Status

Is he married? No, he is not married there is no information about his romantic life to talk about. The famous film producer never highlighted his relationship status or former affairs in public. 

In addition, James was unmarried and he was more apprehensive about his successful profession than about intimate relationships.

Death Of James Heltibridle

Is James alive? No, sadly he was not alive. Each person was heartbroken by his sudden death. On 10th November 2016, at the age of 27, he was dead in a car accident

Unhappily, in the same month that he came into the world. After his death, various colleagues of The Walking Dead especially actors and followers voiced their funeral wishes on social media. 

Lastly, he was an important part of The Walking Dead’s production. His death carried off talented filmmakers in the filmmaking field.

Net Worth Of James Heltibridle

His net worth at the moment of his passed away was approximately 1 million dollars. Particularly James’ income from The Walking Dead contributed greatly to his business success.


In conclusion, James Heltibridle was a film director who departed his life in late 2016. He was a set designer in several brief films and was functioning in the set dressing department of The Walking Dead when he died unanticipatedly. 

His most popular movies are Venison Eaters, Memoirs, Dust Devils, and Death & the Robot which are watched across the world. 

Unfortunately, he lost his life in a traffic accident one day traveling back home from the film set. 

His lasting impact will stay alive through the movies he made in the entertainment industry. His last eternal rest place at Maryland’s Glen Haven Cemetery.

Lastly, you read the detailed biography of James Benjamin in this article. Share with us your favorite celebrity. We have gathered the information about your favorite celebrity in the next article.


1: Who is James Heltibridle?

He was a film director and art director who was honored by the actor, actress, and production team of The Walking Dead and Dust Devils.

2: What happened to James? 

In 2016, Walking Dead movie director James passed away in a tragic car accident, when he traveled back home from the shooting sets. 

3: How old was James Last when he died?

Sadly, he died at the age of 86 in Florida on 9th June 2015.

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