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The Social Security Administration (SSA) manages a variety of benefit payment programmes, each of which has distinct conditions for eligibility as well as monthly payments. 

Two payments this month might have one of many factors, based on the program you’re receiving benefits from and for the amount of time since you’ve been receiving benefits.

London Disability Law and Attorney Scott London wants everyone to be aware of all the specifics regarding their benefits claims and benefits. 

If you’re not aware of the process of how it works or the benefits you’re eligible for, you’ll never realize what you may be not getting. If you require assistance regarding the complexities of any Social Security issue, contact London Disability Advocates today.

There are possible reasons for multiple social security payments, some of these are mentioned below.

You Are Receiving Both SSD and SSI

Most likely reason that an individual could be getting the two Social Security payments in a single month is the fact that they’re getting the two benefits: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSD or SSDI) benefits, as well as supplement Security Income (SSI) benefits.

Both SSD and SSI programmes pay out monthly benefits to people who are disabled.

In order to be qualified for SSD benefits, the applicant must have been employed for a sufficient number of years in order to accumulate the needed amount of “work credits.”

Employment experience is crucial in the case of SSD since these benefits are funded primarily via payroll tax paid by the employee.

It is the SSI programme is a need-based program which provides benefits to disabled individuals with low incomes and a limited amount of budgets. 

A majority SSI benefits recipients do not have the ability to qualify to be eligible for SSD due to the fact that they don’t possess a track record of work that is in line with the SSD guidelines of the program.

However, numerous SSI beneficiaries are also eligible for and are eligible for SSD benefits.

If you’re receiving both SSD as well as SSI advantages the payments usually arrive on separate dates.

To those who are receiving benefits from both SSD as well as SSI Programs, here’s how the SSA plans monthly payment the payments:

  • SSD Payments are made at the end of each month, unless the date occurs on a weekend or holidays.
  • SSI Payments are made at the beginning of each month except for the weekend or on a holiday.
  • The months in which the dates for payment are on a weekend, or a holidays, payments will be due on the preceding regular business day, when the possibility exists.

You Recently Began Receiving SSD and Were Owed Back Benefit Payments

If you’ve been recently accepted for SSD benefit and just starting receiving payments The time between their initial monthly benefit payment as well as the “Established Onset Date” (EOD) will determine the amount of back benefits receive. 

If, for instance, SSD found that you had an EOD was 12 months earlier than when the date of your first benefit payment and you were legally entitled to seven months’ payment of back benefits. Back-benefits cannot be accrued until the five-month waiting period has expired.

The back benefit payment, however, is due separately from the benefit you receive monthly. It is one of the reasons you might be receiving two installments in the month of March.

Social Security Retirement Allowances and SSI Benefits

As the payments to SSD and SSI are paid on various dates every month, so Social Security Retirement benefits distributed on a distinct timetable. 

Like we said in the preceding section SSI payment are generally set to be received the day before the beginning of each month. 

However, Social Security Retirement benefit payments are paid out monthly according to a specific date determined by the day of the month that the person was born.

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Where to find Social Security Legal Advisor in London?

Our team of specially-trained disability advocates along with disability Law attorney Scott London are dedicated to giving you all the details you require to find out what disability benefits you can claim and ensure that you get the money you’re entitled to.

The effects of disabilities can be life altering caused by injury or illness. The U.S. government has a plan to offer financial assistance to your family and you in the event that you meet the qualifications. However, determining if you are eligible or not is not an easy procedure.

It is possible that you think you make enough money to be eligible for SSI advantages. Did you know that not all of your earnings contributes to that “countable income” SSA considers? 

It is possible that you’re not able to afford the sources to be eligible to receive SSD benefits. However, did you realize that SSD doesn’t consider the resources available to you when the process of determining eligibility?

Be sure to consult qualified Social Security Disability experts prior to deciding to give up. You might be amazed at how much you are eligible for.

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