How Danielley Ayala Got famous and established her career

 Danielley Ayala isn’t only thriving in the beauty and entertainment industries. But she also has set foot in the business world by creating her own website where she collaborates with various brands. Nothing is hard for this 28-year-old rising star. Here we will discuss How Danielley Ayala Got famous?

Who is Danielley Ayala And How Danielley Ayala Become famous? 

Danielley Ayala landed on Earth on February 23, 1994. She graduated from a well-reputed school MAD (Make-Up Designory), Los Angeles with a dream of becoming a makeup artist. Her dream and efforts in making it a reality weren’t feeble. As of now, she’s the face of many beauty products. Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to accomplish something. She’s the example. 

The Career Journey of Danielley Ayala 

Danielley Ayala started the journey by chasing her passion for being a make-up artist. She specialized in fashion and make-up and hence, concocted the web for her goal. 


She initially started her employment as a model as she was ideal for modeling due to her libidinous figure. Soon after, she started posting her pictures on various media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. She also had an account on Tiktok where she frequently posted videos of her daily life or modeling shoots. She works with Found Model Management at present.

Danielley Layla on Tiktok 

The famous model took to the video trending app TikTok and soon she went viral. Most of her followers are from the Z generation or younger generation. When she started getting recognition on Tiktok, her account got deleted due to the strict guidelines of TikTok about nudity or similar content. It might be sad for her new fans that they can’t follow her up there. 

Hair Stylist 

Ayala has also worked as a vigorous hair stylist for many big names. Her sense of fashion has amazed many people and that’s how many celebrities looked to her for styling their hair. 

Makeup Artist

Danielley wanted to be a glamorous make-up artist since her early years. In 2018, she was in the official team of make-up artists for the popular movie ‘Dance of Vengeance’. 

Danielley Ayala is setting fire to Instagram

Danielley Ayala is setting fire to Instagram

The beautiful model is known for sharing her modeling photos of various brands on her Instagram account. She has amassed a total of 7.5 million followers on her IG account which makes her a social media star. She posts frequently on it, particularly for her modeling gigs. Many people love her and companies are tumbling in line to sign a contract with her. 

The dazzling career of this social influencer doesn’t end here. She also has followed the steps of intellectual businessmen to become an entrepreneur. 

Beauty Website 

To boost her revenue, the famous Instagram star has formed a website to recruit talented people who have mastery of fashion and makeup. She also uses her website to connect with different brands, collaborating with various names and selling beauty or make-up products. 

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Ayala’s Twitter 

Ayala's Twitter 

Danielley Ayala is active on Twitter as well. She often shares her feelings, gives advice, shares her photographs, and many more things. You can go and follow her Twitter account to be up to date about her life. She has 686.1k followers on her Twitter account. 

Ayala's Twitter account

She once posted on Twitter addressing her fans about how much she loves Dogs and rainy days.

How Danielley Ayala Got famous?

She’s a dog person and she even has an Instagram account for her dog. You can realize her love through this tweet she made;

“I love how different both of my dogs are. They’re the perfect balance. 

She often advises on her social media accounts to the younger generations and her hearty fans. 

“Biggest Business lesson I’ve learned:

Just because it works for someone else, doesn’t mean it’ll work the same for you.”


As discussing How Danielley Ayala Got famous? Princess of Modelling also gives premium content to her patron fans. You can check her Onlyfans account for more private content of her.


Danielley Ayala Youtube

Danielley has a YouTube account that she rarely goes to but she has posted some videos on it. You can check out her videos on Danielley’s YouTube channel. She is going to post a new video on her YouTube account which was almost dead for two years. 

Social Accounts 

Instagram @danielleyayalaa

Twitter @dddanielley

YouTube @DanielleyAyala

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