Some astonishing facts of having Nose Piercing

Nose piercing provides abundant variety on various locations. Few types are contemporary which have evolved with the latest trends. Let’s look into its history and all the related types, cost and frequently selected jewelry! 

Nose piercing 

After the earlobe piercing, it’s the most frequent category of piercing which is adopted. It may involve cartilage, or any other area of nose.  

History of Nose piercing 

A famous artist, Leonardo Da Vinci has voiced out his opinion regarding the nose piercing us that it us one if the most impactful facial feature which us quite compelling.  

The nose piercing can enhance a person’s nose and can be captivating.   

Nose piercing dates back to ancient times, as the first records of it could be extracted from the Middle East.  

Even in the Holy Bible, it is mentioned that Abraham gave his daughter in law a gold earring.  

It is a tradition in various tribes such as, Beja, Berber and Bedouins tribes from Middle East and Africa.  

It denotes a woman’s security and financial wealth of a shore family, as per few myths. 

The tradition came to India from the Mughal Emperors in the 16th century.   

Hippies also adopted this by the India’s tradition as a fashion.  

Nose piercing becoming common among the west and mostly as rebellious move by teenagers. 

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Types of nose piercing 

Nose piercing has various types, and are categorized as per the area of nose which us pierced. Some most common types are; 

  1. Nostril piercing 
  1. Nasallang piercing 
  1. Vertical tip piercing 
  1. Septum piercing 
  1. Septril piercing 
  1. High nostril piercing 
  1. Bridge or surface piercing 


Nose piercing procedure is carried out by three main steps; preparation, the piercing step and Healing.  

While in preparation, the professional piercer sterilize the area with an antiseptic or disinfectant. This is practiced to avoid infections. Afterwards the area marked where the jewelry is supposed to be placed.  

During the piercing stage, piercing needles is poked into the skin a small cork must be placed inside the nostril to avoid damaging the cartilage accidently. At the end, selected jewelry is placed. 

Nose piercing pain is dependent upon the type if piercing and the jewelry.  

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Healing time  

Nose piercing types have seen impact on healing time. Although, it should take few months but for some people healing time may vary.  

  • Nasallang piercing takes 4-6 months to completely heal. 
  • Bridge piercing takes 2-3 months. 
  • Septum piercing takes minimum 1 and half months if cartilage is not accident punctured.  


As the cost differs concerning the piercing studio, it’s location and the expertise of the piercer. Even from country to country price fluctuates. The typical price range is $25-$100. The choice of jewelry also effects the price. The aftercare routine may also influences price.  

The common nose piercing price is $30-$80, while that of septum piercing may be $40-$90.  

Jewelry options 

Nose piercing provides variety of options regarding the jewels and rings. There are several types which are most commonly preferred, including;  


Hoops are most likely preferred by everyone and they provides plethora of options i.e., screw ball ring, captive bead rings, seamless rings and segment rings

Starting from hoops are most likely preferred by everyone and they provides plethora of options i.e., screw ball ring, captive bead rings, seamless rings and segment rings. They are customizable, even the metal can be tailored as a person’s choice. Beads like opal, turquoise and jade can be captivating. Choosing seamless rings are convenient as they can be easily removed and worn again.  

Nose Screw 

This piece of jewelry is comparatively dainty and will be prominent just on the top. Studs or stone screw are most commonly desired by women. The lower end of nose screw is placed inside rather tightly. 

These are highly convenient to use and can never be too gaudy.  

Nose Bones 

It is similar to that of nose screw but is tightened at the inside of nose

It is similar to that of nose screw but is tightened at the inside of nose. It provides number of options but has its drawbacks that once its loosened it is of no use as it will fall off.  

Circular Barbells 

These are highly recommended for septum piercing and are resembles to that of horseshoes and snuck perfectly.  One can choose from wide variety of dainty jewelry items and is rather convenient to use.  

The Fishtail item 

It can be tailored as per a person’s choice easily. The shaft could be customized as per nose’s structure.  


Nose piercing is well-liked in Asian culture due to its eastern look. From region to region, the jewels variety may differ. It doesn’t look attractive but provides some interesting benefits.  

Few scientific evidences also verify the benefits;  

  • Emotional stability: Women wearing either nose jewels or nose pins are emotionally quite strong. They can’t be easily manipulated. As the nose plays a significant role in controlling sentiments 
  • Vitalize the ovary: It has been common belief that the pierced nose hole act as an acupressure point concerning the labor pain. It many tradition, it is highly recommended  that a woman wear nose jewels before that, so they could feel mild pain at that certain time.  
  • Metal choice: Choosing the right metal also do wonders to a person’s body. The people who choose gold, the metal absorbs all the heat coming out of a person’s nostril and the body will cool down, as gold absorbs heat.  

Possible drawbacks 

Nose piercing Bumps 

There are a number of reason which could contribute towards nose piercing bump, such as, 

  • Aftercare products are not being applied i.e., saline solution.  
  • Incorrect piercing equipment usage (piercing gun is not preferred).  
  • Piercing has been accidentally bumped or roughly handled. 
  • Allergic reaction by piercing metals (nickel allergy)  
  • Infected or contaminated nose rings are used 

Aftercare is necessary as the milder infections could become problematic in the form of blisters or a pustule. 

Keloid scars may also arise near the piercing hole.  

When the tissues surrounding the pierced area increases in size in the form of granulation which is itself a wound-healing mechanism. It doesn’t cause infections, but probing them could cause infection. So, one must be careful! 

If even after a good aftercare, bumps doesn’t disappear consult a dermatologist on your first priority.  

Nose piercing Infection 

As  one piercing give room to an open hole so it’s vulnerable to infections by the accumulation of germs and bacteria.  

To beware of infection, one must be well aware of its protruding symptoms; 

  • Around the pierced area, a protruding bump appears which looks ridiculous and obviously pains like hell! 
  • Redness around the pierced hole which doesn’t budge even after days. 

Undoubtedly, nose piercing pains greatly, but the pain subside over time but if it remains persistent one must visit a dermatologist.   


A nose piercing demands for greater care than any other piercing kind or tattoos. The piercer provides instructions concerning aftercare to prevent infection and to improve the healing process. 

A person should start aftercare right after the piercing and shouldn’t cease till the professional asked you to do so. 

The aftercare instructions are as follows: 

  • Pierced area must be touched with cleaned sanitized hands. 
A nose piercing demands for greater care than any other piercing kind or tattoos. The piercer provides instructions concerning aftercare to prevent infection and to improve the healing process. 
  • Always prefer cotton balls or bulb syringe to apply saline solution over pierced area for a few minutes.  
  • Dry gently by using a clean disposable paper products instead of cloth towels as they can be contaminated, or may become a cause of injury.  
  • If a person has acne or oily skin, he must use cotton pad to wipe off to avoid irritating the piercing.  
  • A key to fast healing is staying hydrated and eating a good healthy diet.  

FAQs on nose piercing 

How many types does nose piercing have? 

It has seven types including, Nostril, Nasallang, Vertical tip, Septum, Septril, High nostril , and Bridge or surface piercing.  

Is nose piercing a rebellion? 

In a Conservative environment when teenagers adopt such piercing, it is considered rebellious by their parents. But the perspectives are changing as per the trend.  

Does nose piercing hurt? 

Jewelry types influences the pain factor as the lighter jewelry i.e., rings, may be less painful than barbells and studs. If we rate it on a scale out of 10, then it is ranked as 3 as it’s the least painful with its comparison with septum, Septril and Nasallang piercing.  

Which area of nose is usually pierced?  

Usually, the left side of the nose is pierced, but there’s nothing wrong if you right side as long as it looks good. 

How long does nose piercing takes to heal? 

Healing time varies as per the individuals, their aftercare and nose piercing type. The usual healing time is a few months.  

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