Why is there a hype of Industrial Piercing? Facts to know!

Industrial Piercing is the most popular and attractive piercing fancied by men and women alike. But before going for any piercing, one must weigh the pros and cons of it, its pain level on the scale, and which jewelry best suits.

What is Industrial Piercing

This type of piercing is usually pierced on the ear and instead of just one hole, it comprises over two piercings through the ear cartilage, both piercings are joined by an ear barbell.

Although, there is a variety of styles industrial piercing is usually considered scaffold piercing which links the anti-helix and helix areas.  


Before going for the actual procedure you must be prepared mentally and physically so that you can immediately notice if something is out of place i.e., the needle is not sterilized.

The procedure is further entailed as:

  • The jewelry,  equipment, and studio must be sterilized to prevent infections.
  • The piercer must be wearing gloves prior to piercing.
  • The piercing spot must be marked with a marker, and a beeline us made from the entry to the exit point.
  • After your confirmation of the placement, the piercer will insert a needle (either a 14 gauge needle or a hollow needle) in the first hole, and after your nerves will be relaxed the second hole is perforated.
  • After the perforation, jewelry will be inserted and holes will be closed by putting a ball on both sides.
  • After this, the area is disinfected to prevent infections.

The entire procedure usually takes 5-6 minutes.

Healing time

For industrial piercing, healing time may vary from person to person. The average healing time is estimated to be 2-3 months. Initially, there will be minor swelling but it reduces with time.

Why is there hype of  Industrial Piercing?

Such a kind of piercing is more susceptible to keloid scars. Usually, the keloid takes place when the two holes of industrial piercing are not properly aligned as pressure on the piercing hole rim increases and results in scarring.


Determining the exact cost is difficult as you have to consider various factors, including, the piercer professional, the piercing studio and where its located, and the jewelry which you have chosen.

Piercing studio services vary and simultaneously the professional’s expertise, the famous piercers will be more reputable in the industry, so it’s recommended to go to them.

Jewelry also contributes towards price, as the fancier ones are expensive but they are not suggested to wear when your piercing is healing. It may also include the cost of aftercare products.

The average price range is estimated between $30-$90, it can go higher but not below that.

Merits & Demerits


  • This kind of piercing is attractive as it’s not something that not everyone can pull off perfectly, the right selection of jewelry makes it look absolutely stunning.
  • This popular and versatile piercing looks equally beautiful on both men and women and also provides the choice to select thousands of jewelry items. You can even choose vertical or horizontal jewels to flaunt your piercing.
  • It doesn’t provide choice just in jewelry but the number of industrial piercings you can have if you have adequate space. It makes you distinguished from others.


  • As it’s obvious, cartilage piercings are difficult as they pose to be more challenging for piercers, so selecting a reputable piercer and the studio is an absolute necessity.
  • Aftercare is challenging as you have to look after two piercings instead of just one.
  • It is not recommended for people who are newbies to piercing.
  • As Industrial piercing requires, two holes, twice of pain as typical perforation.

Jewelry materials Options

  1. Stainless steel: Steel is the most widely used metal used for piercing as it is not toxic and used in surgical implants so quite a safe choice. But it has its drawback, that it releases nickel during processing, so people allergic to nickels should avoid it as it irritates the skin.  
  2. Titanium: Titanium is a safer option as it doesn’t release nickel, and is the least irritating metal for piercing. It is comparatively more costly than surgical stainless steel. It is lightweight, available in a plethora of colors, and doesn’t corrode with the passage of time.
  3. Gold: While selecting gold jewelry whether it’s yellow, white, or rose gold, it must be 14-karat or higher than that. But the 18-karat hold is likely to hold bacteria as its soft and forms indentations.

Post-piercing Aftercare

When you are seeking industrial piercing, you must be concerned with aftercare. As the minor negligence will result in your healing period dragging up to a whole year, only I’d you have luck on your side otherwise longer than that. People who are careless with their aftercare suffers from infections.

To ensure proper Aftercare, you must abide by these tips;

  • Regular cleaning of piercing to avoid the accumulation of bacteria in the piercing area as it will ultimately cause infections.
  • The most recommended cleaning agent is sea salt spray which should be used.
  • For the cleaning, soak cotton bud/ball in sea salt spray and clean the piercing hole.
  • Note: Hands must be washed adequately before cleaning.
  • Don’t touch the piercing area or jewelry when it’s in the healing period; don’t twirl it.
  • If you desire to change jewelry, consult your piercing professional, it’s recommended not to try it at home as it will become problematic.
  • Avoid sleeping on piercing, surround yourself with soft pillows to avoid putting pressure.
  • Be discrete while brushing hair and bathing.
  • During baths, try to use mid and organic products to avoid irritation.
  • Although, it will be OK to change jewelry at certain times but be careful as the area will still be sensitive.
  • You must sanitize the area before changing earrings, and be gentle while doing so.
  • Sanitizing the jewelry beforehand is also a great approach.
  • Finally, the industrial barbells have been replaced, and sanitize the area again.

FAQs on Industrial piercing

What is Industrial piercing?

The piercing is done twice on the inside of the ear and links the anti-helix and helix area by two piercings.

How long industrial piercing takes to heal?

The average healing time is estimated to be 2-3 months if you are properly following aftercare.

Are industrial piercings painful?

Yes, this kind of piercing is comparatively painful as there will be two piercings at once, double discomfort and twice the irritation.

What do Industrial piercings say about you? It indicates a person captivates attention and is a big softie on the inside, even if he/she tries to be rough n tough on the outside.

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