How to Get into Warrington College of Business?

If you want to explore Warrington College of Business or the University of Florida then you are in the perfect place. University of Florida (Warrington) is a birthplace for leaders, innovators, and aspiring business owners. If you want to join the field of business, accounting, undergraduate, and graduate programs, you can visit the official website of Warrington College of Business and apply. 

Here we are going to discuss Warrington College of Business. How can you get admission over there? Which business course would be the right to choose to pursue your career?  

Warrington College of Business Branches

Under Warrington College of Business, there are three branches:

Heavener School of Business 

Heavener School of Business is the top-ranked undergraduate and public business school in Warrington. You can find various bachelor’s degrees in the business school, such as Finance, General Business, Marketing, Management, Information Systems, and Operation Management. Over 4,500 students are enrolled over here. If you have the wit and passion for business, you can enroll in the business school. 

Fisher School of Business

Have you heard of the Fisher School of Business? If not, let me cover it for you. Fisher School of Business is under Warrington College of Business, where you can learn the complex skills of accounting. It’s one of the free-standing accounting schools in the nation. If you want to grow in the field, you require this institution. 

Hough Graduate School of Business

Hough Graduate School of Business offers special programs about student’s skills, interests, and strengths. Hough Hall is recognized for its nationally appreciated degree programs. If you want to study in a competitive and fulfilling environment, choose this institution. 

Why Should You Choose Warrington College of Business?

You can’t fulfill your goals through your job. In my opinion, it is just the difference in your mindset. You have to choose for yourself whether you will work for your dreams or for others to reach their milestone.  

As far as the point is concerned about the business, the school or college that you choose for your mental growth in a specific field matters a lot. Your faculty helps you to brighten the way to influence the world. 

How to Get into Warrington College of Business?

Teachers have experience and when you collaborate, then you will do something exceptional. Therefore, it is very important to select the right institute for your degree. Warrington College of Business is one of them. An enthusiastically stellar institute in the field of business.  

Does the University of Florida have a High Merit?

University of Florida (Warrington) has high merit and its acceptance rate for traditional MBA is 38% while 86% for part-time MBA. Moreover, we also have to confess that it is an uphill battle to get admission to such types of institutes. You have to put your best effort in the right way to get into it.   

The focal reason behind this, they choose their students very wisely after testing them on different tasks. Because they have to grow society’s doyen or entrepreneur who has to influence the business field, nation, finance or can say they have to run the country’s economy.  

Now, we are going to discuss how you can get admission to Warrington College of Business.  

How to Get into Warrington College of Business?  

The University of Florida is the largest educational institute in the southeast. Contributing to the world by providing high-ability and sunshine students.   

The business college of this institute is one of the finest business schools in the world established in 1926. The Warrington College of Business is one of the oldest institutes in the domain of finance and accounting in the United States.   

Remains dedicated to three vital principles.  

  1. Ethics  
  2. Leadership  
  3. Performance   

How to Get Admission to the University of Florida (Warrington)?

Warrington is offering undergraduates, graduates, and master’s programs in the domain of business. First, you have to contact the admission team by mail for the guidelines. Or any quire that you want to ask about your admission procedure.  

MBA admission goes through these three main steps.  

  • Register to Apply Form

You can find this form at  

This is the simple form in which you will mention your identifications, required data, and past academic degrees and you can also mention your GMAT or GRE score if you cleared this test. If you don’t have a GMAT or GRE then there is no need to worry about it. The official code to send your GMAT or GRE test score is 5812.   

  • Graduate School Application 

You need to reach the right site to fill up your application. Go directly to the official site through this link.  

The ufI application includes several steps to ask you some questions to recognize your abilities. You can save the application and return to the previous page to complete the admission application.  

As germane with the admission fee, you need to pay a $37 application fee when you submit your application.  

  • Supplemental Material

In the realm of supplemental material, submit your supplemental material to the MBA office. What to submit on supplemental material in Warrington College of Business?  

  • USD 30 application fee.
  • 3.5 GPA
  • Good SAT and ACT scores
  • An up-to-date resume.  
  • Recommendation letters (two letters of recommendation from current or former supervisor). Recommendation letters can be sent by email: or fax (352) 392-8791  
  • Transcripts (Can submit electronically or by mail:  
  • Test scores (GMAT or GRE, etc)  
  • You can contact Warrington College of Business: +971552007539

Application Procedure of Admissions For International Applicants

International students who want to apply to Warrington College of Business have to submit these documents. Copies of transcripts and diplomas in English and native language are required.  

An English competence exam is necessary for all international students.  

How to Get into Warrington College of Business?

Warrington just accepts TOEFL and IELTS test scores. After submitting your admission application, a team decides by focusing on your capabilities. If you are selected for admission then you will receive a mail and interview after 2 weeks of applying, from Warrington College of Business.

Do I Need to Have Decent IB to Getting Admission to Warrington?

If you are going to be admitted to Warrington College of Business, you first need to be a resident of the United States of America. You also need to maintain a minimum of IB to have better chances of getting admission to their institutions. You would also need extracurricular or co-curricular activities, such as sports, projects, community services, or volunteering. 

Having a decent IB, SAT scores, and activities will increase your chances of getting admission to the University of Florida. 


Warrington College of Business is remarkable for its business courses for various student levels. Whether you are a resident of the U.S. or a foreigner, you can play in their exceptional, curative, comprehensive and modern courses, all the fundamental theories and essential projects will be covered in them. Are you applying for Warrington College of Business, comment below.

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