Sheppard Software: Make Learning Fun Loving

Are you looking for an engaging and legitimate way to teach kids? You might have seen students playing mindless games online that serve no purpose, such as racing, dressing up, cooking, battling, and shooting games. The games are unrealistic and have no practical value, however, children love to play such games. 

In contrast to such games, you will love to make your children play games that bring value and can increase their real-life skills, such as problem-solving and boosting IQ levels. If you are searching for educational, practical, and mind-boosting games, you need to visit Sheppard software. 

What’s Sheppard Software?

In 1997, Brad Sheppard launched the educational gaming website Sheppard Software. The site offers an extensive library of interactive games, quizzes, and activities for children. Brad Sheppard was a teacher who wasn’t satisfied with the conventional ways of teaching, hence, he made a platform where students can learn in an engaging and fun atmosphere. 

Sheppard Software: Make Learning Fun Loving

The software covers various subjects and languages to help children learn various things. There are various tools that you can use to play the games and make them entertaining. 

What Subjects Does the Sheppard Software Cover?

Sheppard Software covers the following subjects:

  • Math
  • Geography
  • States
  • Flags
  • Science
  • Language Arts

Categories of Shepherd Software

There are over a hundred divisions in Sheppard Software, however, the basic nine categories are the following:

  • World
  • Animals
  • Language Arts
  • Health
  • Science 
  • Math
  • Preschool
  • Brain

How Do You Learn Through Sheppard Software?

You might get bored while studying and keep dozing off in the lecture or your students must be facing difficulty in maintaining concentration while studying. But it’s not the end, you can learn with pictures and videos. You can learn through various ways:

Pictures and Images 

Whenever our mind tries to create a memory, it associates it with pre-existing concepts or visual imagery. Hence, learning with pictures or images can help in learning faster. Therefore, students from elementary school to middle school find their books filled with numerous pictures. 

For instance, if you are learning about an animal or its internal structure, the names of organs might not make sense to you. However, when the diagram of the internal organs has clear labeling, you will find it much easier to remember the internal organs of the animals. 


You might have seen teachers using multimedia in classes to teach specific lessons to their students, but you might not know why they use videos. Our books contain imagery in 2D form, however, videos can show the same imagery in motion as well as in 3D. Videos make it much easier to learn and understand a complex topic. 

Sheppard Software: Make Learning Fun Loving

For instance, you are learning how ores are extracted from the soil. However, the book contains only a diagram or theory of the process. Whereas, you can watch the whole process of extraction through a media and remember it more vividly. Videos also cover specific details that are missed in the text. 


Are you aware of the fact that music can help you in learning? If not, let me explain it to you. There’s a scientific study about music that states music helps you learn things subconsciously as it directly affects your brain wavelengths or signals. It means that you can listen to music that is calming and learn something from it, it has a better chance of remaining in your memory for a long period. 

Moreover, adults or teenagers who feel tired can play studying music to relax and learn. Children or early teenagers can use upbeat music to keep their energy at peak and learn fascinatingly. Hence, the software provides you with beats and sound effects that can stimulate your brain activity and keep you motivated to learn more. 


Everyone loves playing games, however, the genre can vary from age to age or gender to gender. You might have played games as well and might also have lost a game. How does it feel when you lose a game? It feels bad and you want to try again until you win, right? This aspect of games in education can heighten the competitiveness and concentration of the students. 

Sheppard Software: Make Learning Fun Loving

You can solve puzzles, scramble words, find the missing statements, and get points for getting the right answer in Sheppard Software. As a consequence, you will love learning. 

How Should I Use Sheppard Software?

Learning is a process that can’t be limited to just school, therefore, e-learning is prospering. As there are various gaps in the parental and school education system, hence, digital becomes a blessing in disguise. If there are any gaps in learning, you can use various educational learning platforms. You can utilize Sheppard Software by creating an account and beginning your music-learning journey. 

How to Create an Account on Sheppard Software?

In Sheppard software, it’s totally up to you whether you want to create an account or not. If you create an account, it will assist you in various ways: such as saving your progress and addressing multiple advanced features that unlock after signing up (like Sheppard Software Pro). 

You just need a Gmail ID, and you can log in through it. Or, you can add a username, Gmail account, and password and log in manually. Both ways are effective. After signing up, you will need to verify your email and it will be all set to use the platform as much as you want to. 

Can Anyone Use Sheppard Software? 

Yes, anyone can use Sheppard software and it’s completely free. Moreover, there are no restrictions on any region, you can use it from anywhere in the world. Apart from that, it has user user-friendly interface and even an eight-year-old can navigate the website. 

Moreover, you can use the website on all devices, such as Android and iOS laptops, smartphones, PCs, and tablets. On multiple devices, only the feature’s position will vary according to the screen size. Whereas, the tools and functions will remain the same. 

Educational Games in Sheppard Software

The focal purpose behind the Sheppard software is to teach kids in a way that they will have fun. Some of the kids don’t like to do the study because it pisses them off. They can’t bound themselves.   

This software is specially designed for such types of children. As we all know education plays a part and parcel role in the life of every human. In this era, it is very difficult to chase your goals without having an education. Because it teaches us how to survive and live in this world. And how to make relations with another person whom you don’t know well and then start a business with them.

Sheppard Software: Make Learning Fun Loving

Throughout this captivating software, you can teach your kids and they’d love to do practice on this app. Sheppard has some educational games for your beloved kids. It will attract them to learn and explore new and new things according to the needs of the modern minute.   

These educational games include Mathematics, English, and some vital courses that are necessary for every kid.  

Activities for Kids

A kid’s mental health is also very important. Sometimes they get depressed and want extra activities. Sheppard also rested its assurance before designing this software. The interesting point is that when they are practicing those activities, they can also learn several skills, which will be helpful in the future.   

Fun Free games:

Fun games help them boost their IQ level, intellectual sense, etc. It creates confidence to select or choose between two things, which is integral to the coming life.   

We suggest it for your kids. Sheppard software will be very fruitful for the youth to enhance skills that are impeccable for them.   

Cons of Sheppard Software 

Have you ever used Sheppard Software, then you will know that its graphic quality is quite updated. Hence, you may find it unappealing as compared to other modern gaming or learning apps. However, its design doesn’t affect its efficiency. You can use it to learn about various subjects while withstanding the graphic quality.  


Sheppard Software is an educational website that makes learning fun and students love to play educational games on it. The special about this particular website is that it is impeccably good for anyone. Whether you are a kindergarten or senior high school student.   

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