How To Become A Fashion Designer: 10 dazzling Tips And Tricks.

If I talk about the most entertaining topic of the modern generation, then most folks ask how to become a fashion designer?

So, here I’m going to reveal this indispensable topic with certain tips and tricks. Besides, I’ll unfold the distinctive ways of how to become a fashion designer.

How To Become A Fashion Designer: 10 dazzling Tips And Tricks.
how to become a fashion designer?

Let’s get started! Hello pretty people, all right so there are 3 ways to start your fashion designing career. how to become a fashion designer?

1- Get a bachelor of Fine Arts and an accredited university or college put your resume and portfolio together and look for a job.

2- Start your own business.

3- Become a freelancer and work on several projects for national and multi-national companies.

Now those 2 last options you can go to school to get started but you don’t need to but you need to educate yourself and that’s where this article comes in.

I’ve put together a study plan for you and this plan resembles many American fashion school programs that I’m familiar with.

Furthermore, I’m going to include something schools don’t talk about enough in my perspective.

Here, my opinions are based on having graduated from a nationally ranked school having worked in the industry for several years.

Moving on, then having taught at another national university for over 5 years.

1-This article will outline what you need to study?

2-Why should you study that particular course?

3-How much and how deep you have to study it.

These 3 branches will surely answer the question of how to become a fashion designer.

I’ve not put these topics in order of importance, for that, I’ve written many other articles. I’d like you to visit those articles for better comprehension.

So, coming to the main point again, I’ve taught a variety of classes in university but only ever used two books in my classes.

The one I suggest on Color Theory and the second I propound is on Human Autonomy when I was in a school myself, my teachers didn’t use a ton of books. They used to focus on practical works and that’s what I adopt.

So, subject one in no particular order first design. Some individuals will think no I’m bubbling over with ideas I have all the designs in my head already.

Okay! That’s a good start but it’s not the way.

I teach design is about taking those ideas and developing and taking those ideas and developing them refining them creating whole collections and by learning processes.

After that, merging with your ideas and methods you can create even more ideas and more often teach yourself how to recognize good design and to work around creative blocks.

All kinds of things that make you a better more well-rounded well-honed design machine by an average American fashion school a student will take four to six design classes before they graduate.

how to become a fashion designer?

There are on average two to three design projects per class each project for inspiration to colors, fabrics, design development, and final boards, and that are 8-18 projects and that is a lot of projects.

I encourage you to explore different seasons and different color stories with different kinds of customers different price points and different clothing categories.

In all these projects subject to color why studying color is so important color is such an important factor in people’s purchasing decisions.

There is an entire industry devoted to color services. Given everything else is perfect if an item of clothing is not the perfect color for you how often do you where did you even buy every single design and major studies.

Tips and Tricks To Become A Fashion Designer:

Here I’m going to talk about the fruitful and authentic tips and tricks on how to become a fashion designer.

Designing With Color Concept And Applications:

How To Become A Fashion Designer: 10 dazzling Tips And Tricks.
how to become a fashion designer?

First and Foremost, the first tip on how to become a fashion designer is designing with color concept and application. I love the particular book Designing with color concept and applications because it consists of tons of examples of actual design applications in toys, fashion, graphics, and all other kinds of applications.

Fashion schools typically do one or two semesters freshman year the first year but you know we talk about the color stories in design classes you know every single class every single project.

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Fabric For Fashion:

Here, I talk about another topic to study which is Fabric For Fashion. If you have studied a bit about how to become a fashion designer, then you can understand why I always bang on about the importance of designers knowing about the fabrics. Pay attention! Fabrics are designer true media.

a number of people ask me a question on what watercolor we use? What marker should we use? But the answer to this question is it does not matter because our medium is fabric.

Pick anything, maybe alcohol-based professional grade markers and get to work and then go study fabrics.

As I said before, I took a year of textile science in school but continued my education to the fabric and textile technology is the future of fashion.

I keep up with fabric news as much as I can. Visit books, fabric stores, and check the fabrics. Fiber content it’s usually listed at the end of the roll and check out what is expensive and feels things in your hands.

You will find the retail prices and wholesale prices are different but you know relative to each other. See what is expensive and see what is cheap.

The Fashion Designer’s Textile Directory:

Fashion designer’s media study it obsessively. My suggestion is with every new design project you work on. Those 8 to 18 design projects deep dive into one new category of fabrics from each project.

It may be due to a fall-winter collection for moderately priced women’s wear and deep dive into walls for that project.

Then you can roll your wools knowledge into your next one as you deep dive into another category

Sustainable Fashion And Textiles:

The subject for sustainability is compressed eco-friendly materials and processes and as well as ethical and Fairtrade approaches to production and labor.

If you think this area of study is optional then you need to wake up. It is 2020. At the very least, there is nothing bad in wasting less water sending less crap to landfills, and treat workers better go.

Sustainability is not being taught in very schools. But it should be in schools to start this one sustainability in fashion and textile.

The second one focuses on zero waste or low waste pattern cutting. They are great and will help you get more and more information.

Drawing And Illustration:

How To Become A Fashion Designer: 10 dazzling Tips And Tricks.
how to become a fashion designer?

There are 3 categories in this:

1- Figure drawing

2- Cloth drawing

3- Body drawing

Including them, illustration with markers and watercolors. At this point, you need to think about your goals. If you start your own business, you don’t need to learn how to draw a ton of aim. You don’t need to be a masterful fashion illustrator to run your own business.

My recommendation by figure templates practice drawing figures and efficiently that’s what you need and more importantly, learn how to draw flats.

I’ll do more into that, it’s that in the technical design section but yes business owners you need to learn how to do flats.

If you want to get a job at another company or going to start a freelance career, then set up an online portfolio as a designer to get attention and jobs you need to learn how to illustrate so that you can attract the attention.

In my experience, beautiful illustrations start conversations and it does because we are. We buy into the visually appealing I men even restaurants like we eat with our eyes everything is about the beautiful presentation to start.   

This technique answers how to become a fashion designer.

Technical Design:

In technical design, product development means drawing flats, learning how to spec out a garment and how to create a tech pack of template flats.

Flats drawing, they are drawing of clothes as they would appear if you laid them flat on the floor or a table.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop:

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop learning are a must in the current fashion industry. People ask me all the time if I would recommend any alternative programs and yes I have heard of some but the thing is Adobe products are the industry standard.

How To Become A Fashion Designer: 10 dazzling Tips And Tricks.
how to become a fashion designer?

That’s why I wouldn’t recommend people learn another program just to have to learn Adobe you know later on anyway when they get a job or a client insists on it when it is inevitable.

Garment Construction:

Garment construction, by this I mean pattern drafting, draping, and sewing. That is another area where the level of learning depends on what kind of designer you want to be.

I strongly suggest you learn some pattern, draping, and sewing basics so you can speak intelligently with your sample making team in production facilities.

If you start your online, then do you need to learn garment construction? Yes, the thing is the more you know the more control you have over your product.

Apparel Manufacturing And Business Practices:

If you are going to start your online business, this is so vital. Everyone wants to be a fashion designer and want to see their name on that label but it is not all about designing cute things.

Much of it is product sales just distribution or during shipping boxes.  

Fashion And Costume History:

More schools require a few art histories and most schools require a basic history course some schools even have electives in this area like Hollywood costume history.

You should study the basics of 20th-century fashion history like what were the major trends of the 70s? what were the main silhouettes in the 60s? because this is the kind of stuff that is practically expected.

In nutshell, the above techniques are highly recommended, if you really want to know how to become a fashion designer or you want to be a fashion designer.

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