How To Deactivate Facebook On Android & iPhone? Privacy Settings & Reactivation Procedure

Being up to date on social media might be tempting but doesn’t it violate your privacy? Facebook seems to fire up my phone every single day I wake up and it wastes my time daily. So it led me to find a solution for the most sought-after question, how to deactivate Facebook so that I can focus on tasks that need more of my attention.

Deactivating an account might sound like a complex matter but it’s way easier. 

But again make yourself fully aware of what you can expect after deactivation as it will remove your profile, and your friends won’t be able to share something with your tag on any post.

Being active on social media sometimes gets overwhelming and it becomes a necessity to have a much-needed break now it has become a breezy procedure with regular updates and little but knowledge. 

In this guide, we will delve deeper into how to deactivate Facebook on Android, and iPhone, how to make your account and posts private, and which steps to follow to reactivate. 

How To Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily On iOS?

How to deactivate Facebook when you have an iPhone,  it’s pretty easy. 

  • Just open the Facebook app. 
  • You need to add your unique credentials and log in to your account.
  • Once you get on the homepage, You will see a menu in the right corner of the screen at the bottom.
  • Navigate to Settings & Privacy, and open settings.
  • Now you will land Account ownership, where there are two options deletion and deactivation.
  • Tap on Deactivation account and proceed with the instructions towards account deletion. 

How To Deactivate Facebook Account Permanently On iOS?

The instructions are similar, open the Facebook app, add your username and password, and log in. 

  • Navigate to the three-lined menu at the bottom right corner of the screen. 
  • Tap on settings and privacy, and choose settings. 
  • Here in the account activation, you have two choices either to deactivate the account or Delete the account. 
  • Click on deleting the account, and follow the further instructions to complete the procedure. 
How To Deactivate Facebook On Iphone
How To Deactivate Facebook On Iphone
How To Deactivate Facebook On Iphone
How To Deactivate Facebook On Iphone
How To Deactivate Facebook On Iphone

How To Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily On Android?

Are you an Android user and wondering how to deactivate your Facebook account for a while? You are in the right place.

  • Tap on the Facebook app, once it opens add your unique username and password. 
  • Once you are logged in, on the dashboard you will find the three-lined menu on the top of the screen on the right side. 
  • Select setting and privacy. 
  • In the setting section, click on Accounts ownership and control whether you want to just deactivate or permanently delete it.
  • On selecting deactivation, you will be asked to follow some instructions until your request is fulfilled.

How To Deactivate Facebook Account Permanently On Android?

If you no longer want to continue with your Facebook account, just follow the instructions to permanently delete the account while using Android. 

  • Open the app, add your credentials, and sign in to your account.
  • You will see a menu appearing on the top right corner of your mobile screen on the homepage. 
  • Move to the Settings & Privacy menu.
  • Here Move to the accounts centre, and click on personal details. 
  • You will be redirected to Account ownership and asked to choose either Deactivation or deletion. 
  • Click on delete and follow the on-screen instructions for permanently removing the account.
How To Deactivate Facebook On Android
How To Deactivate Facebook On Android

Is Deactivating & Deleting Facebook Account Same?

No, they aren’t as deactivating the Facebook account means pausing it, like you take a break from this social media for some time until you decide you want to resume your activity. 

While deleting the account means you will no longer get access to it and this procedure is permanent. 

How To Put Privacy On Facebook Accounts & Posts? 

How to deactivate Facebook to maintain privacy? But I believe you are no longer required to deactivate as you can easily put privacy on your account and posts that restrict others from accessing information.

There isn’t just one option that will entirely bake your account private, but multiple others which allows you to put privacy on different aspects. 

Just navigate to the settings and privacy, and move to settings. Just go through the privacy Check-up and select the points that you want to make private. 

For putting privacy on posts, you can always select to whom you want to share posts.  There are different audience categories, including: 

  • Public: It allows sharing your post with everyone whether you are on or off the Facebook platform.
  • Friends: It allows sharing your posts with only your friends on Facebook.
  • Friends except: Your posts will be visible to everyone except the specific profiles you have selected. 
  • Only Friends: Only those friends can access your profiles whom you have selected. 
  • Only Me: These posts are only accessible to you, no one else.

By choosing any of these categories you are sorted with putting privacy.  

How To Reactivate a Facebook Account?

How to get your account activated? It’s pretty easy, you just need to put your email address or phone number which you used for login and you will be directed to your account back. 

You might be asked to reactivate your account after you have deactivated the services when you log in to any other website linked to your Facebook account. 

Your friends won’t be notified about your account activation, but they will know once you resume posting. 

But if you weren’t active for long and forgotten your password, something which always happens with me I’ll be asked to change or rest the password to activate my account.


In conclusion, busybodies when getting extremely frustrated with incessant notifications of Facebook, look for ways how to deactivate Facebook. 

It’s easier than you may realize as you just need to open an account, move to the menu, select privacy settings, and select either Deactivate or Delete.

Remember deactivation is temporary but will remove your profile entirely but you can reactivate later on. Deletion is permanent and you just can never access your account again.

Give it a thorough read to know ways how you can do it. Share did you ever get this urge to deactivate your account?  

FAQs on How To Deactivate Facebook 

How do I deactivate Facebook Meta?

You can remove your Facebook account from the Meta portal by navigating to Facebook settings, below active portals select the account you want to be removed from the Meta portal. 

How do I deactivate my Facebook page? 

From the three-lined menu, select privacy settings. Move towards the left and choose Facebook page information. You need to look for deactivate and delete the page settings by clicking on the View link. Once you have identified it deactivate the page.

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