Insights on Explosions in Iran, U.S. Response, Retaliation, and What Will Happen Next 

After Israel struck Iran, the tension between both countries escalated. However, Iran’s army chief denies that there was no damage from explosions in Iran as it has been on high alert. Israel launched missiles and drones overnight, as a response to Iran’s bombardment a few days ago. However, Tel Aviv hasn’t given any official until now. 

Iran state media also confirmed explosions in its central province, Isfahan. However, there were downplaying reports of an attack and no human life was lost in the explosions. As you might know, Isfahan isn’t just a normal location, it’s a home to the larger airbase. 

Isfahan hosts a major missile production complex and multiple nuclear facilities. According to the global nuclear watchdog, no nuclear sites received any damage as Iran was expecting a response from Israel. Therefore, they destroyed the missiles and drones before they could do any harm. 

US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken reacted to Israel’s strikes of drones and missiles and has made repeated calls for de-escalation in the Middle East, particularly Iran and Israel. Moreover, he spoke at the G7 meeting after the explosions in Iran. Once again, the U.S. withdrew from taking part in the escalating tension and had no involvement in any offensive operation. 

Did Israel Attack Iran with Missiles and Drones Overnight? 

According to Iran News Agencies

Iran reported that there had been no air strikes in their region. Moreover, the media reported about numerous air defense systems over their cities. Whereas, Tehran started that there were collisions in the southern part of the country. 

After people started to speculate that Israel had attacked the country, Tasnim, an Iranian news agency, denied such claims. Whereas, the foreign media confirmed attacks on Iranian cities. Therefore, the statements were making it difficult to believe what’s the truth.  

Several Iranian officials reported in ascent to Tasnim that only small drones appeared in the country and they weren’t unidentified missiles or launched by any foreign agency.

In contrast to Tasnim, Fars reported that three explosions were heard close to Qahjavarestan, Isfahan, Iran. The place is near the 8th Seari Army Air Base and Airport. The space agency ar Qahjavarestan reported that several drones were shot down near them (Hossein Dalirian). 

Hossein Dalrian tweeted on X that there were no reports of missile attacks and confirmed no damage from the impact of air threats or large explosions. The official news IRNA made the same statement on their channel and the loud collision was a result of a defense system shooting at a target in the air (causing a loud explosion near Isfahan). 

Was There Any Damage to Iran’s Nuclear Facilities During the Explosions?

Was There Any Damage to Iran's Nuclear Facilities During the Explosions? | Explosions in Iran

Later, Brigadier General Siavash Mihandoost in Isfahan and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also denied explosions in Iran while stating that the nuclear reserves are “completely secure.”

The nuclear agency IAEA received pressure and calls from everywhere globally, however, it remained firm in its remark stating that military conflicts don’t entail that the missile attacks should fire on nuclear facilities. 

Did Israel Target Army Positions in Syria?

According to the Ministry, Israel targets army positions in Syria in the South using missiles. They targeted the air defense sites in Syria’s southern region and caused material damage, according to the Syrian government. 

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights which is responsible for retaining peace and scanning war threats also reported Israeli air attacks in the province of Daraa’s aerospace. 

According to Rami Abdel Rahman, the Israeli planes intensively flew over Syrian southern regions when their air defenses weren’t taking any action. Rami Rahman is the head of the British Observatory in Syria. 

Will Iran Retaliate to Israel’s Air Attack or Remain Subdue?

Israel’s attacks of explosions in Iran were reduced to three drones in Iran, and complete denial of any foreign invasion. It seems that Iran will subdue the retaliation and continue to feign oblivion, even though some of their politicians have accepted the claim. 

Amid Europe and the U.S. sanctions, it doesn’t favor Iran to wage war against Israel anyway. Therefore, it might continue their cold war rather than an actual conflict. It’s evident from Iran’s response to the matter at hand of bombarding Tehran and Isfahan. 

How do you discern explosions in Iran and the escalation of the Iran – Israel conflict in the future? Do you think they will lead the WW3 or is it the end now, comment below. 

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