Heardle 60s: Description, History, Clone Games, Gameplay, Rules, Perks & Gaming Strategies

Love puzzle games, and what if they play a legendary song? Epic, right?! Heardle 60s gives you exactly that by playing the most streamed song in the game. You have to make a good guess, if you succeed in recognizing the music it will play the entire song for you.

You can even share your wins on social media. Players are given 6 trials to guess the music, in each guess they have to guess one of the songs from the list given. Progressing with each trial allows you to hear more bits of the music. The specialty of this game is that it plays 1960s songs and you can unwind by hearing melodies. But it plays just one song each day. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into Heardle 60s, its gameplay, rules, perks of playing, and some handy tips to follow. 

What Is Heardle 60s?

What Is Heardle 60s?

Fan of 90s nostalgic music? Heardle 60s is for you as it plays 1960-featured hit songs every day. You have to guess the correct artist or song. If you make an incorrect guess, it will play some more but until 6 attempts. You have to utilize each attempt carefully. 

What made it popular in today’s world? Popular streamers made it a trend to play on their Twitch content.  Pro-tip is being more attentive at the beginning and fully grasping the introductory lines which will say all about the played song. 

Isn’t it fascinating that you get to hear a substantial amount of daily music and that too with the thrill of a play? Where you can watch it? Just search it on Google, and you will land on some sites and start playing. There is no particular platform for this game, and we are suggesting one. 

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History of Heardle 60s

The game’s development started somewhere at the end of December 2021 but it wasn’t officially launched. 

When does it come in the market for the first time? It was released on Feb 26, 2022. Initially, the game didn’t have a sound streaming service, it had to be connected to an external music streaming service including SoundCloud.  

The developer would randomly select songs and play them. Later on, it was discovered that playing curated songs gives more fun to the gameplay rather than choosing randomly. 

In the mid of 2022, Spotify claimed the Heardle app at an unrevealed price but they shut down the game in early 2023 to give priority to other musical options. 

Headle Clone Games

Does the shutdown completely deprive us of this gameplay? Not at all, Heardle released its clones. 

Heardle Decades is popular as it features TV themes and music from chosen music artists. If you are playing its video clone, then it will feature video game music in the Videogame Heardle game.

Gameplay of Heardle 60s

How to get a knack for playing Heardle 60s? Follow this step-by-step guide to get a better understanding of the gameplay. 

  • You can begin the game by pressing the ‘Play button’, and listening to 1960s songs. 
  • You can choose any of the old song title and artists which seems correct to you. By each wrong guess, you will get to hear more of the song. 
  • Fortunately, if you guessed correctly on the first attempt, choose the right song and win the game. 
  • You will be delighted to know, that you can share your winnings with your friends and social media.
  • At each win, you will be rewarded. You will get to hear the entire song, just up the volume and enjoy the nostalgic music.
  • You can also comment on other player’s gaming strategies and get engaged with your fellow players for fun. 

Isn’t it breezy to know this gameplay? Just keep your inhibitions aside and enjoy this music-playing game puzzle. 

Rules of Playing Heardle 60s

There are no hard and fast rules for deducing the correct song. Just give close attention at some points and win the game. 

  • If you mistake or falsely guess a song, just move to the next attempt. Use your 6 attempts carefully. 
  • Just be more attentive at the introductory clip. 
  • Try to use minimum attempts to get a better score. 

Perks of Playing Heardle 60s

What are some pros of Heardle 60s you can have by playing it? This game can be a game-changer for your recreational routine. 

  • It brings a fun twist to your music guessing game by including just the nostalgic 1960s music that is full of emotions and love. 
  • It engages you with 90s iconic songs that have been hit in the old times but have still maintained their hype. 
  • You can have vast knowledge of old music by making random guesses and prep to win the game. 
  • The gameplay may not be hard, but still a great source of entertainment, and the challenges are fun to play. 

Tips To Follow In Heardle 60s

Tips To Follow In Heardle 60s

As this is the music guessing game, which tips you can follow to get the most out of each round in Heardle 60s? To get an edge in each musical round, give close attention to specific points to better play this game.

  • Be very vigilant at the beginning of each song, as the music intros give away all about the progressing music lyrics. Introductory nuances at the beginning are important and you must give close attention to them. Don’t be distracted!
  • Familiarize yourself with old-times production, vocal, and instrumental styles to get a better understanding of the played song in the game. 
  • How you can excel at it? Get yourself familiar with 1960s musical albums, genres, artists, and bands. Once you have broadened your knowledge of this nostalgic music. You can guess the song pretty easily. 
  • Listen to the played music multiple times to make a guess. 
  • Use your given attempts carefully, generate as many hints as possible to make a guess. If you find difficulty, navigate to your social media and search ‘Hearingle music games’ to accurately guess the song.

Are these tips effective? Do you think such bits of advice will give you benefits over your competitors? 


Concluding the Heardle 60s, a word-puzzle music game that plays 1960s music. It gives you six attempts to correctly guess the music. If you fail and mistakenly guess an incorrect song. The gameplay will play some more for you. It will play only one song each day. Just use fewer attempts and correctly guess the track. You can share the song at the end and enjoy the entire song. 

Give it a good look and share which strategy you will make to better play this game. 

FAQs on Heardle 60s 

How did Heardle 60s gain popularity?

It gained fame due to sharing on social media platforms, where players challenge each other.

Is Heardle 60s suitable for all ages?

Yes, players of all age groups can play this game. It is family-oriented with light-hearted challenging gameplay. 

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