Connections Nyt: Complete Beginner Guide (With Tips and Tricks)

If you love brain games like Wordle, then Connections Nyt might be going to become your most favorite game.

Now, I am not saying that it is for everyone, but if you like challenges and don’t like to leave the game in half, this game might be quite fun for you. And yeah, you will learn a new way of seeing things with every puzzle you solve

Okay now let’s learn what actually is the Connections nyt game. Connections nyt is a brain game launched by The New York Times in June 2023. It gained rapid success after its release and became the second-most-played New York Times’ game after Wordle.

It’s a fun game that is a great way to boost your cognitive health by sorting the words into different groups every day.

In this article, I will tell you:

  • How to play the Connections nyt game?
  • The Complexity of the Game
  • Tricks to master it
  • Can you play it with your friends?
  • Last but not least, some interesting FAQs.

So, let’s dive in!

How do I play Connections Nyt?

To play the connections game, first, you need to visit their official website ( Next, click on the play button. It will display a small play guide; read it if you want, and then close it to play the game.

Once you close the play guide, you will see a 4×4 grid of 16 tiles. Each tile has a different word that needs to be connected with each other on the basis of some theme and similarity.

How do I play Connections Nyt?

Actually, the main idea of this game is to make connections between the words; that’s why this game is called “Connections.” You have to focus on the different words, find the connection they share, and form a group of four. 

Let us understand it through an example: In this game, I have selected 4 tiles containing the words series, battery set, and array. All of them share a single theme, i.e., they present a collection of something.

Connections Nyt: Complete Beginner Guide

Once you have selected the tiles that you think are closely related to each other, you have to click submit. You can also deselect tiles by clicking on the “Deselect” button.

 If your selected group is correct, it will show like this:.

Connections Nyt: Complete Beginner Guide

But if the selected group is not correct, the titles will shake for a second, and one of the small bubbles at the bottom will be removed. And Oh yes, I forgot to mention earlier that you have only 4 chances to make mistakes, and with each mistake, you will lose a turn.

Connections Nyt: Complete Beginner Guide

If you lose all the chances, you will lose the game, and you have to wait for the next puzzle.

Once you complete all the groups successfully, you will see a colored grid like this.

Connections Nyt: Complete Beginner Guide

The different colors represent different levels of difficulty, which I will discuss later in the article.

You can share the results with your friends and other people on the internet by clicking on “Share Results.” 

It will copy the result (in the form of a colored grid) to the clipboard on your PC or mobile device, which you can then paste and share with others.

Connections Nyt: Complete Beginner Guide

Is the Connections game hard?

The answer varies from person to person. If you’ve been playing brain games for years and have a sharp eye, you will definitely find it less hard than a newbie. 

This game is both addictive and frustrating at the same time. Sometimes, it becomes quite confusing as different words make connections with each other, and it becomes difficult to form a group. 

But practice makes a man perfect. The more you solve, the better you become at making connections and winning this game.

Comprehensive Guide to NYT Games

Tricks to Master Connections Nyt:

I searched the internet for some killer tricks to master this game, and here are some tips that I found useful for you guys.

Focus, Focus, Focus:

Focus plays a very important role in winning this game. Focus on the different words and try to make connections between them.

Brainstorm the different themes that the words can share. For example, the grid might have words like table, chair, bed, and sofa that share the category of furniture. In the same way, you have to analyze the words and make their groups.

Think Outside the Box:

Sometimes, the connections are not as easy as they seem, and we need to think outside the box. 

You might find that two words are related to each other, like the words battery and power in the above game, but they don’t form a group with other words.

At this point, you need to think differently and brainstorm the various potential categories they can be put into.

You might think of a theme or a category that is not so common in the game, although the words are making connections, but believe me, give it a try. Review it carefully and try the best possible guess.

Improve your vocabulary and general knowledge.

Another good and effective way of mastering this game is to improve your vocabulary and general knowledge.

The categories can relate to the characters of a movie, words that represent the same meaning, things that start with metals, or things that are seen during an event, etc. 

So, improve your vocabulary, work on your general knowledge, and try to make connections between different things you see in everyday life to better understand the game.

Remember your steps:

You need to make different guesses to get the right one. Remember, you can select and deselect the titles multiple times, but once you click on the “Submit” button, you will either lose a chance or win.

Remember which guess you made earlier, It will save you time and help you avoid the mistake you made earlier.

Take Your Time:

Connections nyt game gives you only 4 chances to make any mistake. So it’s important to take every step wisely.

Now, I am not restricting you to making only limited guesses; make as many guesses as you want, but only press the submit button when you are 99% sure that a certain group of words shares a specific theme. 

Take your time to think and think again; otherwise, you will lose the game quickly.

Shuffle the tiles.

It’s a very important point. Shuffling the tiles will help you see the words in a completely new way.

Press the “Shuffle” button next to Deselect at the bottom of the grid to shuffle the tiles. This technique is really helpful, especially if you get stuck during the game.

Get Help From Online Material:

The New York Times also shares hints about the daily puzzle that you can use to make your game easier.

Also, for practice, you can visit the different websites (Forbes, etc.) that share hints and answers to the daily connections game. Some of them might also explain to you how they choose the words, which will teach you a lot about how it works. 

Also, during my research, I found an amazing Youtube channel. This guy has solved around 279 Corrections nyt games and shared them on his YouTube channel. 

While solving, he also explains how he is making the groups. It’s a great way to see how an expert sees the words while solving the game and how you can improve your way of analyzing the words.

Can I play Connections NYT with friends?

You cannot play the connections game with your friends like you play other online games, e.g., Ludo, etc. You can play individually on your devices and then share the results with your friends.

Interestingly, the results are shared as a grid of colored tiles so that you do not spoil your friend’s game.


Is the Connections game available on the NYT Games app?

Yes, the Connections game is available on The New York Times game app. Install the app from the Play Store or App Store, sign up or log in, select the Connections game from the list, and start playing.

What do the colored tiles mean in Connections NYT?

The different colors, i.e., yellow, blue, and purple, present different levels of difficulty. Once you have successfully completed the game, the final grid will have four different colors in each row. 

  • The yellow color presents the easiest level.
  • The green color presents the normal level.
  • Blue presents a hard level.
  • The purple color presents the “Very Hard” level.

What does one away mean in Connections NYT?

When 3 words out of 4 words for a group are guessed successfully, you will see the term “one away” above the grid. 

This means that you are one word away from solving a group problem. This gives the players a chance to identify the wrong word and replace it with the correct one. However, even if you correctly identify 3 out of 4 words, you will lose a turn.

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