IT Chapter 3 Coming Or Not? Release Date, Cast, Story Plot, Speculations and Premiered Platform

Expecting another spin-off of movie adaptations of Stephen King’s famed novel, IT? But we aren’t certain if IT Chapter 3 going to hit theatres anytime soon or ever. 

Movies these days get so many sequels that the fans get tired of seeing characters again and again and little twists no longer intrigue fans.

Horror stories get the same fate, so many spin-offs even if they are not needed. The first movie adaptation of the IT novel premiered in 2017, and the sequels followed right after two years in 2019. 

The novel is huge and deserves at least two sequels to adequately portray the story plot, but is another spin-off necessary? Even if all the characters had their arcs in the IT Chapter 2.

If makers ain’t portray some more about the world of Derry then it seems logical but the sequel is in the making that will portray that.

But as the devil clown is already destroyed in the second movie, so releasing the third movie seems pointless. But the horrors Derry faced, expecting that Pennywise was the only horrific creature there seems suspicious. 

So a third sequel will be uncovering those creatures? Let’s reveal all the possibilities here.

In this guide, we will look deeper if IT Chapter 3 going to be released or not, what will be the story plot, where it will be released, and why it shouldn’t be made. 

When It Chapter 3 Will Release? 

So far, there is no update about the release of IT Chapter 3. In fact, one thing we are certain about is that it isn’t going to come to theatres anytime soon.

Moreover, one reason is that it won’t be released because the losers club and Pennywise story wrapped up in It Chapter 2.

Another reason is that the producers already decided to make two movies of this epic novel, another spin-off was never in the plan.

Moreover, if you are a die-hard and are anxiously waiting for the equal. Don’t be sad that a prequel, ‘Welcome to Derry’ is still planned which will hit theatres this year.

The prequel will explain how Pennywise becomes a scary clown and starts dreading the children of Derry, more, over it will feature Jason Fuchs,  Andy Muschietti, and Barbara Muschietti. 

Cast In IT Chapter 3

Who will be featured in IT Chapter 3, if it ever came out? We have speculated the characters from the previous two seasons will be cast in the controversial season 3. 

The characters in IT and IT Chapter 2 were:

  • Bill Hader (Richie Tozier)
  • Stephen King (Shopkeeper)
  • Jessica Chastain (Beverly Marsh)
  • James McAvoy (Bill Denbrough)
  • Bill Skarsgård (Pennywise)
  • Jay Ryan (Ben Hanscom)
  • James Ransone (Eddie Kaspbrak)
  • Javier Botet (Hobo)
  • Megan Charpentier (Greta Bowie)
  • Sonia Maria Chrilla (Fishtank Girl) 
  • Isiah Mustafa (Mike Hanlon)
  • Andy Bean (Stanley Uris)

We aren’t certain whether these people will continue to IT Chapter 3 or not. It would have been cleared if the makers had given any updates or any teaser releases.

Expected Story Plot In IT Chapter 3

Is Warner Bros going to make IT Chapter 3? As far now, no green signal is given to the making of this season, but let’s suppose it is continued, how it will proceed further? 

People have made several speculations about how the story will unfold in this controversial premiere. 

We are certain of one fact Pennywise isn’t going to make any appearance again. But why? That’s what we aren’t sure of yet. 

It’s speculated that several characters and elements from ‘Welcome to Derry’  which were focused mainly on ‘The Dark Tower’ story will merge into IT Chapter 3 but how? This is something that Stephen King has hinted so many times that both these stories will be connected at some point. 

IT Chapter 3 Coming Or Not? Release Date, Cast, Story Plot, Speculations and Premiered Platform

King has confirmed that Pennywise from IT and Crimson King from The Dark Tower are the same species and are meant to come head-on or will be allies to bring chaos.

Fans also have speculated that the character, ‘The magical turtle’ was cast in The Dark Tower and is mentioned in IT novel but didn’t make it to any season of IT. 

So we suppose, the expanding will introduce such characters and will expose us to far more scary creatures like Pennywise. 

As the story of IT continues, Pennywise will regenerate after 27 years and will come back to torture protagonists, like Derry and Maine.  

The Loser club effectively killed Pennywise in IT Chapter 2 but it can’t be taken lightly now as only his heart was destroyed but his Deadlights remain intact, so if he resurrects from them, then that will take revenge.

Deadlights are mythical elements that cone from the reverse and build a connection between Earth and the other dimensions. 

It is believed these deadlights are still present in Derry which could revive Pennywise again. 

The twist makers can bring into this rumored season is that the young and adult characters team up and fight against this evil clown, Pennywise, and kill him for good, otherwise story plot will remain typical and become boring for the audience.

Is There Going To Be Any Sequel of It Chapter 3?

IT chapter 2 ended when the conflict between Derry and Pennywise was buried under the mud and the evil clown met its end. But still, Bill, Beverly, Richie, and other members of the Losers Club were affected.

Characters from the Loser Club also put their long-term traumas to bed and found some peace without menace following them at every turn.

As everything is resolved, it’s expected that no further season will come to expand it, the dead clown will have to revive to bring menace again. The characters from the losers’ club will have to be featured again. 

But again, it doesn’t mean the story can’t proceed with loser club characters who are all human. IT story features Horrors and there are several monsters buried in deadwood that can come again and make it scariest for you.

But no recent news has come out yet which could confirm IT Chapter 3 is coming anytime soon. 

Why It Chapter 3 Shouldn’t Be Made? 

Whether it’s going to come out or not is one thing, first, we need to know why it shouldn’t be made in the first place. 

Stephan King’s novel is 1138 pages long and is filled with horrific scenes that will make you run to the hills. There are already two movies released which are already scariest as well.

I believe the scenes that aren’t already adapted should be left alone and featuring more wouldn’t be good for people with fragile hearts.

The first movie is already jam-packed with scary scenes and in the second movie all the chapters meet their ends some have happy ending while the evil ones are dead.

So, we believe reviving dead characters like Pennywise would make the story tacky rather than intriguing for the fans.

IT Chapter 3 Coming Or Not? Release Date, Cast, Story Plot, Speculations and Premiered Platform

Pennywise has got the hype no evil characters ever have, making Bill Skarsgård a horror legend, people will never forget.

Fans of the horror genre may prefer seeing him again, but the story doesn’t revolve around him. 

He was never meant to be the center of attention as he couldn’t have longevity. It may make his character boring and lose its horrific charm. 

There are divided opinions of people, some aren’t in favor of any sequel while some fans argue that Pennywise and other species like him should reappear on the big screen. 

Where It Chapter 3 Will Premiere? 

As the Speculations going round and round over the internet about the possible release of IT Chapter 3. Let me burst this bubble, the story plot officially ended in IT Chapter 2. 

The makers have no plan to continue with the sequel, so no story coming out in the foreseeable future.

So it won’t be hitting theatres, although fanfictions can be made and get popular over the media.


In conclusion, several rumors are going round and round about whether IT Chapter 3 going to be released or not. The story revolves around the horrors of Derry people facing the evil creatures lurking there. 

Pennywise scared the shot out of the children there. But the Losers Club destroyed Pennywise and ended the story by pushing their traumas under the bed.

The sequel won’t be hitting theatres as the story ended in the second movie. Give it a must-read to know all about the Speculations and share your opinion on it  


Is IT Chapter 3 confirmed? 

No, it isn’t confirmed that another sequel will come anytime soon. However, the prequel, ‘Welcome to Derry’ gave us hope that the story could be prolonged.

Is IT based on a true story?

No, it’s the figment of Stephen King’s imagination, and there is no truth to this story. However, the story is inspired by a wooden village near his hometown in Boulders, Colorado.

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