Call the Midwife Season 13: Premiere, Trailer, Castle, Story Plot & Future Plans

Anticipating your favorite season this season? Well, the good news for you is that Call the Midwife season 13 is finally going to make rounds on the streaming platforms this early spring. It first made the hype when the season’s shots started going viral on social media along with behind-the-scenes.

It was expected to come out in early 2024 in the UK, but in the US it will premiere in March 2024, and ever since it was announced we all have been anxiously waiting for it.

So far, the trailer has been released which exposed some old faces we are already familiar with and a few ones that will immensely entertain viewers.

Behind the scenes becoming famous over the Internet shows that they have put the bar high with the characters’ phenomenal performance and it finally wrapped up.

In this article, we will look deeper into Call the Midwife Season 13, what its official trailer entails, cast, story plot, and what’s going to be the future of these seasons.

When ‘Call the Midwife Season 13’ Will Premiere? 

When 'Call the Midwife Season 13' Will Premiere? 

The premiere date has been revealed much to your delight. The Christmas special was released on December 25th, 2023. The season’s first seven episodes were announced to be premiered in January 2024.

The season initially premiered in the UK on January 7th, 2024 on BBC One. However last episode is scheduled to be released on March 3rd, 2024 on the same streaming platform.

Now you must be wondering why the airing in the UK has been specified. It’s because the release in the US is set to be out on March 17th, 2024 on PBS.

Do you have a busy schedule and have no time to watch on the premiere date? No worries, you can watch it later at your convenience on iPlayer. You won’t find just the latest season’s episodes, but all the previous seasons are also accessible.

Trailer of Call the Midwife Season 13

Did the trailer make you intrigued? The sneak peeks featured in that 21-second trailer surely made each of the show’s fans on their ties about what we can expect in the season. 

BBC surely made us wait but good thing the wait is finally over and it’s officially been released. The sneak peek didn’t give away much but one thing we are certain that new faces are going to appear in this much-awaited Call the Midwife season 13. 

Another person who was emphasized in the trailer is a newcomer pupil named Rosalind who first stepped foot in Poplar. We will see in the upcoming season what the midwifery center holds for her. Fingers crossed, it’s going to be a chaotic ride for sure!

Who Will Be Featured In Call the Midwife Season 13?

Who Will Be Featured In Call the Midwife Season 13?

Characters make the story worthwhile, well that’s my theory. Do you agree? In Call The Midwife season 13, new faces will make an appearance as well as the old faces will return giving us a sense of familiarity. There are two new characters revealed in the trailer, who will surely make the story interesting.

Renee Bailey and Natalie Quarry, Bailey will play the role of Joyce while Quarry will be featured as Rosalind, a newcomer who set his foot into Poplar, a young and enthusiastic pupil excited to learn how the midwifery unit works. 

Besides that, we have a list of returning characters, including: 

  • Judy Parfitt (Sister Monica Joan)
  • Jenny Agutter (Sister Julienne)
  • Helen George (Trixie)
  • Laura Main (Shelagh Turner)
  • Stephen McCann (Dr. Turner, husband of Shelagh Turner)
  • Cliff Parisi (Fred)
  • Megan Cusack (Nancy Corrigan) 
  • Lindda Bassett (Nurse Crane)
  • Annabelle Apision (Violet Buckle)
  • Rebecca Gethings (Sister Veronica)
  • Daniel Laurie (Reggie Jackson)
  • April Rae Hoang (May Tang)
  • Edward Shaw (Teddy Turner)
  • Max Macmillan (Timothy Turner)
  • Zephryn Taitte (Cyril Robinson) 
  • Alice Brown (Angela Turner)
  • Francesca Fullilove (Colette Corrigan)

This amazing cast along with others will surely make your mood bright by their phenomenal performance.

Story Plot of Call the Midwife Season 13

Story Plot of Call the Midwife Season 13

Wondering what Call The Midwife season 13 holds for you? It’s going to be a ride of emotions for the people who prefer drama, thrill, and slow-paced content.

The upcoming season revolves around characters exploring complicated medical conditions and unusual personal circumstances at the midwifery and nursing units.

The apparent medical conditions depicted in the season are viral, mental, and physical including TB, porphyria, congenital hip dysplasia, tetanus, and cerebral palsy.

You will see how Nigerian communities and Sylhetians are making ends meet at the Poplar. The slum areas seem to be a major concern and become a leading source of diseases and a plethora of patients regularly get admitted to nursery units.

The season highlights how the Nonnatus team faced serious health and social challenges due to poor living conditions.

However, the director has claimed the upcoming season will revolve around how people from different age groups interact with each other and build strong previous relationships that will name the fans awed.

Although, there are many characters you must have seen in the previous season new characters promise some twists and that’s what we are expecting from season 13, where Joyce and Rosalind join the Nonnatus team and start getting training.

Are you ready to have a somber yet humane act of kindness the midwives will give their patients?

What To Expect After Call the Midwife Season 13? 

As a new season has been premiered, people have become concerned about what’s going to be the future of Call the Midwife. Is it going to be continued or stopped right here?

If you are a fan of it, you will be delighted to know that the journey doesn’t end here, there’s still much more to go. The film studio has confirmed people’s speculation that seasons 14 and 15 will surely come out. 

So be prepared, as far as BBC’s confirmation goes, the season will keep featuring on screens for two more years. The film director aims to portray a familial relationship of midwifery staff living in the 1970s and his they tackled all the complex situations at hand.


In conclusion, Call the Midwife Season 13 is going to be a tear-jerking season that will take you on the ride of emotions. You will see how midwives treat patients who are suffering from different diseases.

The season is set to be featuring the 1970s when the living conditions were poor and the overflowing patients admitted into the hospital caused quite chaos.

Character play their roles marvelously, there will be old faces returning or some of the characters are newcomers giving the s3ason a fresh touch.

Give it a thorough read to know all about Call the Midwife season, and have you seen the trailer? What do you think so far about this?

FAQs on Call the Midwife Season 13

Is there a season 14 of Call the Midwife? 

Yes, there’s going to be season 14, however, we aren’t sure about when it will premiere. Most probably its release date will be released on January 2025.

How many episodes you can expect in Call The Midwife season 13?

There are going to be 7 episodes all giving you a wonderful experience.

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