Who’s Master Tengen Jujutsu Kaisen? Legacy, Real Appearance, and Power 

Do you know who’s Master Tengen in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series? If not, his legacy, power, and role will be revealed to you in the article. Tengen Jujutsu Kaisen is a mysterious guardian, immortal sorcerer, immensely powerful, and ultimate doorkeeper of the Jujutsu World. Tengen is keeping the secrets of the Jujutsu and protecting the people for ages. 

Who is Master Tengen?

Who is Master Tengen?

Master Tengen is a mysterious and powerful individual in the anime, however, many might not know him. Among the sages of the Jujutsu World, Tengen is a significant figure in the Jujutsu universe. For countless years, he has been part of the society protecting people and has immortality. 

Master Tengen is also identified as the Star, responsible for preaching and proclaiming the foundation and principles of jujutsu sorcey. Moreover, he also takes care of the Jujutsu High. As a consequence of his efforts, there was the creation of various religious factions that worshiped him as a Star God.  

Apart from that, he’s also known as a mythical figure that’s hard to witness or meet. Therefore, many people don’t believe in his existence. Even the most powerful and high-ranking officials in the Jujutsu world can’t meet him easily. 

What’s the Legacy of Master Tengen Jujutsu Kaisen?

In the Nara period (a historical time in Japan that dates from 710 to 784 AD), he laid the foundation of the mystical jujutsu arts. Since then, his power and jujutsu sorcerer’s strength has been growing rapidly. 

Presently, Master Tengen’s residence is “Tombs of the Star Corridor ” based in Tokyo. The chamber is situated in the Jujutsu High of Tokyo City. His grandeur and high position among the sorcerers come with the duty of saving the humans from the curses. 

He’s known for possessing extraordinary wisdom and knowledge fur to his unrivaled power and centuries of experience. Tengen is immortal, hence he doesn’t become old. However, he needs to reset the techniques he uses and his body every 500 years to keep his immortality. 

Many people are curious to see his original form and waiting for Gege Akutami to reveal his human or original form. 

In Gojo Satoru’s past arc, Master Tengen couldn’t merge with the Star Plasma Vessel, Riko Amanai. As an impact, he experiences an evolution procedure turning him into a cursed spirit. His appearance becomes different with a distinct cylindrical head, four eyes, and a human-like body (looking similar to a tree). 

However, his real appearance, gender, and age are yet to be revealed by Gege Aukutami. According to some historical records, he might be a female character. 

Master Tengen Jujutsu Kaisen: The Art of Barrier Technique 

Master Tengen Jujutsu Kaisen: The Art of Barrier Technique 

In the Jujutsu world, he’s one of the most influential and pivotal characters who excels at creating barriers to reinforce jujutsu energies. The younger generation of the sorcerer also takes guidance under their wing. 

Additionally, their presence maintains the balance of the world and doesn’t let it lift towards chaos and destruction. Henceforth, they’re not just a historical presence, but a necessary force to ensure the survival and evolution of the world. 

Unlike Gojo Satoru, Megumi, and Toji, Tengen isn’t a combat-oriented sorcerer, he falls in the category of a sorcerer who uses non-combat-style techniques. The barrier technique isn’t an attacking or combat-style strategy, rather it’s more of a sheltering and protection one. Therefore, his mastery of the barrier technique makes him unrivaled. 

As you might already be aware Jujutsu High isn’t visible to everyone in the world. This is possible due to the barrier technique of Tengen. The location, shapes, architecture, and layout of the school building continuously change with multiple layers of barriers.  Therefore, curses can’t locate or attack the school easily. 

Apart from that, he uses the technique to hide his residence. Officials, curses, and sorcerers can’t locate his residence because the entrance of the Star corridor has pure barriers around it. The concealing barrier technique is the most powerful one and one can’t get rid of it easily, but Master Tengen performs it effortlessly. 

Although fans are inquisitive about knowing more about barrier technique, Master Tengen’s real form, power, and capability, they can’t deny that he’s one of the major characters behind the Jujutsu world. The efforts in protecting the people and sorcerers are unfathomable. 

What do you find interesting about Master Tengen Jujutsu Kaisen, is it your favorite manga series or anime? Comment below!

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