What is the World’s Smallest Country, Sealand, and Other 10 Small Nations 

Do you know Sealand is the world’s smallest country with a population of just 27 and a size of less than a football field? You must be wondering where the micronation is located, the world’s smallest country is in the North Sea. 

Where is Sealand’s Location?

Where is Sealand's Location?

Sealand is just about 6.5 miles off the coast of Suffolk, England, and was built in 1942. During World War 2, the former offshore platform was constructed to protect the coast from German bombers. Whereas, a British army major Roy Bates purchased the micro country in 1967. 

Later, Roy Bates declared Sealand an independent sovereign state on September 02, 1967, however, it was not officially recognized as a country. Initially, he wanted to broadcast on a private radio station, but soon he changed his plan. 

Principality of the World’s Smallest Country, Sealand 

Organizational structurePrincipality
PrinceMichael Bates
Declared2 September 1967
Area claimed Total 0.004 km square  (0.0015 sq mi)
Purported currencyCoins and postage stamps comprising the Sealand dollar

History of Sealand 

Paddy Roy Bates named himself the Prince Roy of his nation, Fort Roughs and began to issue passports and stamps for the people inhabiting the offshore region. Whereas, his wife Joan is styled as Princess Joan. The couple established a hereditary monarchy at Fort Roughs. 

In 1969, a significant legal event took place in the newly built nation and the British government tried to dismantle the pirate radio station of Sealand. British authorities seized and arrested Bates and his Michael when they fired warning shots at the workers. 

As the incident occurred outside of the British territorial waters, the court had to drop the case. The supporters of the nation cite the incident as de facto recognition of the sovereign nation, Sealand. Meanwhile, legal experts criticize the situation for its absurd interpretation. 

In 1978, Bates’s son Michael was taken as a hostage by German and Dutch mercenaries. A German businessman hired a group of mercenaries and claimed to become the prime minister of Sealand after invading Bates territory. 

At that time, Bates was in a foreign country and had to enlist the help of a helicopter pilot to fly back to his nation from Austria. With the help of some friends, he was able to capture the invades and secure Sealand. Bates kept the invades as prisoners of war and didn’t let them leave. 

When the German government sent their diplomat to negotiate their release, he demanded a ransom. Once again, he characterized the incident as de facto recognition of the sovereign state and his reign. 

In 1987, the UK extended its territorial waters encompassing the world’s smallest country Sealand (from 3 to 12 nautical miles). As a consequence, Prince Roy demanded the UK to dissuade Sealand from their territory as they had no authority over the land. Although the  UK never acknowledged or refuted Sealand as a sobering territory, Prince Roy recognized it as an independent nation. 

Is Sealand a Legally Recognized Sovereign Nation?

As discussed earlier, neither the UK nor other countries recognize Sealand as a sovereign state. However, the principality of the nation claims that it is an independent country as it is located in international territorial waters. Therefore, there always have been disputes about Sealand being the world’s smallest country. 

Who’s Governing Sealand?

Who's Governing Sealand?

Sealand is a micronation run by a single family of Bates, Prince Roy, and Princess Joan. In 2012, Prince Roy died and his son Michael took up the throne. The nation has its own principality, government, constitution, flag, and national anthem. 

Despite the small infrastructure and scarce land, the inhabitants have managed to rise and adopt the digital age. The inhabitants host servers and offer titles of nobility to the public of their land for sale. 

How Much Land Does Sealand Cover?

Sealand covers about 4,000 sq ft consulting of the following items:

  • Two large towers connected through a deck 
  • Living quarters 
  • Power generator
  • Basic amenities
  • Numerous facilities 

Top 10 Smallest Countries in the World 

Do you know the second smallest country in the world? The world’s second smallest country is Vatican City, of about 0.44 square kilometers (0.17 square miles). 

Here are some other small countries in the world :

  • Monaco:
    •  2.03 square kilometers (0.8 square miles)
  • Nauru: 
    • 20 square kilometers (6.8 square miles)
  • Macau: 
    • 32.9 square kilometers (12.8 square miles)
  • Norfolk Island:
    • 40 square kilometers (12.4 square miles)
  • Bermuda: 
    • 54 square kilometers (13.5 square miles)
  • San Marino: 
    • 60 square kilometers (14.4 square miles)
  • Anguilla: 
    • 90 square kilometers (31.4 square miles)
  • Montserrat: 
    • 100 square kilometers (39.3 square miles)
  • British Virgin Islands:
    • 150 square kilometers (55.8 square miles

Did you know about the world’s smallest country before, comment below. 

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