King Javien Conde: Early Life, Education, Family, Mental Health, Career & Net Worth

Celebrity children often get into the limelight despite doing nothing. The same is the case with King Javien Conde, who is the son of Erica Mena. Mona is an acclaimed actress, model, and singer while his father is the late Raul Conde. His father is dead but still left a great legacy behind him due to his successful music directorship. 

Another thing making Javien different from her siblings is that he has been given more attention by her mother. He was rumored to be autistic but Erica Mena made it clear in her statement that his son is fine with no disorder.

However, she claimed him to be introverted and that’s obvious in the way the teenager tries to keep himself away from the media. Despite of media constantly digging in to find all possible information and rumors about him, they have got just shreds of information so far.

In this guide, we will delve deeper into finding out who is King Javien Conde, his early life, parents, education, career if he has any, or his net worth. 

Early Life Of King Javien Conde 

Why is King Javien Conde getting viral over the Internet? There’s only one reason and that’s him being a celebrity kid. He had done nothing but born to public figures with a silver spoon in his mouth.

King was born in the United States of America on March 1st, 2023. He is a teenager by now and possesses stunning features from her parents.

He descends from Puerto Rican Dominican ethnicity and has American nationality as he’s native there along with his mother. He’s hailed as a Latino due to his roots. 

King has gotten his looks from his parents, both are good. His dark brown hair and eyes are gorgeous much thanks to his Puerto Rican lineage. 

Educational Background of King Javien Conde

He got his early education from his native school and officially graduated high school last year at the age of 16. 

Her mother proudly revealed her son’s graduation in a live interview on Television saying,

“He is 16, graduating high school this year. I am so proud. So proud… That I will say I made it.”

She further added in her interview, 

“I sacrificed a lot of time away from him to provide and get comfortable enough where I am at, but I can never get that time back. So it hurts when people say, ‘Oh, she abandoned her kid.”

Family of King Javien Conde

He has gotten influential which we all are fully aware of. His parents are notorious in the entertainment industry due to their exceptional performance. 

King Javien Conde’s Mother: Erica Mena 

The well-acclaimed model, actress, video vixen, and musician, Erica Mena gave birth to King Javien Conde She’s currently in her Kate 30s, she was born on November 8th, 1987, and falls into the zodiac sign, Scorpio.

Her parents, Sonia Mena and Brian Mena raised her well and instilled the same parenting skills into her. She adores her children and loves to provide them with all means possible.

She flaunts her skills in several Hip-hop musical videos for artists including Fabolous, Fat Joe, Akin, and Chris Brown and is praised for her skills.

King Javien Conde: Early Life, Education, Family, Mental Health, Career & Net Worth

For more than a decade, she has performed in various TV shows and films including ‘Picture Me Dead’, ‘You’re Not Alone’, ‘The Stepmother’, ‘The Assistant’, ‘Almost Amazing’, and ‘The Millennial’. 

Another fantastic work of hers includes a TV serial, ‘Love & Hip Hop’ which gained her huge fan following. She particularly performed in Atlanta and New York seasons.

King Javien Conde’s Father: Late Raul Conde

Who doesn’t know Raul Conde who unfortunately passed away at the age of 52 due to a heart attack? He’s still remembered for his marvelous work. 

He was an American rapper and music director who has given some masterpieces to the American music industry. 

He even worked as Fat Joe’s squad member for a long time but as death waits no one, he died due to his worst health conditions last year on November 22nd, 2024. 

Like Erica, he was also a familial person and used to care a lot for his son, King Javien Conde but we can’t deny he was closer to his mother. 

King Javien Conde’s Siblings

Is he an only child? No, he has two half-siblings although we aren’t certain about the nature of his relationship with his siblings.

As he prefers living low-key he doesn’t like showing his personal life on media. The only time he’s seen on media is when his mother posts about him. 

His parents, Raul and Erica got into a relationship in 2000 but their relationship was off-and-on and breakup because Erica accused of him behaving aggressively with her.

In 2018, the mother of King Javien Conde got a proposal from a Jamaican rapper and actor, Safaree Lloyd Samuel, the couple tied the knot in  2019 in Legacy Castle. 

King Javien Conde: Early Life, Education, Family, Mental Health, Career & Net Worth

They gave birth to two children, Legend Brian Samuels, and Safire Majesty Samuels both are way too younger than King Javien Conde. 

His mother and step-father, Safaree Samuels got into some complications and parted ways in 2022. 

Is King Javien Conde Autistic?

The media has been constantly questioning the health conduct of King Javien Conde. Is he Autistic? Is he going through any mental disability? Several rumors deeply offended his mother, Erica Mena.

She made a public statement that nullified all the rumors that the media and the audience were speculating about him.

She shared some family pictures which further cleared out doubts about his conduct. She claimed that Javien was a special kid with special abilities but he was healthy and fit.

She made a statement which says,

“My son is an introvert. Not autistic. So let’s clarify that rumor. He’s in school with dual enrollment. He is 13 years old and will be graduating high school with college credits at 14 going on 15. No need to defend me but you should be careful about the rumors you spread ESPECIALLY about children!”

Erica Mena

We believe his mother’s concern is valid, media should be cautious about questioning and spreading such rumors as they may badly influence children. 

Is King Javien Conde Pursuing A Career?

No, he’s still a teenager who recently graduated from high school and is ready to be enrolled in college. He hasn’t decided on his career yet.

Will King Javien Conde follow in his parents’ footsteps and indulge in the entertainment world? Another speculation made by the paparazzi but that’s not something revealed yet. 

Although he has a clear foundation other resources which help him greatly to pursue acting and music if he prefers. But as we have observed, King is shy and prefers staying away from the prying eyes of the media. 

His career pathway isn’t certain as he’s still too young to worry about it. He’s living a luxurious lifestyle as he has his father’s legacy along with his mother pampering him a lot. 

Net Worth of King Javien Conde 

It’s not possible to accurately estimate the net worth of King Javien Conde but we suppose he must have a decent legacy.

We combined both of his parents’ wealth and made a rough estimation that is $1-$5M which will prove to be beneficial for his future ahead. 


In conclusion, King Javien Conde is one of the sought-after kids of gorgeous Erica Mena who is an actor, singer, and video vixen. He has been accused of suffering from Autism but his mother cleared the air saying King is perfectly healthy however he’s a bit introverted.

King’s father, the late Raul Conde was a music director and singer but died due to a heart attack in 2023.

King isn’t pursuing any career yet but still has a fortune that will last him decades.

Give it a good read and share your opinion about this special kid. Do let us know what you would prefer to read next and we will come up with that! 

FAQs on King Javien Conde 

Who is King Conde’s father?

Late Raul Conde gained a huge fan following due to his successful music career but unfortunately died in 2023.

How old was Erica Mena when she had King?

She was only 19 years old when she gave birth to King, however, her age when she parted ways with Raul Conde isn’t certain.

Why is Erica Mena famous?

She’s popular for her incredible performance in ‘Love & Hip Hop’ particularly in Atlanta and New York seasons.

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