Ratchadaporn Thongaram: Early Life, Family, Career, Marital Life, People’s Reaction To Her Marriage & Net Worth

Is Ratchadaporn Thongaram another mistress of Jeremy Foster or is there more to her story? She has hailed from Thailand and has artistic flair that will amaze you for sure. 

She has immense recognition in the art world due to her incredible galleries everywhere. Her creativity and talent have made her popular among people. But still, She likes to keep her personal life under wraps. 

Her privacy was severely violated when she married Jeremy Foster and people dug into every facet of her life. People have even criticized their marriage due to biased views. 

She frankly connects with her fans on social media and shares her artistic adventures.  She has been an inspiration for art enthusiasts. 

In this guide, we will delve deeper into Ratchadaporn Thongaram, her early life, art career, family background, marital life, people’s Reaction to her marriage, and net worth.

Early Life of Ratchadaporn Thongaram 

If Ratchadaporn Thongaram is Thai then what inspired her Western art? That’s something which all of you must be curious to know. You have likely reached the right as here we are going to talk all about her life history. 

Thongaram was born in either 1988 or 1989 in Thailand. We don’t know her exact date of birth even if the year isn’t confirmed. She isn’t particularly keen on celebrating her birthday which never gave us any hint. 

Her ethnicity isn’t known, and we suppose as she’s Asian she must be following Buddhism.  

We aren’t certain how she spent her childhood but she visited Texas in spring. It has inspired her artwork as her art covers multiple traditions and unique aspects. 

Regardless of people being curious to know about her earlier life when she was a nobody. She hasn’t revealed anything except flaunting her art everywhere. 

Her keeping her private life away from the media’s prying eyes has added an alluring layer to her personality. 

Family of Ratchadaporn Thongaram 

Is Ratchadaporn Thongaram’s family as artistic as herself? Or has she any artistic genes from her parents? 

We would have certainly known this fact if she had decided to reveal anything about her parents’ identity.  

She must have grown up in a typical Asian family, but nothing else isn’t mentioned anywhere about her daily.

We have gathered no information about her parents and siblings yet. She has maintained extreme privacy and isn’t in favor of sharing anything.

Artistic Career of Ratchadaporn Thongaram 

What’s so fascinating about Ratchadaporn Thongaram’s art? In one word, I can say it’s fantastic. She has a marvelous eye for art, she merges traditional yet modern art and brings forth ideas that may stun you.

She has been into art since her childhood, although she hails from Thailand but her art is inspired by Texas. 

She sees beauty in simpler things like a raindrop on a window or a sunflower or things like that.

She has been to many galleries and even flaunted her art at several exhibitions. People find her art magical and are inspired by her ideas and work.

Ratchadaporn Thongaram: Early Life, Family, Career, Marital Life, People’s Reaction To Her Marriage & Net Worth

She is socially accessible on her Instagram where she shares her art, and how she usually makes that, which seems cool.

Her work gives a ride through virtual art galleries and attracts people to her stunning masterpieces. 

Is Ratchadaporn Thongaram Married?

Yes, Ratchadaporn Thongaram is married to Jeremy Foster. Their Marriage took place recently in 2023 but caused havoc among people. 

People made many assumptions and even criticized them because her husband, Jeremy was involved in several flings and recently resigned over an affair despite being already married and having children.

Jeremy’s father who is a minister else’s their marriage which name it more sceptical and people raised their eyebrows over it. 

But we believe despite people’s constant nudging their matters should understand that it’s their personal choice. It reveals her side that’s way different than her art.

What’s there to know about Jeremy Foster? He was a former pastor at Hope Church in Houston, Texas but her role was frowned upon when he indulged in an extramarital affair.

He has his resources in United Pentecostal Church International because his father is a minister there and thoroughly supports him.

He’s still got wide recognition among the public because of his public and religious services. People taking Thongaram and her marriage seriously should be a bit lenient now and let them live their lives the way they want. 

How People Reacted To Her Marriage With Jeremy Foster?

People didn’t take Ratchadaporn Thongaram and her husband’s marriage quite well, as Jeremy was already involved in extramarital affairs. 

Their marriage led to several controversies and conflicts that could sully her reputation but as love is blind, she remained indifferent to people’s opinions. 

People have blatantly criticized them that they need to groom themselves and that, their acts could negatively influence the community. 

The polarised concepts of their marriage have been a debatable topic that we will avoid. They are done and dusted with their marriage and should be focusing on themselves. 

Ratchadaporn Thongaram’s Net Worth

Like all her personals, Ratchadaporn Thongaram has managed to keep her net worth concealed. Typical people like her don’t usually reveal such things so it’s not a surprising matter.

We aren’t certain how much money she’s making, but that must be sufficient as she’s living a pretty decent lifestyle.


In conclusion, Ratchadaporn Thongaram isn’t a celebrity with a notorious background but an artist who is compelling the world with her art. She is from Thailand but spent a year in Texas and got her art inspiration from there. She became popular when she married Jeremy Foster who was an ex-pastor at a church in Houston.  

Their Marriage was criticized because Jeremy had extramarital affairs for which he was terminated from his position as Pastor. Ratchadaporn is acclaimed for her stunning art as it is basic and beautifies simpler things in life Making it unique and appealing.

Give a thorough read and share what’s your opinion on this conflicted marriage. Do share with us what you would like to read next and we will come up with that.

FAQs on Ratchadaporn Thongaram 

What happened to the pastor of Hope City Church?

He left the Church when her affair with an unknown woman who wasn’t associated with the church was revealed. He was married at that time but when the Scandal was revealed, his then-wife filed for divorce.

Who is Jeremy Foster’s ex-wife?

His ex-wife Jennifer Foster demanded divorce when her husband’s extramarital affair was disclosed and the divorce was settled in September last year.

When Ratchadaporn Thongaram Married Jeremy Foster?

Their Marriage took place in 2023, and we believe it was a love marriage as Thongaram turned a blind eye to people’s disappointment and speculations.

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