Update on Chrisean Jr Hernia Surgery and Blueface Reaction

Have you heard the news of Chrisean Jr Hernia? Blueface’s son is indeed recovering from surgery for a hernia. The news came to light about the surgery when Chrisean posted a video of her son on the hospital bed. The newborn was smiling in her embrace and the caption of the boomerang read, “Recovering so fast.”

The child was facing an inguinal hernia and finally had his surgery. However, his father Blueface, who is notorious for posting nude videos and scandals on the web posted his son’s nude pictures. The rapper posted the pictures of his son while lamenting that her mother didn’t treat the young one properly. The condition would have been better if she had him examined earlier. 

The nude pictures of Jonathan Jamall Porter made the netizens angry. Despite the backlash from the cyber critics and followers, Blue’s mother Karlissa Saffold defended her son in the unethical act. According to her, the act was a commendable and teachable moment for other parents. New parents can learn from it about the medical issues of young kids. 

Presently, Chrisean Jr hernia surgery (the baby’s) is recovering well and he’s healthy once again. As in the boomerang, the baby appeared to be active and fresh. As her mother holds up, he also looks into the camera. 

It has been a month since the incident of the baby dancing loosely during a Walmart shopping trip to Chrisean. Not only did it generate trolling of the American rapper online, but also received hate from the Blueface family. Cardi B and Keke Palmer offered her public support on the motherly pains of the surgery in the rearview mirror.

Apart from that, a lot of other drama is going on in their life. If you’re missing out on their gossip, keep on reading. The pair keeps on calling each other out on social media platforms and letting the world witness their dramatic debates. 

The Feud of Blueface and Christian Rock over Their Son

The Feud of Blueface and Christian Rock over Their Son

According to the American rapper Jonathan, his ex-girlfriend is unfit for taking care of their son. Chrisean allegedly smoked during her pregnancy and drank alcohol which was infit for their child. Moreover, she doesn’t take care of her son properly (according to Blueface). 

Furthermore, he criticized her for letting the baby dangle from her chest carrier. Whereas, her response to the video of her in the Walmart was expressed through her social media. The 23-year-old rapper said that the girl who took her video should have helped her in carrying the baby. A dog, two loaded carts, and a baby, she had to handle all that at once. 

Blueface is facing various legal issues and probation of three years for a Las Vegas shooting incident. Hence, rather than focusing on her irresponsible girlfriend, she should be forcing on his legal issues as one more offense can lead him straight to jail. 

Bluface later revealed that her ex-girlfriend didn’t even invite her to the birth of his son. Not she invited him, neither shared anything with her. Therefore, he couldn’t join her. Chrisean was doing her Instagram socializing only, but he didn’t know what to make of it. After getting to know the news, he couldn’t immediately arrange for himself to arrive there. 

Even in the Chrisean Jr hernia surgery, he went out there knowing that there was nothing extraordinary. The young rapper thought that there was nothing major about babies having the issue. 

Meanwhile, Chrisean took a fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) test and ensured that her son was healthy. The doctors also approved of her baby’s health. Additionally, she claimed that the father of the child doesn’t care about our son’s life. Both have a financial beef going on as well. 

What do you think about the behavior of Bluefavd and his ex-girlfriend Chrisean Rock over Chrisean Jr hernia surgery?

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