Effective Astro Remedies to Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy 

Do you believe in astrological influence on your life? Or, are you feeling negative energies affecting your well-being? Science has proved that wavelengths and frequencies of a person’s body are affected by other people or his surroundings. Hence, people might take astro remedies to repel the negative energy. 

The remedies don’t take away the pain or chaos from your life, however, they provide ease and relief from the impact of negative or evil energies. 

Some of the famous astro remedies are the following: 

  • Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)
  • Moon Water Therapy
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Gemstone Therapy
  • Planetary Mantras and Affirmations
  • Aromatherapy
  • Fasting 

When it comes to planets, each has its segments of bad impacts and remedies. 

Sun: Problems and Remedies 

If the sun is weak in the horoscope, you might suffer from head, eye, bone, heart, and bile issues. Check your horoscope from if you witness any unusual issues with your body parts or moods. 

The remedies for the sun are:

  • Before leaving home, drink a glass of sugar or sweet water
  • Avoid eating any meat 
  • Feed monkeys or black cows to dispel bad signs 
  • Donate dark or ruby-colored clothes to needy families
  • Don’t accept gifts from anyone, except you’d parents 

Moon: Problems and Remedies 

If your horoscope shows afflictions from the moon, you are likely to have irritation or suffer problems related to your mind frequently. Do the following instructions to dispel the impact:

  • Please your mother through your actions 
  • Receive your mom’s blessings
  • Don’t engage in the business of milk or related tit 
  • Domare sweets to young girls 
  • Feed birds and don’t cage them (free them)

Mars: Astro Problems and Solutions 

If your Mars sign is weak in your horoscope it’ll result in you becoming fragile and cowardly. You might end up facing surgeries and accidents. Hence, it’s better to remain safe rather than sorry. 

The problems might occur due to weak Mars: 

  • Blood loss
  • Head injury 
  • Acidity 
  • Piles
  • Cuts 
  • Burns
  • Indigestion
  • Abortion
Effective Astro Remedies to Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy

If you observe such problems frequently, follow the Mars astro remedies:

  • Donate sweets in temples
  • Grow neem tree in your home or the courtyard (any place in your home or beside your home)
  • Feed cows frequently
  • Carry a red color handkerchief with yourself 
  • Have an elephant tusk in your bedroom
  • Donate blood  
  • Donate money or anything else to the army, military funds, or farmers

Mercury: Astro Problems and Remedies 

If Mercury is vulnerable in the horoscope, you will find issues regarding intelligence. The health problems caused by Mercury might be neck, voice, and skin.  Hence, if your voice becomes strange, if you find difficulty in talking. Instead, you might have pain in your neck, skin allergies, or other skin problems occasionally for a specific period, check your horoscope. 

The solutions to Mercury’s weak energy are:

  • Wash new clothes before wearing them
  • Donate rice and milk at temples
  • Don’t eat meat or alcohol on such days
  • Feed cows before you eat
  • Drink water in a silver glass

Jupiter: Astro Remedies and Problems 

In case you have a vulnerable Jupiter planet in your horoscope, you might face issues such as jaundice, obesity, liver diseases, cancer, or diabetes.

To counter Jupiter’s issues, follow the Astro remedies:

  • Wear a yellow cap or turban 
  • Apply sandalwood paste on the forehead (yellow mask, easily available in supermarkets or online)
  • Provide bananas or sweets as a charity to old people, impoverished, and orphans
  • Make it a habit to help your siblings in such circumstances 
  • Wear gold jewelry
  • Use your father’s items such as his vehicle, clothes, or pen

Venus: Problems and Remedies 

While having venue issues, you might encounter situations related to eyesight. Uterus, kidneys, and appendix. To expel the situations, follow the venue astro remedies: 

  • Don’t wear unwashed clothes
  • Keep a piece of silver in your wallet or silver jewelry 
  • Donate sweets to widows and the elderly 
  • Use cow ghee at home
  • Donate cow ghee to temples

Saturn: Problems and remedies

In the case of defenseless Saturn the horoscope, you might encounter long-term chronic health issues. They can cause severity in your life, the issues might be:

  •  Dental issues
  • Arthritis
  • Problems in your legs
  • Swelling in your feet 
  • Paralysis
  • Skin problems
  • surgeries
Effective Astro Remedies to Keep Yourself Safe and Healthy

Here are the remedies for Saturn’s astro problems:

  • Donate footwear to the needy
  • Never drink milk at night 
  • Avoid drinking buffalo milk
  • Keep small objects of silver in your clothes or purse
  • Help the blind people (in any way)
  • Fill an earthen pot with honey. Cover the pot and hurry it under running water to avoid confronting Saturn issues

Rahu: Problems and remedies

Due to weak Rahu, you might engage with several difficulties such as phobias, confusion, poisoning, and incurable diseases. 

Hence, follow Rahu astro remedies to get rid of bad Rahu omens:

  • Engage in bird-feeding
  • Wear a cap or turban, make sure it has a dark blue color 
  • Live in a joint family system for such days 
  • To avoid marital problems in your life due to Rahu, keep five radishes on your bed. Keep the radishes near the head of your spouse during the night. In the morning, throw them in running water.
  • Store water in the south-west corner of your home 

Ketu: Problems and remedies

Weak Ketu can result in multiple issues including: 

  • Stammering
  • Chicken Pox 
  • Surgeries

Follow the astrology remedies for health in weak Ketu:

  • Donate sweets to orphans
  • Avoid using red color and red coral beads in ornaments
  • Do not wear red clothes
  • Always carry a silver ball of silver items with yourself 
  • Keep a silver pot containing honey in it at home
  • Provide black and white checked blankets to impoverished people 

If you have any other interesting astro remedies, comment below.

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