How to Share Massive Gaming Files and Movies Through Files Over Miles?

Files Over Miles is a newly launched platform for sharing P2P files from one browser to another.  This capability is also found in Adobe Flash Player Version 10. With this feature, the requirement for an intermediate server is no longer needed for transferring files from one place to another. 

Usually, one can send small files over to their friends through social media apps like X (previously Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Telegram, Kakao Talk, Line, or other apps. However, one can’t send large files that include movies or games through those apps. Not only does it take a lot of time but it also makes the app slower and one is unable to use it. 

What Features Do Files Over Miles Include?

What Features Do Files Over Miles Include?
  • High Speed
  • Ability to send large files
  • Encryption (128-bit AES)
  • Works with any browser having an Adobe Flash Player 10.
  • UDP Hole Punching

How to Send Files over Miles?

One needs to have access to a browser and internet to share documents on the web through the platform. Follow these steps to send the documents anywhere, anytime;

  • Open the browser and search for
  • Select the document from the device files and upload it to the website. 
  • A link will be generated by the site and will appear on the screen. 
  • Copy it and share the link with the person to the receiver of the document. 
  • The receiver will click on the link and download the file. Remember that the sender must keep their device open for the duration of sending the file. The file will also load into the sender’s device when the recipient begins downloading it.  
  • After transferring, the whole is loaded into the receiver storage. 
  • One can save it on their drive or other folders if they want to. 
  • After the transfer is completed, both the receiver and sender can close the website or their devices. 
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Limitations or Requirements of Files Over Miles 

Limitations or Requirements of Files Over Miles 

Not all types of files can be sent to others through this medium. Hence, one should also know what are the requirements or limitations of transferring documents through it, which are provided below;

  •  Files size must not be larger than the space of the recipient’s device. For instance, the receiver has 4 GB of space free in his device. Hence, the file transferring to the recipient shouldn’t have more size than 4 GB. 
  • Adobe Flash player can only download files which only occupy half of the remaining storage. It means that people who have only 4 GB storage on their computer, can only receive files that have 2 GB size or less. 
  • Firewalls that block UPDs will obstruct the downloading of the file by the receiver as well as limit the user to send the file. Hence, one should change their firewall settings before transferring a record. 
  • Senders must not close their browser when the file is being downloaded by the recipient. 

Best Alternatives of Share Files Over Miles

Various other websites also help in sharing large files containing games, movies, dramas, manuscripts, libraries, or other such documents. Some of the best alternatives to Files Over Miles are provided below;


ShareDrop is modeled after the AirDrop service of Apple, which enables one to share their files securely. The server employs WebRTC and Firebase for management and signaling. One just needs to open the ShareDrop on the browser and press the + button at the top right corner to upload the file.

After that, it’ll generate a unique URL for file transferring, that’ll be only available to you. One can share it with the receiver and let that person download it effortlessly. Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and Safari 13+ have this feature. 

Send Anywhere 

Likewise, Send Anywhere functions in a similar way. After uploading the document, it generates a six-digit numeric key or a URL and the user can share it with the receivers. This is an entirely free process without compromising usability and speed, but the device of both the receiver and sender needs to remain online. 


WeTransfer doesn’t use P2P protocol, however, requires some additional details including the sender’s and receiver’s email, title, and message. After providing this information, WeTransger will email the user a verification code, which he needs to add to upload the file on the site. 

Simultaneously, it will email the recipient a link through which the file can be downloaded in the coming seven days. The free version has a 2G capacity limit. 


SendGB is similar to WeTransger as it requires the name, message, file, and email of both parties. It generates a PIN code, through which the sender can access the file and download it. There’s an option to self-destruct or delete the file after the download is complete. 

SendGB has a 5GB limitation, while its premium version offers up to 20GB to ITB storage alternatives. 


JustBeamIt offers a quick, safe, and easy way of transferring and downloading large files. One just needs to upload the document and share its URL with the receiver. The receiver can effortlessly download it with just a click. 

If there is any confusion regarding Files Over Miles, ask away in the comments section.

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