Cast of Ahsoka: Premiere, Story Plot & Number of Episodes

Excited about the showdown of Star Wars: Rebels with reality show, Ahsoka? Who do you think will be the cast of Ahsoka? This live-action Disney+ series was set to be released on August 23rd, 2023. The show features Ahsoka Tano who got to know that the past villains from prequels coming back to the galaxy jeopardising survival. 

The Jedi warrior, Ahsoka from ‘Clone Wars’ combined hands with Star Wars Rebels. In the previous seasons, Rebels got in touch with Ezra Bridger and ran off to hyperspace with Grand Admiral Thrawn. Now his friends including Sabine, Ahsoka, Hera, and Chopper are all set to bring their beloved friend back. 

Dave Filoni guided characters throughout the seasons, of Rebels and Clone Wars for almost 15 years, and in 2019 made his debut in several movies and now finally settling on Ahsoka.

The characters are mysterious and have intrigued fans in the animated series. Now this reality-based show will take the industry through storm. 

Stay tuned with us and know the entire cast of Ahsoka, and the roles they are playing.

Who Are In the Cast of Ahsoka?

Several actors took part in the cast of Ahsoka and made an amazing show, you can binge-watch!

Ahsoka Tano Played By Rosario Dawson

Dawson is undoubtedly the main in the cast of Ahsoka. She first made her impression in the animated series, ‘Star Wars Rebels’ and ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ and then later played a tremendous role in ‘The Mandalorian ‘ in 2020. 

However, it was challenging to switch from an animated series to real-life action. The directors and Dawson herself were intimidated by the pressure but Dawson did wonders and played her role marvellously. 

She even revealed in Talk shows that when she was offered a role she was doing jumping jacks which gave her directors second thoughts as they considered her just a hyped fan girl. But she surprised everyone with the way she shined brighter, do you agree?

Mon Mothma Played By Genevieve O’Reilly

O’Reilly made her first debut in Star Wars in 2005. Later on, she pursued her role as a Rebel Alliance Leader in Ahsoka as Mon Mothma. 

She had shown deep enthusiasm about her role and how she was enthralled by performing as a senator and what the script laid out for her. 

Besides this, she also made remarkable performances in Star Wars Rebels, Rogue One, and Andor.

Anakin Skywalker Played By Hayden Christensen

Familiar with the Cinematic Universe of Star Wars? Then the cast of Ahsoka will be not new for you. Christensen first played his roles as Darth Vader and Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars, but unfortunately criticized by the audience. 

The directors pitied him by saying that despite his phenomenal performance, he couldn’t win fans’ hearts. But you will be surprised to know that no pushback deterred him from reappearing again. 

Cast of Ahsoka: Premiere, Story Plot & Number of Episodes

When in 2022, he was offered a role again, he enthusiastically accepted the offer and poured his heart into character. 

However,  it confused the fans about how he would play the role if he was already dead. But after the release, this enigma also cleared out when he portrayed his role by appearing in flashbacks or in the form of a ghost.

Grand Admiral Thrawn Played By Lars Mikkelsen

The storyline didn’t end on Rebels,  did it? It continues to Ahsoka and shows the heroic yet villainous cast of Ahsoka, and imperial military leader Thrawn is not a new name.

However, after his departure to hyperspace, his friends are struggling to bring him back. 

The actor was in awe of how much love and encouragement he received from his fans and barely put his emotions on a leash.

Professor Huyang Played By David Tennant

What’s Star Wars without its Droids, nothing right?’ Tennant played a role in ‘The Clone Wars’. He stumbled upon Star Wars after his immense popularity gained through Doctor Who.

The director chose him by seeing his fabulous acting I’m a Doctor who got to know he is a Star Wars fan. So he decided to introduce the fan to the Cinematic world and had him play this fantastic role.

Baylan Skoll Played By Ray Stevenson 

Stevenson marvellously played the role of Jedi Baylan Skoll. The character has unfortunately died in 2023 but has left his mark in the entertainment industry. He was thrilled to join the cast of Ahsoka, he was confused about the intentions of the character he plays, sometimes he was good but he was bad all the time.

He found the costumes and technical talent around him overwhelming but did great with his role.

Hera Syndulla Played By Mary Elizabeth 

Elizabeth played the fantastic role of General Hera Syndulla. She enthusiastically played the role and mentioned in several reality shows that the character of General Hera is close to her heart. 

The character is unlike the typical military characters but shows the feminine yet nurturing side of a female military officer. The general was willing to take care of her crew yet pushed them to perform amazingly like a true leader.

Cast of Ahsoka: Premiere, Story Plot & Number of Episodes

The cast of Ahsoka doesn’t just end here, several other characters put life into this fantastic show. The characters include Ezra Bridger, Sabine Wren, Magistrate Morgan Elsbeth, and Shin Hati playing villainous yet important roles. 

Premiere of Ahsoka

As the actual cast of Ahsoka has been revealed, you must be already aware of its premiere. The Disney+ series hit the theatres on August 9th, 2023. 

The show debuted for the first time in August and the Marvel Cinematic Universe Series released a few episodes on July 28, 2023. 

So now you can watch it on any streaming show as it’s already been premiered.

Story Plot

The story plot features the main cast of Ahsoka, in which Ahsoka Tano played by Rosario Dawson where was seen searching for her long-lost friend, Grand Admiral Thrawn who went to hyperspace after the downfall of the Empire and never made his way back.

Characters from Star Wars: Rebels and Andor will also shake hands with Ahsoka and lead her through the twists and turns she faces throughout her navigation to find her secretive lost friend. 

Andor Skywalker also helps them through their search either through flashbacks or Force Ghost

Is it tempting enough for you to take a day off and binge-watch the show?

How Many Episodes Are Shot In Ahsoka?

Are you excited now to know how many episodes will be there after knowing the thrilling cast of Ahsoka? In the first season, 8 episodes have been premiered which completely captivated fans.  

However, we aren’t certain about its sequel. There is nothing revealed yet by the producers about whether are they going to make any second season or not.


In conclusion, the cast of Ahsoka comprises 12 main characters who are either heroes or villains. This real-life show has been switched from its animated version and features new and old faces and all of them show equal enthusiasm to be a part of it. 

The show premiered in August 2023 and portrayed the phenomenal story in 8 episodes. Have you already watched this show, what do you think so far? 

FAQs on Cast of Ahsoka 

Is Billie Eilish in Ahsoka? 

The role of Shin who was Jedi’s apprentice was played by Billie Eilish. 

Who is the Sith Girl in Ahsoka?

She was Shin Hati who portrayed the role of Jedi Apprentice, she appeared in 1st episode of Part One: Master and Apprentice, and the role was featured by Ivanna Sakhno.

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