Bill Gates Surprising Answer to What Would You Ask a Time Traveler from 2100

Have you ever wondered what would you do if you met a traveler from 2100? The same question was answered by Bill Gates in his podcast “Confuse Me.” You must be reckoning that he would ask about his business, Microsoft’s worth, or something related to his family. 

But, his answer would amaze you that it wasn’t about Microsoft’s stock price or his family. Bill Gates said he had asked the time traveler if “humans are thriving.” In short, everything depends upon human welfare. Therefore, one can handily construct strategies. 

In the episode of Confuse Me, the billionaire co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates interviewed Hannah Ritchie. Hannah Ritchie works as a data scientist at the University of Oxford. Recently, she has published a book “Not the End of the World” which offers an optimistic take on winning the battle against climate change. 

Gates asked his top question about the time traveler to Ritchie

In the show, Gates asked his top question about the time traveler to Ritchie. Her response was related to the poverty and development of the world in the coming century. Ritchie said that she would ask the traveler about the percentage of the world’s population who can live on up to $20 a day in 2100. 

The answer to the question will reveal the poverty and inflation levels of the world. Moreover, it will also quantify whether humans have progressed in Agriculture, health, and poverty. The question relates to the statistics about poverty rates provided by the World Bank. 

Over 9% of the world’s population which amounts to 700 million people live in extreme poverty, subsisting on less than $2.15 per day (data provided by World Bank). Therefore, the promising data scientists think that if people living in under-developed countries can earn close to $20, it will be an amazing achievement. 

Moreover, it will also indicate a sign of better conditions in the world against climate change. Likewise, she has made some assumptions that climate change won’t be devastating. Due to moderate impact, the agriculture and healthy outcomes won’t be chaotic or poor. As a consequence, the people will not be plunged into extreme poverty. 

Before their conversation got deep, Bill Gates’ first questions to the traveler were about energy consumption and Artificial Intelligence. For instance, he asked how the world is generating energy. Is it through fission reactions or fusion? If it’s not both, then is there a new phenomenon for generating energy?

Furthermore, he asked how the AI was functioning in the world and helping them to come together.  The questions about fission and fusion energy generations were significant to Gates as he advocates the usage of both nuclear reactions to generate energy as clean energy resources. 

In 2006, he co-founded Terra Power which is a nuclear energy startup. Moreover, the nuclear generation of energy can help in fighting climate change which has become one of the most critical issues of the world today. Apart from that, he pushed back the assumptions about apocalyptic and doomsday scenarios related to AI. 

According to Bill Gates, AI will considerably provide solutions for education, health, and climate change. Moreover, he has also invested billions of dollars in AI Research Startup Open AI. The investment was initiated when he began working as an advisor at Microsoft and left the board of directors in 2020. 

However, his final response was about humans as he reflected upon his idea. Despite having interests in AI and energy, Ritchie’s answer broadened his horizons. Humans, their lifestyle, social welfare, and their general well-being generate a well-rounded mind map of the world’s status at multiple levels. 

At last, Gates said that the report cards aren’t crucial, but the quality of life holds much significance. 

What would be your answer to the question of billionaire Bill Gates, what would you ask a time traveler from 2100?

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