Mary Joan Martelly: Early Life, Physical Attributes, Spouse, Kids, Career, Achievements, Net Worth

Is Mary Joan Martelly in the public eye because of her husband? Yes, Mary Joan is famous as the fifth wife of former boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman. She is a lady whose life is linked with renowned boxer George Foreman both tied the knot in 1985. Jointly they put together a familial knit with deep affection, respect, and a special combination of involvement. Both shared five children and interestingly George all son was named George Edward Foreman. Mary is a social worker and wants to keep her life private, she never wants the public spotlight. 

At an early age, she developed a keen interest in sports and manifested potential as a sportswoman. But accidentally after her father’s death, she didn’t get the opportunity to go to college and pursue her aptitude further. Due to financial difficulties, Mary worked in a hotel, clothing industry, and as a nanny. During working as a nanny she met her future husband George Foreman. At that moment, Foreman was in a battle for a child with his fourth wife Andrea Skeete. 

According to the reports, she came to the United States to give evidence for the boxer in a custody battle. Ultimately she arrived home, Mary and George fell in love and soon planned to get married. She is a very talented and kindhearted woman and worked as a philanthropist with her husband. She started camping to raise awareness about AIDS and HIV in children. Both donated their money to AIDS and HIV patients and also extended education to women’s rights.

In this article, we discuss about Mary Joan Martelly, early life, physical attributes, lifestyle before fame, relationship, kids, career, achievements, and net worth.

Early Life Of Mary Joan Martelly

She is a marvelous woman get married to a renowned American boxer and entrepreneur George Foreman. She has been with him since 1985 and has been his great pillar. But she is more than just a spouse, she is also a compassionate and adoring mother of five children. 

When and where Mary was born? Her date of birth is 17 May 1963 and according to her date of birth, her astrological sign is Taurus. Mary’s birthplace is Mon Repos, an urban area on the Caribbean Island of St.Lucia. What is her ethnicity? She belongs to British nationality and follows the Christian religion. Her ethnic background is African American.

Mary Joan Martelly Physical Attributes

Mary is an incredible woman who is praised for her affection, empathy, and physical characteristics. At the age of 63, she extends juvenility and liveliness. Her height is 5 feet and 6 inches with a balanced weight of 63 kg. She takes very good care of herself and sustains a health-conscious lifestyle.

Mary Joan Martelly Before Popularity

She had a thrilling life journey before her popularity. She grew up in a small urban area where she gained an understanding of important values from her biological parents. She instructs her on the importance of education and determination. She attended a local high school in her area and in school, she got involved in sports activities. 

In her developing years, she was an excellent sportswoman. She shines in her studies and always attempts to be her best version. Her father died at the early age of Mary Joan and her siblings leaving his family in an economic struggle. That’s why Mary had to become involved in domestic work to survive. She worked in hotels, the clothing industry, and as a nanny.

Mary Joan Martelly Relationship

Mary is the respected spouse of George Foreman who is a former boxer and Olympic Gold Medalist. Both tied the knot on 27 March 1985 and celebrated their marriage ceremony in Las Vegas. Later they settled in Huston City Texas and established their family. Together they shared five children into their existence. Their children are Leola, Natalie, George VI, George V, and George VI. 

Mary Joan Martelly: Early Life, Physical Attributes, Spouse, Kids, Career, Achievements, Net Worth

Additionally, she has accepted the role of stepmother to three stepdaughters Georgetta, Michi, and Freeda, and two stepsons George Jr. and George III. She is truly a great lady and takes care of George’s two adopted daughters Isabella Brenda Lilja Foreman and Courtney Issac Foreman. Both demonstrate flexibility, deep affection, and everlasting bonds that associate them through life’s right through.

Georgia Foreman Husband Of Mary Joan

George Edward Foreman is a 72-year-old businessman and retired boxer. His nickname is Big George and in his boxing career, he was a two-time world heavyweight champion. He is very passionate about his boxing career and is a gold medalist in the Olympics. Later he become a great businessman and well known as George Foreman Grill. 

His birth residence is Marshall, the U.S. state of Texas. His early developing life was problematic which is why he was a nonprofessional boxer at an early age. After working so hard he became a professional boxer and skilful in the sport. In 1985 he was married to his fifth wife Mary Joan. But he first time married Adrienne Calhoun from 1971 to 1974  and his second wife’s name is Cynthia Lewis. 

His other two ex-wife names are Sharon Goodson and Andrea Suite. He has 12 children, of which 7 are daughters and 5 are sons. His son whose name is George III follows the profession of his father and started a career as a boxer. Sadly, his daughter Freeda committed suicide at the age of 42 also a pro boxer.

Mary Joan Martelly Career

Mary is a talented and devoted woman who has skilled much in her career. She has performed endlessly to make a distinction in the world and has become an idol for many. Mary and her husband George have been enthusiastically involved in several charitable works for a long period. They have contributed money and time for children well well-being and schooling. 

Mary Joan Martelly: Early Life, Physical Attributes, Spouse, Kids, Career, Achievements, Net Worth

One of their most worthy donation in the operation for the avoidance of Pediatric AIDS. They have functioned broadly to extend consciousness about AIDS in children in both St.Lucia and Huston. Both also give money to research and therapeutic programs for Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) positive children.

Mary Joan Martelly’s Achievements

Her achievements include being a committed spouse, and mother, doing philanthropic work, and support for important causes. She is an inspiring lady and makes a difference in the aliveness of others. Mary Joan and George were together honored in 2007 at an event named “A World of Friends Fighting AIDS”. 

Because both give donations for an event and help so many children who are suffering from AIDS. Old President Bill Clinton gave them an award and praised them for their sympathy and warmheartedness.

Mary Joan Martelly’s Net Worth

What is Mary Joan’s net worth? According to 2024, Mary Joan’s net worth is estimated to be 500 thousand dollars. And her husband George Foreman’s net worth is estimated to be 300 million dollars. Professionally he is a retired boxer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.


In conclusion, Mary Joan Martelly is a fascinating figure recognized not only for her relation to the famous boxer George Foreman but her firm loyalty to a personal life. All over changes in her journey, from the start of her relationship with George are over nice. They shared charitable efforts and donated their money and time to AIDS and HIV-suffering children. 

She is an inspiration of power and resilience. She also gives her dedication to women’s rights and becomes a shining star because of her kind-hearted nature. Additionally, her journey leaps up as proof of the strength of love, loyalty, and a true wish to make a productive impact on the world.

Lastly, in this article, you study the complete history of Mary Joan Martelly. Please let us know which celebrity wife detail you want in the next article. Thank You!


1: When did Mary Joan marry George Foreman?

Mary and George both tied the wedding knot on 27 March 1985. They have been blissfully happy with each other.

2: How many children does Mary have?

Mary is a dignified biological mother of five children. Their names are Leola, Natalie, George IV, George V, and George VI. 

3: What are the hobbies of Mary?

Her leisure activities are reading, cooking, traveling, social work, and spending time with her family members. 

4: Does Mary have social media accounts?

Yes, she is active on Instagram and Twitter and she also gives responses to her fans. Her Instagram account name is @maryjoanforenan and her Twitter account name is @MaryJoanMartelly.

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