Tyler The Creator Girlfriend- Reign Judge: Early Life, Physical Appearance, Career, Relationship & Net Worth

The couple giving off good chemistry looks good, but the couple balancing each other’s taste in fashion looks fantastic. Here we have Tyler the creator girlfriend, Reign Judge who could be your ultimate fashion inspiration and the couple can be the most iconic-looking duo in the entertainment world.

Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, or Bella Hadid may be the only ones you heard the most hype about. But we know how the best ones are underrated and hidden gems, Judge is that gem. She rose to stardom by modeling for the top brands’ campaigns, like Gucci, Miu Miu, Batsheva, and her boyfriend’s brand, GOLF LE FLEUR. 

It’s not just her wardrobe that has our hearts but her looks are stunning as well. The couple never revealed their relationship. But their public appearance in public places gave them away. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into the early life of Tyler the creator girlfriend, Reign Judge, her family, her stunning physical attributes, stardom, her relationship, and her net worth. 

Early Life of Taylor The Creator Girlfriend; Reign Judge

Let’s probe into Reign’s earlier life aside from her glamor world. She grew up in New York, USA, her native land. The American citizen was on October 2nd, 2001. She falls under the Libra zodiac sign. 

She descends from a mixed ethnicity and follows Jesus. We aren’t certain about her qualifications as she started modeling at a young age. She is pretty private about her life and doesn’t like to reveal much. 

How Tyler The Creator Girlfriend Looks Like?

Let me tell you that Tyler the creator girlfriend, Judge has not just an impressive wardrobe but her striking features may be enough to captivate you at first glance. 

She has quite a tall and impressive height for a woman, approximately 5’11’’.  She took great care of her physique not surprising seeing her profession. She weighs around only 58 kg. 

One of her stand-out features is her eyes which are ocean blue and she possesses pretty brown hair naturally. However, the color may vary as per different campaign’s demands. By her recent shoots, she looks to have blond hair. 

How Tyler The Creator Girlfriend Rose To Stardom?

Reign made her way into acting when she was barely a teenager and graced high-end runaways and modeling campaigns with her charm and novelty. She modeled for Gucci, GOLF LE FLEUR, Nike, Batsheva, and Miu Miu.

She achieved success at a relatively young age and it’s all due to her commitment and dedication. She is also doing brand endorsement for the Chanel bags, Lacoste cardigans, and collared and striped shirts through her Instagram earning her some great gains. 

Besides that, she debuted in a music video, making her way into the entertainment industry. But above all, she got immense attention when she was rumored to be the love lady of Tayler The Creator. 

After her successful business career as a model, she is also a social media sensation. She has 213K fans on Instagram where she regularly posts and engages with her admirers. She has a Twitter handle as well but we aren’t certain if she is active there or not. 

How Tyler The Creator Girlfriend Met Him?

Many rumors were speculating about Tayler’s sexuality, that he was gay or asexual but all of that became past. When Tyler the creator girlfriend, Reign Judge came into the media’s focus? 

We aren’t certain when the love starts blooming between the duo as both of them like to keep their personal life under wraps. Taylor has quite a history with women but the relationship with Judge seems genuine. Guess what, why are fans rooting for them? Due to the way they complement each other perfectly. However, Judge is 10 years younger than him but age is just a number in love, right?’

Judge has campaigned for Taylor’s fashion brand as well Maybe the couple has met there and instantly hooked up. 

Tyler The Creator Girlfriend- Reign Judge: Early Life, Physical Appearance, Career, Relationship & Net Worth

Reign Judge has also appeared in Taylor’s music video, ‘Call Me If You Get Lost’. Fans are in awe of their chemistry while some consider it inappropriate due to their huge age difference. 

Recently, rumors about their breakup started to come out, but neither Taylor nor Reign has confirmed anything about it. We aren’t certain whether it’s true or not. 

Taylor The Creator Girlfriend’s Net Worth

Tyler the creator girlfriend has been involved in various brand collaborations and modeling. Her profession made her approx. $1M net worth. Her boyfriend’s net worth is about $16M. Reign campaigns only for popular fashion brands. 


In conclusion, Tyler the creator girlfriend is the gorgeous fashion model, Reign Judge. She hails from New York and has pretty features making her a fashion icon even at such a young age. She gained popularity through her romantic relationship with Taylor the creator. 

She does brand collaboration, and endorsement for Chanel, Gucci, and others. She has walked some high-end runaways and flaunts her exceptional abilities and charm. 

Give it a thorough read to know who Tyler the creator’s girlfriend is, and is she your fashion inspiration as well? Do share with us which of Reign’s looks is your favorite. 

FAQs on Tyler The Creator Girlfriend

Is Tyler the Creator currently in a relationship?

He is in a relationship with Reign Judge who is popular in the American fashion world due to her gorgeous styles. The couple started dating in 2021. 

Is Tyler older than Reign?

The couple has an age gap of 10 years. Age doesn’t matter in love but both face criticism from some of their fans. 

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