How Long Do Idiots Live: A Popular Trend, Controversies, Associated Logics & Why You Should Ignore

Do you also play along with trendy memes? Here’s a new one! ‘How long do idiots live’ has recently caused quite a thrill over the internet. There were many speculations, controversies, and funny jokes surrounding this trend. 

You will be shocked to know Google is giving quite savage answers to this ridiculous meme. Google says idiots live up to 10-13 years, so all the morons out there going to be dead soon. We assume it’s a joke, right?! But there is even some scientific research backing up this claim. It first became viral in 2021 but lost its hype. In 2022, it came back again with newfound hype and is still in trend. 

In this article, we will delve deeper into how long do idiots live, is it just a joke or there’s some truth to all the controversies about it? 

Is ‘How Long Do Idiots Live’ A New Trend?

Yes, it’s a TikTok trend that became popular in 2021. Whenever a person googled ‘How long do idiots live’, they were redirected to a page stating idiots will live up to 10 to 13 years. Like all the TikTok trends spread all over the platform, this trend made its hype over almost all the social media beyond TikTok. It was certainly a joke, people kept rolling on the floors while sharing it with their friends and family and received hilarious responses. 

The trend became popular with Cardi B’s voice as the background music, and she ironically laughed at the end. But the trend quickly lost its rank and became a past. 

In the following, another version of this trend starts to become all over the internet. The trend was ‘Í will never forget you’, with a soundtrack of Zara Larsson and MNEK. This trend got immense hype. People send it to their friends and family jokingly whom they consider idiots.

The song ‘Never Forget You’ behind this meme made it funnier and interesting. People enjoyed it a lot. Although the meme implies that the idiots will never be forgotten even if they are going to be wiped off the earth soon, we all know it is just a joke.

Several other trends also become popular like ‘How long do tall people live’, and ‘How long do short people live’, which are equally hilarious.  

Who Are Idiots?

What made this term hyped all of a sudden? What does it mean? Idiots are people with low mental health comparatively normal people. 

These people are senseless and make dumb decisions. This is an insulting term for socially awkward people. However, in this meme, that was just a joke and meant to ridicule people. 

Controversies About ‘How Long Do Idiots Live’ Meme

Whenever a trend becomes viral, controversies start to arise as well. Regarding this meme, some contradictions start to come out. It was meant to be a harmless joke, but few people were overly sensitive and started taking it to heart. 

The controversial part was people correlating it with the 1900s notion where the ‘idiot’ word was associated with people with mental dysfunctionalities. The people with the mental abilities of a toddler. That’s why it became touché for mentally unstable people. 

How Long Do Idiots Live: A Popular Trend, Controversies, Associated Logics & Why You Should Ignore

The answer to this joke was equally ridiculous and critical as Idiots live only up to 10-13 years. That after this one and half decade, the planet will be free of Idiots. Although the trend was explained to be that after getting into teenage idiocy ends in a person. The adults are sane and responsible. 

The purpose behind the hype of this theme was just to entertain you. Don’t take it seriously and ignore it the way you do all the social media trends. 

Did you share this trend with anyone? How did you grasp it, do you think there was any ulterior motive behind it? 

Is There Any Logic Behind This Meme? 

Or should we ask if is there any truth to the speculations made around this meme? Yes, there’s a deep connection between personality development and lifespan. People have become curious to know how being smart can enhance your lifetime and stupidity reduces the longevity. But you must approach the topic with empathy and sensitivity as it could be offensive to people. 

We will stick to the well-known fact that a person lives according to his mental stability, age, and physical health. 

Either way, you don’t need to get depressed about the fact that idiots live shorter lifespans as it was just a joke. So, don’t get your knickers into the twist as it was intended to make you laugh and enjoy till this trend lasts.

Why You Shouldn’t Trust Such Memes?

As you have been living in Gen-Z, you might have come across several ridiculous memes. ‘how long do idiots live’ is one of them! It would be best if you were now to start getting indifferent to such trends. It’s a joke nothing more. Just enjoy till it lasts and don’t get offended by the answers given off on such questions. 

Although some of you are okay with shrugging it off, some may feel offended and take it personally. The intentions behind this trend are just to make you laugh, not hurt your sentiments. 


In conclusion to this social media trend, ‘How long do idiots live’, which became hyped due to its hilarious nature. It gives people a good laugh when they share it with friends and family. Although there is some scientific research associated with this trend, but is limited and to some extent baseless. Some people simply laughed it off while others got offended by it. It first became viral in 2021 but came back again in 2022 with newfound hype and became the media’s favorite. 

Give it a good read and share what you think of this trend. Have you tried it already, what kind of responses do you get? 

FAQs on How Long Do Idiots Live

How can I participate in the trend?

You can create it on your own by generating fake Google search results of particular traits and share your response by photoshopping it. 

Why has this trend gained attention on TikTok?

This trend became popular because it allowed people to showcase their witty responses to the larger community. It has exaggerated factors that TikTokers love immensely.

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