Whereabouts Of Lahari Pathivada: Biography, Professional Journey, Assumption, Investigation, Public Movements, Precautions

Has Lahari Pathivada passed away? And what are the details about Lahari’s disappearance? Yes, she has passed away. The case of her disappearance is still under investigation. Her friends, colleagues, and family hope that the police can find some answers soon. She was a 25-year-old resident of McKinney. Lahari completed her early education at Blue West High School. But she obtained her higher from the University of Kansas. 

She was an efficient student and her hobbies included photography and capturing nature. Her main focus was to excel in her career field. However, Lahari suddenly went missing from her apartment and workplace. According to the investigation, Lahari was last seen driving a black Toyota towards Dorado Park. However, her body was found 322 miles away from her apartment in Texas, in Oklahoma. Her body was in a very bad condition. The police have not been able to determine the actual incident that occurred with her. 

Her loved ones and a social worker even hired a private investigator to find out the reason for her disappearance. But all efforts were in vain and nothing could be found out so far. Lahari’s missing case teaches us to be cautious and think about our safety. And how to protect ourselves from such incidents by staying attentive.

In this article, we discuss the whereabouts of Lahari Pathivada, early life, education, amusements, social work, professional career, assumptions, investigation, public movement, and precautions regarding safety.

Who Is Lahari Pathivada

Lahari full name is Srilahari Pathivada.  Lahari is 25 years old and her nationality is Indian American. Her mother’s name is Anita Pathivada and her father’s name is Nagesh Pathivada. Her 13-year-old younger brother’s name is Srinaag.

Lahari is such a talented and dedicated student. She was not only a regular student, but also a favorite of her teachers. Her participation in societies and debates, and her ability to win are truly remarkable. 

Lahari Pathivada Amusements 

She has diverse hobbies like learning drawing, musical instruments, and practicing dance. Lahari Pathivada also had a passion for photography. Her favorite subjects to capture were people and trees. Having both film and digital cameras must have allowed her to explore different styles and techniques. She aimed to become a video game designer and creator. 

Lahari Pathivada Education 

Lahari Completed her early education at Blue Valley West High School. She has done double majoring in computer science at the University of Kansas. She also shows her dedication and academic excellence in mathematics. She is also getting an internship at a tech setup.

Lahari Pathivada Social Work 

Lahari is truly a compassionate and selfless person. She was a social worker and genuinely enjoyed helping others. She is Joining organizations like the National Honor Society in her school, YGKC, and Overland Park Medical Center. Lahari Pathivada shows her dedication to making a difference in people’s lives. She has not only assisted those in need but also collected donations to fulfill their needs.

Lahari Pathivada Professional Journey 

Lahari’s journey from Hyderabad to Texas to pursue her degree in software engineering. She found work as a software engineer and was financially independent, living a comfortable life. Her friends describe her as hardworking, optimistic, and focused on her career. 

Lahari athivada a Software Engineer| Whatsmind.com

Lahari didn’t have any romantic relationships before her disappearance. She solely focused on her career. She maintained regular contact with her parents. According to her friends, family, and social updates, she is a happy person. Lahari was even promoted just a month before she went missing.

Whereabouts Of Lahari Pathivada 

Does Lahari Pathivad unexpectedly disappear? Yes, Lahari is lost out of sight. No one knows where Lahari went or what happened to her. Lahari’s last seen was in the evening at the coffee shop near her campus. She used to study there for long hours.

According to the restaurant owner, Lahari Pathivada ordered an Americano and left around 10 pm. Her family noticed something was wrong. When she didn’t answer phone calls and didn’t post on social media. No one knows where Lahari went or what happened to her.

Assumptions and Rumors About Lahari Pathivada Disappearance

Lahari is an Indian American woman residing in Texas. Her last sighting was driving a black Toyota in the Dorado Park area on Hardin Boulevard. Then her deceased body was found in Oklahoma on Saturday, 13th May. That’s a distance of 322 miles from her apartment. She went missing and her body was discovered so far away.

The distance between locations and the uncertainty surrounding Lahari’s case can be distressing for her family. McKinney Police Department must be investigated to find out the possible reason behind Lahari’s murder. They have also contacted agencies in Oklahoma to determine the reason. This case is certainly challenging, but everyone hopes that the truth will come out soon. Police department said

“We take every missing person report seriously, and we are doing everything possible to locate Lahari Pathivada. Our dedicated team is working diligently to follow up on leads and gather any information that can help in this case. We appreciate the support and cooperation of the community during this challenging time”

Police Departmment

Lahari’s missing case is still unsolved.

Police Investigations 

The local police interviewed Lahari’s friends, family, teachers, and classmates to gather any potential clues about her disappearance. They Checked her apartment and the places she frequented to go. They used a dog to assist in the search and it led them to her deceased body. But unfortunately, they haven’t found any solid leads yet. But her family is still hoping for authentic clues soon to bring justice for Lahari Pathivad.

The Lahari Pathivada Murder Case Update In 2024

There has been no improvement in the Lahari Pathivada case so far in 2024, but her friends and family members are still hoping to find out the reason behind her murder. On the other hand, the investigation is still ongoing, her case key points to the importance of security in fun activities and the requirement for gentle governance in these areas. The shocking death of Pathivada has affected her family, friends, and the local community.

Public Movement 

The community’s efforts to create search parties and Facebook groups. A Facebook group named “Help Find Lahari Pathivada,” with over 10,000 members. The group aims to gather clues about her disappearance. 

Some volunteers make posters and collect funds to hire a private investigator. Everyone hopes that the combined efforts of the community, and the authorities bring some breakthroughs soon.

Precautions To Stay Safe

  • Lahari’s missing case is a deeply alarming situation for everyone. It also shows the danger posed to the world. To protect ourselves from such cases, it is important to take precautions. 
  • We should stay alert in our surroundings and prioritize our safety. 
  • It is necessary to inform our friends or family members before going to any unfamiliar place or situation. 
  • If anyone notices any suspicious activity or person, they should immediately inform the authorities. 
  • And most importantly, we should limit our personal information and social media posts to prevent misuse. Safety should be our priority.


Concluded the Lahari Pathivada history. She is a 25-year-old Indian American woman. Still, no one gathers information about her disappearance and murder. It also serves as a reminder for everyone to stay vigilant. And we should take necessary precautions to ensure personal safety. 

We should always be aware of our surroundings, and inform others about our whereabouts. Additionally, it emphasizes the significance of raising awareness about the Lahari missing case. We learn from this case and strive to create a safer and more caring society.

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1: what is the age of Lahari Pathivada?

She is 25 years old woman, who is missing from her apartment on 12th May 2022. 

2:What was the last Seen of Lahari’s missing lady?

Lahari was last seen in a black Toyota car, but there are no specific details available about her case. Authorities are currently investigating the case, and more information may be revealed soon. 

3: What is the parent’s name of Lahari?

Lahari’s mother’s name is Anita Pathivada And her father’s name is Nagesh Pathivada. Her parents love her a lot.

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