Ryan Edwards: Parents Whereabouts, Detailed Criminal Records Timeline & Current Relationship Update

Criminal records surely taint a celeb’s reputation. Aren’t they? Well, Ryan Edwards has the same fate. He rose to stardom through his impeccable performance in the MTV series ‘Teen Mom’ The star did some popular scenes along with his ex-fiancée Maci Bookout. The chemistry between the couple started when they first shot episodes, 16 and Pregnant.

But amid his successful career, his Criminal allegations started to come over the media ruining his image. He has been struck into multiple cases since 2017. A few of the cases were about illegal drug possession, and rush driving, and Maci Bookout filed an FIR against him for harassment. Amid all these crises, the star facing through, his fans are curious to know about his parents’ reaction, and how it’s affecting his acting career. 

Here we will discuss his criminal record timeline for the last 6 years and his parents’ response.

Ryan Edwards Parents Whereabouts

To know about their whereabouts, you first need to know who are Ryan Edwards’s parents. Ryan’s father is Larry who is a business development manager at Coca-Cola Corp. But aren’t sure about his designation. Ryan’s mother is Jen, a housewife who cares for Ryan’s children, Jagger and Stella.

Ryan’s parents were expelled from the MTV show, ‘Teen Mom OG”. The reason for that was Maci’s allegation against Ryan and his wife Mackenzie, and she pleaded for them to be removed. In turn, the network expelled the entire family. 

Regardless of the trouble the Edwards family had to go through, Jen and Larry didn’t strain their relationship with Maci, their relationship remained cordial and genuine which they proclaimed in a podcast in September 2022.

Ryan Edwards Criminal Record Timeline

Ryan Edwards has a history of rules violations and arresting multiple times. In the past 6 years, he has been arrested for drug possession, legal troubles, addictions, and probation denials. 

Let’s look into the timeline of legal trouble he has gone through or how he’s released from prison.

Arrested For Heroin Possession (March 2017)

Police arrested him while he was high on heroin. He has 13 hypodermic needles in his car and one was filled with heroine. 

Besides that, he has two silver spoons and on reports there were resides of drugs on them with 1.8g of heroin in the glove compartment of his car.

Video Got Leaked (June 2017)

His ex-fiance leaked his video in the Teen Mom Og series where he fell asleep while driving, she furthermore declared he’s an addict and is very careless about this matter.

However, he released a statement right after joining the rehabilitation center that how it helped Jim to overcome his addiction.

Violating Probation Crime (June 2018)

After one year when he had to appear in court, he was arrested again neglecting probation. Ryan Edwards got his bail after paying a $5000 bond. His family and friends were questioned over Ryan’s stunt, and showed their disappointment saying he has to get rehabilitation again.

Violating Probation Arrest (July 2018)

After his first arrest for drug abuse, he was ordered 11 months of suspended sentence although he was dismissed by court. He was also given 6 months probation period with 5 months of random drug analysis. 

Violating Probation Arrest ryan edwards

In August 2018, he was again accused of violation because did negligence in doing his community service. 

Accused of Theft & Heroin Possession (January 2019)

He was arrested for theft of goods under $1000 as he carelessly walked out of the Bar without paying for whiskeys which was on his tab for $36. The heroine charges also stemmed out again sinking him more into mud. He remained imprisoned for 4 months until April 2019.

Accused of Harassment and drug paraphernalia possession (February 2023)

He was accused by his ex-wife Mackenzie for violating an order of protection. He was accused of illegally carrying narcotics and drug paraphernalia with him at the time of arrest. Besides that, he was charged with harassment on various occasions. 

Accused of Stalking & Harassment (March 2023)

Just after a month of bail, he was handcuffed again for violating an order of protection and stalking his ex-wife, he was ordered to avoid her at all costs but he still texted her nine days after the court’s notification. 

Accused of Controlled Substance Possession & DUI (April 2023)

How does Ryan Edwards have a way of violating rules? He has remained unfazed despite his consecutive 3 arrests in 2 months. Now he was arrested because he had smoked an unknown drug Substance and was charged with DUI. While patrolling, police observed that the front driver seat had hit the curb the driver was unconscious and the car itself had come to a stop. 

The police called an ambulance and taken to hospital. Police also acquired a recipient along with a bag of crystal Substance and another bag of blue powder. 

He was ordered to be imprisoned for a whole month without any bail by paying a bond. He was also sentenced to remain in jail for 11 months and 29 days for harassment accusations. 

Although he has gone to jail for trivial matters still, he has a history of violating rules. We assume his reputation has been badly influenced by his consistent charges and arrests.

Are Ryan Edwards & Mackenzie Reconciling? (October 2023)

The duo was seen together at his rehab center and fans were quick to conclude that the couple is going to patch up. But Ryan dismissed this rumor by saying that he still plans to divorce Mackenzie.

But he showed skepticism about his soon-to-be ex-wife’s decision. 

Ryan’s parents shared their contempt over Mackenzie’s visit, as they believe her coming again into their son’s life might not be healthy for his self-care journey focused on maintaining sobriety. 

They further showed their worry that she might prove to be problematic for Ryan in the future. 

Dismissal of Ryan & Mackenzie’s Divorce Case (February 2024)

The couple appeared on no gearing and showed absolute inactivity which led to their case being dissolved completely. 

The U.S. Sun news articles commented on their divorce update, 

“It is ordered by the court that this case be, and the same is hereby dismissed, without prejudice, with the cost taxed against the plaintiff.”

A clerk from Hamilton County further added,

“there was never a Final Decree on this case,” further said, “It sat for over 270 days with nothing filed so it was dismissed on Procedural Steps.”

He even gave a warning to the couple by saying if they want to have a divorce they need to reopen the case and acutely follow procedures otherwise it will be dismissed for good.

Dismissal of Ryan & Mackenzie’s Divorce Case (February 2024)

But there is no certainty if any of the parties has taken any step or not. 

But recently it has been revealed that their divorce battle is still in progress.  

In the last hearing, the judge appreciated Ryan Edwards for respecting court orders, staying away from smack, and not getting himself into further legal trouble. 

He said,

“We’re here for a follow-up to see how you’re doing. I don’t see any probation violations,” Judge Starnes further said in the hearing, “You have been drug-free for over a year. That’s an accomplishment. I’m glad you’re doing well.”

But still, he needs to be present for his next hearing scheduled in November for his crime records. 

Who Is Ryan Edwards Currently Dating?

Ryan might have been in a toxic relationship with Mackenzie but he seemed to be in love with a lady from his rehab, Amanda. 

It has been rumored the couple met during the summer of 2023 when he was ordered from the court to stay in rehab. 

But their love bloomed when they stayed together at Oasis Halfway House in Tennessee.  

Their relationship was revealed when Ryan posted of himself and his love lady riding a motorcycle but he immediately deleted it. It was meant to garner attention and it successfully did.

It was further confirmed when Amanda posted a picture of a motorcycle keychain where both their names were engraved.


Concluding Ryan Edwards’s detailed history of prison charges and accusations, he has earned fame by appearing in the Teen Mom OG TV series. His parents Jen and Larry along with Ryan and now his ex-wife were all kicked out by the network due to their now-ruined reputation. His ex-fiancé Bookout pleaded against them but she has maintained a good relationship with Ryan’s parents.

She’s now married to another guy and is happily living her life and doesn’t like commenting on Ryan’s doings. Ryan has gone to jail numerous times due to his negligence, carelessness drug possessions, and harassment.

The time started in 2017 and still, in 2023 he is getting charged with possessing drugs and sleeping on wheels. His last sentence was in jail without bond has been extended to 11 months and 29 days without bond release.

Give a thorough look at Ryan Edwards’s crime records and share did this article satisfied your curiosity.

FAQs on Ryan Edwards

Are Ryan and Mackenzie back together? 

No, they aren’t. Mackenzie filed for divorce in February this year after filing for harassment charges, they split their ways. 

What does Ryan Edwards do for a living? 

Besides his acting debut, he has worked as a diesel mechanic and professional linesman. 

Is Ryan from Teen Mom sober? 

Well, we can’t just claim he is as he goes to rehabilitation, starts his clean sober life, and again falls into that same trap of drug possessions. His ex-fiancée recorded him and leaked that video suggesting he should be sent to rehab again.

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