How to Play Sudoku Evil with Upskilled Strategies

Sudoku enthusiasts who are tired of playing the easy, medium, and hard versions while looking for a real challenge, should play Sudoku Evil. Sudoku Evil is the hardest among all levels of the puzzle. Basic strategies and techniques won’t cut the chase of solving the puzzle. 

Only skilled players who have experience in playing puzzles for an extensive period can solve the evil level of the game. Many expert players also find it difficult to play the confusing charades. 

Is Sudoku Evil Hard to Play?

Is Sudoku Evil Hard to Play?

Evil Sudoku is the hardest to play and several people are unable to finish the puzzle. At first, people are unable to solve, even the smart and skilled players. Playing a few games helps one get the gist of the puzzle and the impossible level doesn’t seem much overwhelming. 

Apart from that, novice players should avoid this level as basic strategy isn’t the key to solving the puzzles. Although it helps in solving the puzzles and winning the easy, medium, and hard rounds. However, it is futile to use in impossible or evil levels. 

How to Play Sudoku Impossible?

Follow these steps to play Sudoku Impossible;

  • Look at the numbers on the screen and observe possible eliminations. For example, there are 5 times 3 written on the cells, 4 times 6, and 7 times 2, first eliminate 2s. 
  • Observe row by row, column by column, and grid by grid to observe which squares have 4 or more entries filled out of 9. 
  • Examine the most filled entries first. 
  • Repeat the above steps until you get the hang of the game and don’t get stumped. 
  • While being stumped, look for pairs that engage only two possibilities. Observe, inspect, and try to solve the puzzle. 

What are the Best Sudoku Evil Strategies?

What are the Best Sudoku Evil Strategies?

The devilish level of Sudoku needs the upskilled strategies of logical reasoning and mathematics. The best and most used strategies employed for playing this level are XY Wing strategy, MATLAB, Mathematica, PROLOG, and many different heuristics. One can also rely on their memory to solve this devilish riddle.  

XY Wing Strategy

XY Wing is a strategy in which one focuses on elimination. For instance, there are three cells in Sudoku containing numbers, and two of them have similar notes. The central one is the pivot, while the two others are pincers. 

The pincer and pivot cells can contain only three numbers; X, Y, and Z, and any three digits can be replaced with them. The pivot has XY candidates, while the pincers have XZ and YZ candidates. Any cell intersection with pincers must not contain Z. 

What to do When You are Stumped in Sudoku Evil?

There are various options for solving the puzzle if one gets stumped;

  • Assume that sudoku has only one option and primarily, it’s pertinent to most of the Sudoku games. 
  • Use simpler strategies to build up combinations and helpful patterns to solve the difficult conditions. 
  • After finding a contradiction, or a guess that leads to impossibility, utilize other possibilities that can be employed in the regions. 
  • If your choices get you into a contradiction again after following the other possibility, follow the first steps in how to play Sudoku impossible. 

Why Should One Play Sudoku Evil?

Playing Sudoku keeps your brain active and it remains a useful breakout from our dreary routines. Additionally, it also helps in logical thinking and pattern recognition while improving the patience and concentration of the players.

It also improves sharpness and strategy as one needs to accurately employ numerous strategies while placing digits on the regions and remaining aware of the sequence of other digits. The continuous puzzles enable the players to learn, improve, and compete against themselves while strengthening their skill sets and competitive attitude.

In short, Sudoku Impossible can provide a sense of achievement by finalizing the grid within a few minutes. Nothing makes the player as happy as completing the puzzle in a few minutes and creating a record. Players can also participate in competitions locally, nationally, or globally.

Sudoku Evil is one of the simplest games that enables players to learn, enjoy, solve, and even teach numerous strategies to other players. What’s your favorite strategy while solving Sudoku Evil, let us know in the comments. 

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