Sudoku Easy Guide for Beginner Players 

Sudoku Easy is specially designed for novice players who are new to this game. Beginner players can start any game of Sudoku with the easy mode to get the hang of the game while learning its rules. In the easy version, there are more numbers and fewer regions. 

Sudoku is a brain game that was developed in New York by Dell Puzzler in 1970. Dell Puzzler introduced his game through the journal, Mathematical Puzzles, and Logical Problems. However, the name was first introduced in Japan and later it was initiated in other countries including Europe and the United States. 

In 2004, the Sudoku game was published in the Times Magazine as a flourishing online game. Players started to play this game not only for enjoyment but also to enhance their concentration and attention capabilities. 

Sudoku Easy Guide

Playing Sudoku Easy enables a player to think logically and maintain full concentration on the game to solve the puzzles. Playing the puzzle daily will significantly improve the concentration of the players while working or studying. 

How to Play Sudoku Easy for Beginners?

Novice players just need to follow three fundamental rules and practice to get better at this game. 

The fundamental rules of Sudoku are;

  • No recurrence of numbers in a row. 
  • No repetition of the digits from 1 to 9 in the columns. 
  • No repetition of numbers in a sub-grid (3×3 grid containing 9 blocks). 

In the easy version, there is a 9×9 grid on the screen, containing small 3×3 grid squares. Each square has 9 cells, some are filled with numbers while others are blank. The player will win the game after following all the cells accurately.  

Henceforth, the player has to fill the blank spaces with digits from 1 to 9. Each line, each column, and each small square must have all the numbers from 1 to 9, and there shouldn’t be any duplication of the digits. 

Three Things Novice Players Need to be Careful in Sudoku 

Three Things Novice Players Need to be Careful in Sudoku 

There are some strategies that beginner players need to follow while avoiding some common mistakes. 

Focusing on a Single Position 

One common mistake that novice players make while playing Sudoku Easy is retaining their whole focus at one position or grid. It takes too much time and results in numerous inaccuracies. 

Focusing on one position and filling its numbers seems tempting and easy, however, it results in consuming a lot of time. Therefore, it’s best to focus on different grids at the same time and compare the numbers of the different grids to discover the accurate ones. 

If one becomes better at concentrating on different points and acquiring hints or opportunities, the player can easily solve the puzzle in a short while. 

Not Learning from Previous Failures 

Sudoku is a momentous puzzle, in which every row, column, and grid is connected. While one solves a certain region, many new possibilities are revealed to the gamer and he can take hints from them. 

Therefore, a player needs to observe closely at the whole grid, rather than just a single portion. For instance, if someone is filling up the grid at the bottom right corner, numerous possibilities will emerge about how its adjacent rows, grids, or columns’ blank spaces will be filled. 

Staring at the Grid for Long

At times, the beginner players get stuck in the puzzle and can’t find what to do next. Usually in such situations, the players start to think about all the possible moves they have made, their mistakes, and possibilities. However, their efforts don’t bear any fruit as they’re tired and frustrated with constant failure. 

Hence, it’s best to take a break after reaching a dead end. Relax, stretch your arms and legs, get some fresh air, drink something, or eat a snack, and then get back to the puzzle again with a fresh mind. 

Apart from that, the game has numerous other features which include time duration and hints for beginner players to make the game easy. The players can practice hard and use this game as a tool to relax, clear their minds, test their analytical or logical skills, and exercise their brains. 

Don’t forget to share your difficulties as a beginner player while playing Sudoku Easy online with us in the comments below. 

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