How to Play Google Minesweeper?

Google Minesweeper is a thrilling and challenging game. Gaming enthusiasts play it whenever they want to boost up their brains with a fascinating challenge. When someone is getting bored or looking for a game to boost their IQ, Google Minesweeper is the best choice. 

Like Sudoku, Minesweeper is a classic game that was launched in Microsoft Entertainment Pack for Windows 3.0 and became a huge sensation among players. However, 3D, and 4D games with alluring real-life graphics, fascinating storylines, and constant action are prevailing in the world presently. Hence, fewer people are interested in classic games.

Yet, there’s an undeniable community of players who love playing strategic and mind games like chess, wordle, sudoku, solitaire, and mahjong. Over 30 years, millions of people have loved playing the strategic and mathematical game, Google Minesweeper. 

Since the 1960s, this game has been played by millions of users. However, many don’t have an idea that it’s not a casual game, but a strategic one. If one knows the strategy behind it and some tricks, anyone can win every game of Minesweeper effortlessly. 

Rules and strategy are the two things required to play this game. 

How to Play Google Minesweeper?

How to Play Google Minesweeper?

Minesweeper has a grid of boxes containing mines that the player needs to avoid. Whenever one clicks on the grid, on a square, a number will appear. The numbers in this game will depict the number of mines attached to that square or tile. The larger the number, the greater the danger. 

To win, one needs to open all the safe squares without tapping on the one with a mine. If one selects a square that has a mine, the game will end. There are multiple mines on the grid and the player can mark them with a red flag. 

If there are any does or columns with lower numbers like 1, it could be categorized as a safe zone and the squares can be opened leisurely at such points. The games get addicting after one starts playing. Although, it might not be everyone’s first choice, yet, playing it to test your brain efficiency to read between the lines and boost up analytical skills will never get old. 

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Where to Play Google Minesweeper?

On Microsoft PCs or laptops, it might be installed in the games section. However, anyone can play this game by just typing its name on Google or any other browser. The first link after the search will take the user to the game. One can select the module; easy, medium, or difficult according to their preference or skill. 

One can download it as well, and play it whenever they want to. Google Minesweeper is just a link or click away nowadays. 

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What are the Rules for Playing Minesweeper?

Minesweeper is a simple game, with logical rules that are described below;

  • If a square is blank, it denotes that it’s in the safe zone and no mine is around it. 
  • After one opens a blank square, its adjacent squares also open until one has a number on it. 
  • The squares on the grid have numbers from 1 to 8, each number denoting mines in adjacent squares. 
  • In difficult levels, one needs to guess before clicking on a tile whether it’s a mine or not and flag it as a mine, if they suspect it. 
  • If one places the right amount of flags on tiles that don’t have any bombs or mines, the tiles will blow up. As a consequence, the player will list the game. 
  • The easy or beginner level of this game has 8 x 8 or 9×9 squares with 10 mines among them and the time also ticks at the top center of the screen. 
  • The intermediate level of Google Minesweeper has a 16 x 16 grid with 40 mines among them, making it hard for novice players. 
  • The expert or difficult level has 30 x 16 tiles with 90 mines in them.  
  • There’s also a custom level of Minesweeper with a 30 x 24 grid and 10 mines among the tiles. 
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What are the Basic Patterns or Tricks to Play Microsoft Minesweeper?

What are the Basic Patterns or Tricks to Play Microsoft Minesweeper?

Microsoft Minesweeper is a strategic and analytical game, hence it follows some repetitive patterns. If one knows the basic patterns of this game, playing it becomes easier. 

The basic patterns or tricks of playing the game are;

  • When a number is adjacent to the same number on the squares, there might be a mine. Like number 1 adjacent number 1 signifies that there must be a mine with a tile adjacent to them. 
  • A common mistake in this game is to examine the fake 1 on a corner where that 1 is already dropping a mine. 
  • Two well-known patterns used in this game are 1 2 1 and 1 2 2 1. 
  • In the 1 2 X or 1 2 1 pattern, the X is always a bomb. 
  • Another pattern 1 1 X initiates from the border, the X is the mine. 
  • In a 1 1 X pattern, the first 1 touches two tiles adjacent to it. While the second tile having the number 1 has three tiles linked to it.  In this pattern, the mine must be in the third square (reverse of 1 2 X pattern). 
  • Occasionally a mine is among a subset (a basic mathematical term) of tiles. Therefore, other squares must be a safe zone. 
  • Complex bomb arrangements can be simply evaluated on the grid by subtracting the bombs from the given number. 

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