Popular 13 Heroic Street Fighter 2 Characters You Need to Know

Who should you choose in your next street fighter game? There is a list of Street Fighter 2 characters who have been extremely popular among fighting game lovers because of their unique abilities. Each character has some backstory that makes him inspiring and persuades gamers to choose them to increase their odds of winning.

The character’s strengths vary in each installation of the Street Fighter series, and you just can’t consider one who will be strongest among all. You as a player will like to prefer who is strongest among all, so we have compiled a list of Street Fighter 2 characters for you to choose.

In this list, you will learn about the backstory, strengths, and possible weaknesses of the popular Street Fighter game series characters.

List of Street Fighter 2 Characters

Looking for the best one to choose? We have made this list for your convenience from all-time favorite characters from best to worst. These characters are ranked according to their abilities and winning odds. But again, it’s all about your own game tactics.

Are you a rabid fighting game player who can conquer any game with the right character? If yes, then choose the one that is most compatible with you. 

  1. Sagat: Best Super Street Fighter 2 Character 

What puts Sagat on the top of the list? Well regarding Sagat’s backstory, he is one hell of a boxer from Thailand. He has shown great power in all the installations of the Street Fighter game series. 

He has an impeccable tiger uppercut which you may take time to master but it will give you a great advantage. His attacks are powerful and on point. His high and low tiger shots made him stronger than all others.

Besides his strengths, he possesses some weaknesses as well, he takes time to start acting according to his strengths, and he is quite slow. He is quite prone to getting punished if the fighter avoids the tiger shots. 

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  1. Dhalsim

Who comes after Sagat? Considering the strengths, Dhalsim has taken its place after the powerful character, Sagat. 

Dhalsim has been considered second best because of his defensive kicks, flexibility, and unique strengths. He has excellent limbs which keep pressure off him and he can easily project his amazing air moves combined with the jumping punch and roundhouse kick. His yoga fire and air move collectively can beat any character. If projectiles are near to him, he can teleport far away to protect himself. 

Despite all the positive aspects, Dhalsim still has some flaws, he’s slow. He doesn’t do combos, and his sketchy limbs can put him at a disadvantage. 

  1. Ryu

Wondering why Ryu is one of the favorites among Street Fighter 2 characters? Well, it’s because of his balanced fighting approach. He has got some great moves and tactics up his sleeve which you can easily learn and project on your opponent but still, it’s not the best one like Sagat. 

  1. Balrog

He is one of the greatest among the top Street Fighter 2 characters due to his spectacular moves, fast movement, and power-packed punches. 

Is there any flaw that you must be cautious of? He doesn’t respond well to projectiles but that can be easily handled due to his strength and agility. 

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  1. Vega

Is Vega the most predictable character? He may not be the most predictable but still, he’s on the list of his limited moves. Besides that, he possesses great agility and faster moves. Vega’s wall dives make him quite a challenging character. 

  1. M. Bison

Why choosing M. Bison may not be the best choice? Well, it must be due to his offensive and complicated gameplay. It is not that you will get a knack for playing this character easily, you will require some time to master his moves. 

Popular 13 Heroic Street Fighter 2 Characters You Need to Know

He is one the most evil and offensive ones in the list of Street Fighter 2 characters. His signature move is making his opponents dizzy by using his strength and speed, he can easily beat them by using this tactic. 

  1. Chun-Li

Is Chun-li the best one among Street Fighter 2 characters? Well, she has a good reputation because of her great moves like Kikosho and anti-air. But her notable qualities include her speed, flexibility, her powerful throws, and pushing her opponents to the edge.

Although, she may possess quite predictable throws she’s one of the best to choose. 

  1.  Dee Jay

Is this Jamaican character the best among all? Well, you can say he’s one of the best but not the perfect one. He can project some great moves and tactics including Machine Gun upper and fireball. He is quite unpredictable giving him an advantage over his opponents. 

But that’s not all his rolling Sobat kick may make him vulnerable, so we can say he may be a good fighter but not the best one. 

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  1.  Fei Long

Is this Bruce-Lee character Fei Long, a great choice? Well, my opinion is no, as he has a hard time fighting off his opponent’s defensive moves and projectiles. 

Fei Long has some great pressure and offensive tactics by which he can put any opponent at a disadvantage. But is that enough? Sorry to say no, but Fei Long still requires to learn some tactics and can’t be just randomly chosen and played. 

  1.  Cammy

Why Cammy has been at the bottom of the top Street Fighter 2 characters list? She may possess some unique combos, but still, his moves and tactics are not consistent enough to beat any opponent. 

She can’t defend against her opponent’s action and projectiles and her Hooligan throw and cannon drill doesn’t give her enough of an advantage to fight better.

  1.  T. Hawk

What makes T. Hawk an easily beatable character? His predictive and easy-to-counter moves. He may possess some unique abilities like his throwing loop, his unbreakable stamina, his condor dive, and his mobility.

But is that all? No, it’s not, because as strong as his moves are, his opponents can easily dodge them making him one of the worst players in the Street Fighter 2 characters. 

  1.  Blanka

How did Blanka make its place in the popular Street Fighter 2 characters? He has some excellent air moves which surprise his competitors. He can project command grab, which comes along with excellent ranges, and can hit the opponent several times. He can pull off some excellent forward and back rolls which can do great damage. 

But obviously, we know he’s not the best but far from that, because of his slowness and complicated moves which not everyone can master. 

  1.  Zangief: Worst Street Fighter 2 Character

What makes Zangief the worst one? Well in comparison to others, he’s slow and is large to easily handle. His excellence lies only when he’s up close but sadly it’s not possible because he is way too giant.

He has some great moves, but they seem impossible to pull off within the game making him the worst one. 

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In conclusion, there are various Street Fighter 2 characters who possess unique abilities, Steller movers, amazing gameplay, and interesting backstories. All the characters featured in this fighting game series are well-liked among players and still are in their minds even after decades. The abilities of characters don’t remain the same in each launch but are quite variable. 

We have compiled the top attributes and drawbacks of players chosen within the game. Which character you like the most? Do you have anyone in particular whom you have a crush on like Ryu, everyone’s favorite? Let us know about your feedback. 


Is Street Fighter 2 still played? 

Yes, much to our surprise this oldest fighting game which was first released 3 decades ago still has a huge fan following and is widely played.

Who is the strongest girl in Street Fighter?

Chun Li is the strongest female character because of her exceptional fighting tactics and fast movement.

Who is the main villain in Street Fighter 2?

Vega is the most destructive and violent villain in Street Fighter 2. 

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