8 Best Online Games For Your Kids To Play In Free Time

With unlimited technology just a tap away, can we keep our kids away? No, we can’t,  they will always like it when they can binge-use the tablet and which games to play. So as we can’t keep them under the rock, the question is which online games for your kids are the ultimate best? 

There are endless options over the Internet, but as a parent, it’s your responsibility to find the ones that aren’t inappropriate and budget-friendly.  It might seem daunting to find the ones that don’t strain your bank account and are relatively safe for the children. 

However, I’m not saying that with a budget you have to compromise on quality, not many options are a perfect blend of entertainment and education that will keep your kids hooked from beginning to end. From learning the basic alphabet or numbers, they can progress towards fun-filled strategic and educational gameplay that will hone their skills with fantastic online games. 

Here’s your cue to find phenomenal online games for your kids that will engage them thoroughly without spending a hefty budget.  

8 Best Online Games For Your Kids

The Best way you can indulge your kids at home is by finding them educational and learning games that help sharpen their interpersonal skills. Here are 8 top online games for your kids to play today: 


Isn’t it important to have brilliant typing skills when everything’s done digitally? Considering that Typetastic came into the picture, it takes your kids on an adventure filled with fun activities to increase their typing skills. 

It’s recommended for children aged between 4-11 years, and the kids from elementary to high school will find things of their preference on the gameplay. 

Your kid can even be a hero and beat the world records, it’s available on websites and Amazon Appstore. Does it come with ads? Well, this should be marked significant because it doesn’t. It’s also available as a pro for teachers’ use. 


Does maths bore your kids? No surprise, sometimes this subject can be quite overwhelming. But now it isn’t anymore, swim through our scientifically designed gameplay and make your kids fall in love with maths. 

It’s one of the best educational platforms that’s appropriate for kids aged between 2-11 years and provides games all the way ranging from maths to interpersonal skills. 

You can let your kids play these excellent games on mobile apps and websites. It engages free kids, provides a personalized learning experience, and tracks the progress records. 

Good thing, that Splashlearn doesn’t just cover maths, but English language and early skills like motor learning, coordination, art, general knowledge, and creativity. 

These games can be enjoyed for free a week until it asks you to pay the price, even teachers can access almost all my games giving rise to a productive and collaborative learning environment. 


Sometimes it becomes complicated to make your students understand some concept, but with funbrain teaching has become a breezy sport for teachers. 

Even as a parent, you can make your kids learn several topics whether it’s about science or maths within minutes except for gameplay making it one of the best online games for your kids. Although these games are suitable for kids from 4-8 years but with their layout designed as categorically graded, you can find the one that suits best your kid’s preferences.  

These games can be played on iOS and Web. 

National Geographic Kids

Anticipating engaging in online games for your kids that are free too? Get on National Geographic Kids, where your kids won’t only enjoy the Geographic shows but get their hands on immense options all designed to increase children’s knowledge and intelligence regarding geography.

Geography won’t be so boring anymore as the games are brain-teasing and improve cognitive skills among children. 

These games are available on the Web and are age-appropriate for kids who are 9-13 years old. 

CBC Kids

The gaming sites shouldn’t only be limited to fun, there should be some learning stuff as well. CBC Kids got you covered as it has everything for 4-10 years for kids from puzzles, and strategic gameplay to animal games and all. 

Your kids can even access articles, educational quizzes, and videos that come in handy to learn new stuff. 

CBC Kids Games are available to play on websites, iOS, and even Android. 

Gamestar Mechanic

Is your little one a gamer at heart? It’s your cue to introduce him/her to mechanical-minded platforms and what’s better than Gamemaster mechanics? The best online games for your kids can be the ones where they get the chance to unleash their design skills. 

The game features include quests, game guidelines, and design tools that facilitate gamers throughout the actual designing of video games on this platform. It’s appropriate for kids who are 10+, however, for the younger ones Gamestar Mechanics Jr and can be easily found on the Web, search for the game and enjoy playing it. It doesn’t come with Ads and can be easily upgraded to pro features once you pay the charges. 

Prodigy Math 

Isn’t Prodigy the ultimate choice when it comes to which games your kids will adore the most? Prodigy Math is the safest choice as it allows children to learn a lot in a fun way. 

In the gameplay, your kids can make their personalized wizards, Quest into the wizarding world, and compete with their friends in maths battles, as its curriculum designed gameplay so it better to enhance the maths skills of your children.

As the children earn XP and bonuses, they get the ability to unlock rewards, gear, and rescue pets that help them amp up their game. It also lets the kids get any avatar for the subsequent quests and they can collect any powerful pets making the gameplay an absolute delight.

It might be one of the best online games for your kids as it lets them productively use the screen, keeping them engaged and sharpening their maths skills. 

It builds curiosity in children to learn new things and is personalised allowing them to make the most of it. 

You can even track your child’s progress with your Parent Account which gives you regular reports on the parent dashboard. 

Nick Junior

If your child is obsessed with the Nickelodeon channel, then the kids’ games offered at Nick Junior will be a boon. It caters to children from 4-11 years, with simple and educational design having a long attention span. 

This is the best platform to find online games for your kids and let you enjoy fun leisure time with your kids. These games are available on the Web, iOS, and Android whichever suits your kids best. 


In conclusion,  the best online games for your kids are those which keep them engaged all the while making them learn educational skills. It’s Gen-Z and almost impossible to keep your younger ones away from the clutches of the digital world. So, you can be a responsible parent and sort out games for them which boosts their academic and interpersonal skills. You can find the best games for your kids on Splash Learn,  Prodigy Maths, Gamestar Mechanics, or Typetastic along with others that elevate your child’s intelligence level. 

But make sure you have already decided your children’s screen time and you should choose free games as we don’t want to break our banks. 

Give it a thorough thought to decide which one will align best with your plans and share which one is your favorite among all. 

FAQs on Online Games For Your Kids

What are the popular free online games for kids? 

The best free online games for kids include Friv, Leo, RamoGames, Funbrain,  Splash Learn, and many more. 

Is online gaming OK for kids? 

Online gaming is relatively safe but can cause short-term behavior in some children like rage quitting or bullying, trolling, or other inappropriate behavior which causes them to stop playing immediately. arents you know. Thanks for reading!

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