Daylight Saving Time: Its Purpose, History, and Daylight Savings 2023-24 Schedule

Time is the real currency and productive people don’t want to waste it even if it’s just a second. They know the value of time. Time is a part and parcel thing in the life of every successful person you will ever see. Daylight saving time directly relates to those people who want to make their day fruitful from the previous day.  

Daylight savings 2023-24 has started. If you are from the USA, UK, and Europe definitely you would know about this one-hour value. What a vital role this one hour plays in life. Just by making a change of one hour the whole day routine gets productive to get more and more from the day.  

It was also announced in the news that daylight saving time has started and now the time on the clocks will be one hour back.   

Do you know what the purpose of this big change is? And how did it start? Who invented daylight saving time?  What is the daylight savings 2023? How it would affect the lives of many people who want to get more every day.  

Daylight Saving Time

If you were searching around to find the best answers regarding these queries, then you have pulled the right page. Here we are going to unfold all the facts and pieces of information about daylight saving time. And what is the daylight savings 2023-24 schedule?   

The first question that arises in the mind is what is daylight saving time basically? How the countries follow and change it for the betterment of their people who want to achieve more. Let’s put the light on it.   

What actually is daylight saving time?  

Regarding in the domain of daylight saving time, the converging statement is; that daylight time saving is the practice of moving the clock forward and back one hour from the standard time of the day.   

Moreover, in the summer months, most of the countries like the UK, and Europe (Almost all the Schengen countries) move their clock forward to one hour. Then they change it back in the fall season. This big change has a complete history and an important reason behind it that we will discuss here.   

Additionally, they again move the clock back to one hour in the fall season after a specific time or season. However, this major change across the countries creates some distractions regarding the time as well. But the Government does this because of the major reason that is behind it.   

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What is the purpose of daylight saving time?  

As far as the point is concerned regarding in the realm of the purpose behind the change in the movements of the clock; it is just all about saving time.   

Let us make it clear to you.  

What is the purpose of daylight saving time?  

As we know, today’s humans have become swamped and want to achieve high targets according to their milestones. But sometimes it happens that you can’t make enough progress because of the scheduled tasks.   

In this modern hour of the clock, technology has enthralled the living through its indispensable features and ease for humans. Every person is doing some kind of side hustle with their jobs. They have to manage both their jobs and part-time work.   

Because today’s humans don’t want enough rest but fame through passion. So, in summer the duration of the day is big and in winter it is small as compared to the nights. In other words, we can say it is all about the management of daylight.   

Some developed countries forward their clock one hour in order to use the daylight more to make the day productive and to get the maximum from it.   

The same falls when it comes to the winters, they move the clock one hour back to use the daylight for maximum time.  

purpose of daylight saving time

Undoubtedly, it’s a very good strategy someone has made. In this way, people of the country will get maximum time to accomplish their tasks and dreams. Time is everything and it’s real money! If someone can manage time in a good way, he becomes successful, and the same person definitely writes history. Time management and use of the time is a real game in today’s world.   

It is very easy to set the clock by remembering the simple term “spring forward, fall back”.  

For every person, time is very short these days. They are always preoccupied and always have much on their plate. So, the purpose of daylight saving time strategy is to make it pretty easy for all the people. 

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Daylight savings 2023-24 schedule:  

Daylight savings 2023-24 schedule

Daylight time ends on the 5th of November in the United States. On the flip side, daylight time saving starts on the last Sunday of March, and ends on the first Sunday of November.  

Now almost in every country where they follow daylight saving time, they have changed their clocks back to one hour from 28th October.   

This time will be on the clocks till the start of March 2024. Then people will again forward their clocks to one hour for the summer daylight saving time.  

History of daylight saving time:  

Before unwrapping the history of daylight time saving, let us tell you that Germany was the very first country to follow daylight saving time called (DST) in 1916.  

Recapitulating the history of moving the clock one hour forward and back starts in the late 19th century. When the New Zealand entomologist scientist George Hudson presented it first time to save energy and extend summer daylight time to make it more valuable for people who want to get more time in a day to achieve something big and good for the country and humanity. Yes, first will be beneficial for their milestone.  

Although this strategy to save daylight and consume more effort was advantageous for himself first. Because he would have gotten a chance to search and collect different insects by getting the benefit of daylight time-saving.   

Furthermore, the United States was the second country to follow daylight time saving in 1918. This practice was followed by a plethora of variations until the US announced to standardize it officially in 1966. After 1966, this practice is being made every year not just in the USA but in all other European countries as well.   

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Time zones with and without DTS: 

Standard times 
EST Eastern Standard Time 
PST Pacific Standard Time 
CST Central Standard Time 
MST Mountain Standard Time 
Daylight saving time: 
EDT Eastern Daylight Time 
PDT Pacific Daylight Time 
CDT Central Daylight Time 
MDT Mountain Daylight Time 

These are the time zones and their abbreviations before and after the daylight time saving effect.  

Do let us know in the comment section how the 1-hour fall back is fruitful for you and what will you do to make your time more productive.

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