WcoStream: Safety Features, Merits, Demerits, Series Options & Substitutes

Are you fascinated with Japanese manga and looking for the best anime streaming service? WcoStream may be your ultimate choice as it is free of cost and provides you with entertaining and satisfying streaming options that are versatile and easily accessible.

You must already know how anime series have taken the world with their exciting storylines and fascinating characters and have become trendy rather quickly. This streaming network is free of malware and virus attacks and is used by millions of people.

This article revolves around its introduction, the best features, graphics, themes, and the multiple series available on the WcoStream platform. 

What is WcoStream?

Interested in the best platform to watch and download anime movies and cartoons? We got you covered as WcoStream is an amazing and free streaming site where you can access multiple series and Japanese cartoons all catering to the viewer’s preferences.

The term is abbreviated as ‘Watch Cartoons Online’ and is considered the biggest competitor in the market. The access to WcoStream is hassle-free as you don’t have to buy anything or pay handsome amounts to get your hands on your favorite features.

Just hop onto the site, register, and log in to the account. Browse your favorite series and start watching. You can even download your favorite ones and watch offline. 

You can access series with captions and enjoy amazing themes and design. The attractive features have always grabbed people’s attention. 

Theme & Design of WcoStream

WcoStream possesses everything that you must be looking for. From the navigating options to the feasible and easy-to-access customization options. WcoStream has a user-friendly interface with a neatly organized library which provides abundant choice in the anime series. 

On the top of the homepage, there is a ribbon on the side that shows current ongoing anime series, latest series, genres, and library. 

The theme includes its unique anime-inspired logo in an orange and red color palette. Like this, there are many other other platforms one of them being Ibomma. Remember! This website is for Telugu movies especially.

Is WcoStream Safe to Use?

The website is a safer option comparatively other anime series platforms. While using the site you have to register and log in to the account. You don’t necessarily need to share your personal information it opens with your email verification and data remains unsaved preventing the risk of identification theft and scams.

However, you will have to watch advertisements on this platform, which may be random and can be a cause of malware and viruses, so it may be considered unsafe. We strongly suggest you remain cautious while using this platform. The content offered on the site may seem tempting but be vigilant while clicking on random things. 

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Merits & Demerits of WcoStream

There are some advantages and disadvantages dedicated to this anime platform which you must be thoroughly aware of. 


  • One of the key features is a versatile library that comprises over number of anime series.
  • Want to watch anime series but don’t want to spend a penny? WcoStream is brilliant as it does not require you to pay subscription charges. 
  • You can watch any streaming series and can even download to play offline and watch in your leisure time.
  • WcoStream platform is SSL certified making it a safer option for anime lovers. 


  • Are you impatient and don’t like interruptions during your shows? Then it may be sad to know as on this website you will have to watch frequent ads. 
  • The platform has no known headquarters. 
  • This anime series platform is not legalized in many regions.
  • If you get a particular query at the platform then we are sorry to say that it does not offer any reliable customer support service. 

Series Options at WcoStream

Which kind of series you can watch on the WcoStream platform? This is the common concern of the people who are going to use this site. 

  • You can watch Chinese Series and Japanese manga on this popular platform.
  • You can watch dubbed versions and raw series with English subtitles. 

Potential Substitutes for WcoStream 

Found it difficult to access WcoStream? No worries as it’s pretty common, you can always go for its alternatives which are equally popular and contain wonderful features.

  1. Chia-Anime

This is a great alternative to WcoStream, as it comes with exciting characteristics that make it a great choice for anime lovers. 

The site is Chinese-based, comes in subtitles and raw form, and contains popular dubbed versions. The library is huge with neatly designed movies, anime series, and calendars and you can access comments and reviews separately in the search bar. 

  1. GoGoAnime

The site is another substitute with exciting features. Are you looking for a site that caters to every age group? Chill! As this platform is for everyone, children, and adults alike. 

The website is super secure with no frequent ads, interruptions, or lagging. You can access multiple genres, movies, cartoons, and seasons which contain different content ranging from comedy, and romance to drama. 

  1. Cartoon Crazy

This is one of the trendiest and most amazing WcoStream alternatives where you can enjoy anime content in English subtitles. You don’t have to suffer through dubbed versions which doesn’t attract everyone. 

The series is free and available in HD quality. The user interface is friendly and easy to navigate. 

  1. KissAnime

One of the popular substitutes for the anime platform WcoStream is KissAnime as it provides fantastic features, filters, and quality content. 

The content is available in HD quality and there is an Android application on this website that you can utilize and easily navigate genre-specific content with rating features. 

Did you find any platform better than WcoStream? As there are many for you to choose from, if you run out of options to choose the targeted site or you are not particularly interested in using it. 

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WcoStream is an online web series platform that consists of a huge library with series alphabetically organized from A-Z. The series is available to watch for free in dubbed versions and English subtitles. The website is not legal and contains ads that randomly pop up on the screen. 

Did you find this web series platform enchanting enough? If yes get on the board and start watching. Do let us know about your reviews as well. 


What Websites are similar to WcoStream?

The website platform that resembles WcoStream is and with 1.75M and 4.08M visits respectively.

What is the most popular website to watch anime? 

The popular ones include Netflix, Contv, KissAnime, Funimation, 9anime, and many others. 

What is the most searched anime genre?

The most popular genres searched on web series platforms are romance, adventure, and action which are widely liked among anime lovers. 

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