Everything You Need to Know About Seven Sirius Benjamin

Erykah Badu and Seven Sirius Benjamin jointly attended the Millions More Movement Launch in the District of Columbia, at Washington D.C streets

Music industry legends Andre Benjamin and Erykah Wright Badu have kept their son, Seven Sirius Benjamin, away from the limelight. As much the fans of Benjamin and Erykah want to know about their son, the more Seven shrouds himself in the mystery. 

Being born on 18 November 1997, Seven will celebrate his 26th birthday this year. The young boy is famous for being a celebrity kid of well-known musicians Andre 3000 (whose real name is Andre Benjamin) and Erica Wright (known globally by her stage name Erykah Badu). 

Seven Sirius Benjamin Wiki and Early Life

On 18 November 1997, Seven was born in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. A celebrity kid is an exact copy of his father; his facial features are identical to him. The young boy spent his childhood with his parents and has a lively bond with his family members. 

Although, he doesn’t expose himself to social media. Unlike his parents, he tries his best to keep the paparazzi, media agents, and journalists away from himself. Moreover, his social media is unknown as well. His parents revealed in an interview that they were shocked when they heard the news of Erica Wright.

 They were thinking about whether to keep this child or not, as both Erica and Benjamin were at the peak of their careers. The couple couldn’t let go of this child and vowed to take care of him together even after his separation. 

Seven has a close friendship with his half-sister Puma Sabti Curry. They’re occasionally together, and he helps Puma in making TikTok videos. Additionally, he also has a close bond with his parents and often appears to hang out with his mom. Erykah posts his videos and pictures occasionally. But he doesn’t have his own Instagram account. 

The 26-year-old boy belongs to African American ethnicity and has American nationality. Further, he spent most of his childhood in his hometown, Dallas. Seven was born in November and hence has the Zodiac sign of Scorpio. Scorpios accomplish their objectives, are single-minded with no restrictions, and are firm in their choices. Their best trait is their attention to calculations and numbers.  


Seven Sirius Benjamin Body Statistics

As Seven doesn’t have any media coverage, it’s hard to get his accurate weight, height, and body measurements. The boy has an average weight (or physique) and average height. 

Furthermore, his other attributes are also not known yet, and they will be updated soon. 

Seven Sirius Benjamin Education 

About his educational opportunities and academic details, there’s not much known about them.  However, he completed his early education in a local school near his home. Presently, Seven is enrolled in a local university; its name is still unknown. His major is botany due to his interest in plants and their production. 

Further details about his internships, goals, and career are yet to be known. 


Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu’s real name is Erica Abi Wright—the 54 years old legendary musician 26 years old Seven Sirius Benjamin with Benjamin 3000. Erykah has worked as a singer, producer, songwriter, and actress. 

The Queen of Neo Soul started her career in 1994 in Texas. In 1997, she released her first album, “Baduizm,” and won a certified Triple Platinum. Her iconic and eccentric style and beautiful voice made her an eye candy for her fans. 

In 1995, she started dating Andre 3000. In 1997, they had a child together and parted ways in 1999. However, Erykah and Andre still have a deep bond and are best friends of each other. Aside from Seven, she has two other children as well. 

Andre 3000

Like his ex-girlfriend, Andre 3000 is a popular rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, and producer. Andre landed on the earth on May 27, 1975, in Atlanta, Georgia. His father was a collections agent, whereas his mother was a real estate agent. Furthermore, he and his ex-girlfriend both were vegans. They shared many traits and hobbies as well due to similar preferences and careers. 

Andre 3000 has also worked along with Big Boi and has been a part of hip-hop Outkast. Both had been friends since high school and formed the band Outkast to keep their passion burning. Laface label recognized their talent and released an album in 1994, “Southernplayalisticadillacumzik,” and won Platinum. At the 1995 Source Awards, this song was also regarded as the Best New Rap Group of the Year. 


Seven Sirius Benjamin has two step-siblings from his mom but no siblings from his father’s side yet. 

  • Puma Sabti Curry

Puma Sabti Curry is the second child and first daughter of Erykah. She was born six years after the birth of seven. Both of them share a deep bond and often engage with each other, as there are many social media posts of them hanging out together. 

In 2019, Puma participated in a talent show at her school and sang a beautiful song. Her mother couldn’t hide her pride and posted a video of Puma singing. The video was widely appreciated. Even Alicia Keys reposted the video. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that talent prevails in generations. 

  • Mars 

Mars is the second son and third child of Erykah. Mars was born in 2009, and he isn’t as well known as his elder siblings. Like Seven Sirius Benjamin, Mars also doesn’t publicize his personal life. However, Erykah often posts pictures of Mars on her Instagram @erykahbadu and Twitter @erykahbaduola. 

Who is Seven Sirius Benjamin Dating?

Benjamin has a very secretive life. Nothing about his dating or his childhood life is known yet. Yet, it’s speculated that if he comes across a media agency or entertainment industry, he’ll reveal various details about his life. 

Likewise, his family also respects the choice of Seven and doesn’t share anything about his daily routine despite being a prodigy of music. 

Net Worth of Seven Sirius Benjamin

Seven hasn’t begun his career yet, as he’s still pursuing his studies at a private university. Therefore, he had no net worth due to no income. 

Andre Benjamin and Erica Wright have a collective net worth of $5 million. Due to this, it’s apparent that Seven Sirius has lived a luxurious life having all the fundamental facilities. 

Can Seven Sirius Benjamin Rap or Sing Like His Parents?

Many people are curious whether Seven Sirius Benjamin can sing or rap. But due to his introverted nature, it’s hard to analyze whether he likes music just like his parents or doesn’t. 

In an interview with Kidd Kraddick In The Morning, Erykah revealed that her son Seven is quite promising with lyrics and rapping. However, he conceals it and doesn’t want it to be revealed. 

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