Everything you Need to Know About Bridget Moynahan’s Son John Edward Thomas Moynahan

Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan welcomed their first child in 2007. John Edward Thomas Moynahan is famous for being a celebrity kid. The boy was born in 2007 when his father and mother had been separated. His birth story has always fascinated the fans of Blue Blood star and NFL player.

The 11-year-old boy is one of the most famous celebrity kids in New York City, United States. Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan began dating in 2004. Whereas, their love couldn’t last long and they broke up on December 14, 2006. 

After their break, the distinguished NFL player was deeply in love with his new girlfriend and wanted to tie the knot with her. However, fate has something else planned. In the same year, her ex-girlfriend realized she was pregnant with his baby. Their relationship became complex after that moment. 

Early Life of John Edward Thomas Moynahan (Wiki)

Bridget Moynahan’s son was born on August 22, 2007, in Santa Monica, California, USA. His birth took place at Saint John’s Medical Center in Saint Monica. He is 16 years old now in 2023. The young boy has two mothers as his father Thomas Brady Patrick Edward Jr. dated another actress and model after getting separated from the biological mother of his son. Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen is the spouse of Tom Brady and stepmother of John Edward. 

John has two half-siblings, a step-brother and a step-sister. His stepbrother is Benjamin Rein Brady and his stepsister is Vivian Lake Brady. Although, he spent most of his life with his mother. Still, he has a deep bond with his father and gets along with his stepmother and step-siblings. 

Moreover, his mother also got married to an American businessman, Andrew Frankel. The couple tied the knot in the Hamptons. Both families love John despite his uncanny relationship with Andrew and Bundchen. 

John is receiving education at his residence. Like his father, he is enthusiastic about sports including American soccer and football. John also plays sports with his father who used to be a NFL player. 

Personal Profile Summary

Full Birth Name John Edward Thomas Moynahan
Profession Student
Age18 (2023)
Date of Birth August 22, 2007
Birthplace Santa Monica, California, USA 
Nationality American 
Famous ForTom Bardy sonBridget Moynahan son
Zodiac SignLeo
Ethnicity White Caucasian 
Religion Christianity 
Current Residence New York City, New York, USA 
Height 5 feet153 cm1.53 m
Weight 36 kgs80 lbs
Biceps Size Will be updated 
Body Measurements24 20 22
Shoe Size4.5
Eye Color Brown 
Hair Color Dark brown 
Parents Father Thomas Edward PatrickTom Brady Jr. Mother Giselle BundchenBridget Moynahan
Siblings Half brother Benjamin Rein Brady Half sister Vivian Lake Brady 
Education Homeschooling 
Favorite Celebrities Robert Downey Jr. Emma Watson 
Dream Holiday Destination California 
Favorite Color Blue 
Hobbies Watching T.V. Drawing playing sports like Soccer
Favorite Dishes Pizza and Donuts 

What’s the Story Behind John Edward Thomas Moynahan Birth?

After the breakup in 2006, Bridget claimed to be pregnant. On February 18, 2007, it was confirmed by the model’s spokesperson that she was over three months pregnant and had shared the news with her ex-boyfriend. 

Since the birth of their baby, both of them tried to maintain a civic and amicable relationship with each other for the upbringing of their son. The couple admitted in a statement that Bridget’s pregnancy was a huge surprise to them as they didn’t see it coming. However, they were happy as Tom said, John gave him the best title of Dad. 

On the day of John’s birth, his father wasn’t there with his mother. Brady had a practice session and was busy there. But when he received the news, he lent a private jet from Patriots owner Robert Kraft to get across the other side promptly. At last, he managed to be there with his son on the day of his birth. 

Further, the best quarterback player in the NFL also admitted, that time was the hardest for him. Tom Brady didn’t how to explain to his wife Giselle that his boyfriend had a pregnant ex-girlfriend. But they decided to come up with this challenge and had “the greatest kid you could ever ask for.”

In February 2023, Tom Brady announced retirement from the NFL. Now, John Edward Thomas Moynahan will get additional time to spend with his father. And in May, they posted a picture on Instagram enjoying their time together. 

What was Giselle Bundchen’s Response to the Birth of John Edward Thomas Moynahan?

Bundchen revealed in an interview with Charlie Rose of CBS’s This Morning that she wanted to run away after hearing the news of Brifget being pregnant with Brady’s child.

Besides, she revealed that they were some months into the relationship and this news shocked her badly. Giselle was perplexed and didn’t know what to do. Yet, she didn’t break off with it but geared up for whatever challenges were coming towards her. She also revealed that she’s proud of this decision and really loves to be a “bonus mom of John.” 

John Edward Thomas Relationship With His Siblings

John is the best friend of his singing and they relish a deep bond. Benjamin sees his brother as a hero and whenever he costs, he welcomes him with big smiles on his face. Not only do they play together, but also like to stick around each other when they get together. 

Brady often posts pictures on his social media account of his sons and daughter hanging out at football courts or holiday places.  


Does John Edward Thomas Moynahan Want to Follow in His Father’s Footsteps?

John Edward Thomas Moynahan is a born athlete and lives to play outdoors. Lately, he is showcasing most interest in soccer, Moynahan said in an interview. In Live with Kelly, she told that John wants to become a “professional soccer player.” After the Olympics, he wants to “win a gold medal in swimming competitions.” 

Furthermore, Bardy told in an interview that his son is gearing up for the quarterback position on the football team. His father also played exclusively quarterback football and he was one of the best players of quarterback among NFL players. 

In August 2021, John Edward Thomas Moynahan signed up to become a ball boy for the Buccaneers. Later Brady posted a picture of his son with the caption that the Buccaneers got a new ball boy this week. Moreover, he also expressed how proud he’s of his son. 

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