What Does Slatt mean? Understanding The Slang Term

What does slatt mean? In recent years, this term has seen a significant rise in usage, notably in the realm of hip-hop and rap music. You may have encountered it on social media, heard it in songs, or even used it yourself without completely comprehending what it means. In this section of this article, we will investigate the meaning of slatt as well as its roots and its role in modern culture.

Origins of Slatt

Young Thug, a well-known rapper hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, is credited with being the first person to bring this phrase to widespread attention. He used the term “slime love all the time” in one of his songs and abbreviated it. The phrase became widely used very fast, and well-known rappers such as Gunna and Lil Uzi Vert are among those who have since adopted it.

What Does Slatt Mean?

What does slatt mean? The phrase “slime love all the time” is an acronym that genuinely stands for this concept. Within the culture of hip-hop, a person who is considered a slime is one who is a close buddy or acquaintance. It is common practice to use the phrase slat as a means of expressing affection and respect for one’s friends or business acquaintances. It is a technique for demonstrating allegiance to a group and fostering solidarity among its members.

 How To Use The Term Slatt

 “I do lie, yeah, I do… slatt,”

  “Wyclef Jean,” Young Thug

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What does slime mean in rap?

Young Thug and the members of his YSL group are responsible for the resurgence of slime’s popularity in Atlanta. Slime is a slang phrase that can be interchanged with friend, brother, mate, homie, kid, and a few more terms.

What rapper says slatt?

Young Thug, a fellow Atlantan and compatriot of Playboi Carti, was the one who first coined this term despite it being most frequently associated with Playboi Carti. According to the statistics provided by Genius, Thug was the most prolific rapper to use this word between the years 2013 and 2016, utilizing it in 15 different tracks.

Who Started Slatt?

Slatt stands for “Slime Love All The Time,” and it is a phrase frequently used in songs affiliated with YSL. Young Thug, the founder of YSL Records, is credited with coming up with the term, which debuted in 2013.

How is Used in Hip-Hop Culture?

This phrase is commonly exchanged between close friends in hip-hop culture as a kind of greeting or farewell. It is a way of recognizing one’s fellow “slimes” and expressing unity within the group to one another. Additionally, it is utilized as a hashtag on many social media platforms in order to demonstrate support for the “slime” community.

Examples of Popular Culture

This word is now commonly employed in a variety of contexts across popular culture due to its rising level of recognition. For instance, the song “Slatt by Young Thug and “Slatt Walk” by Chris Brown both make use of it as the title of their respective works. Additionally, it has been utilized in the titles of videos that can be seen on YouTube, such as “Slatt Wars” and “Slatt Nation.”


As is the case with a large number of slang expressions, this term has been the target of criticism from certain individuals who believe it encourages undesirable behavior or ideals. Some of its detractors believe that it glamorizes gang culture as well as violent behavior. Others, on the other hand, contend that the term is nothing more than a manner of expressing affection and loyalty between friends and that its usage should not be seen as encouraging inappropriate behavior.


What does slatt mean? This phrase can sound like it’s simply another meaningless slang term, but in the culture of hip-hop, it actually has a special meaning. It is an abbreviation that stands for “slime love all the time” and is used within a group as a manner of demonstrating loyalty and solidarity with the other members of that group. Others see it as a harmless show of camaraderie and friendship, in spite of the fact that it has been subjected to criticism by specific individuals.

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