Here’s How to Relax After Work and Refresh Your Wellbeing

Workplace stress is at an all-time high, especially after the past 2 years putting everything in flux. Nearly 80% of workers claim to feel stressed while on the job, with half that number claiming to need help managing their stress levels. Bringing work into the home due to COVID restrictions only made stress levels increase.

Figuring out how to relax after work is done for the day is key to managing your mental health in unprecedented times. Read on to learn some amazing ways you can unwind after work and bring your stress back down to reasonable levels.

Take Time to Close Open Task Loops

If you want to manage stress after work, you have to close off any task loops that live in your brain free of charge. Don’t let the things you forgot to do today haunt you into tomorrow. If you feel the need to manage those tasks, place them into a list along with any tasks scheduled for the next day that stress you out.

This can help you manage both lingering work stress and anticipatory stress in one fell swoop.

Listen to Music to Calm You

Music is one of the best ways to calm or relax after a rough day at work. Different circumstances call for different types of music. Headbanging to something like metal or punk can relieve stress after a day filled with anger and frustration.

You can also listen to soothing classical music or spa-like ambient tracks to bring your heart rate down and start relaxing after work.

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Look for Herbal Remedies to Unwind After Work

Many people have turned to herbal remedies when relaxing after work. The most common of these remedies is CBD, which appears in various tinctures and extracts today. If you’re curious to learn more about what CBD can do for your stress levels, check out for more information.

Turn Off Your Work Phone When Relaxing at Home

Too many of us leave our work phones and emails open even after leaving the office. That’s one of the many reasons why we can’t figure out how to relax after work. In many ways, we never left it.

If people can still contact you after you’ve left the office, you’re not done working. Make sure that you mute or turn off your work accounts once you’re no longer on the clock. This helps to create some separation between work and home.

Let’s Review How to Relax After Work

Figuring out how to relax after work can prove difficult, especially when the line separating them these days is so thin. However, if you give yourself ample breaks from your work devices and close off the tasks that linger in your mind, you increase that separation. Then, you can enjoy any time you spend listening to music or undertaking other stress-relieving activities without work looming over your head.

If you’d like to learn more ways you can unwind after work, then check out the Health section of our blog today for more articles like this one!

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