Who is Jayson Tatum’s Wife?

The American basketball player Jayson Tatum got popularity at quite a young age due to his exceptional talent. Although his fans are still puzzled about whether the hunk has been hitched or not. Let’s look into his story to find out! 

Age & Birthplace 

Jayson Christopher Tatum was born on March 3rd, 1998 in St. Louis, Missouri. He is 24 years old by now. His constellation sign is Pisces. 

Tatum holds American nationality according to his Birthplace and belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

Physical characteristics 

The hunk stands at 6”8’, relatively a towering height for average males. He weighs approximately 95 kg. He has a rather appealing façade. His hair is dark brown but is cropped short. He has attractive pair of onyx-colored eyes.  


Jayson attended Chaminade College Preparatory School, located in his residential area. He further studied at Saint Louis University and graduated from there. He was excellent from the beginning so while playing basketball during his academic life as an extracurricular activity, he has possessed huge success and recognition so far.  

Professional Career 

Tatum is an American professional basketball player presenting Boston Celtics in NBA (National Basketball Association). 

Jayson started his career after his graduation and participated in several, at the beginning he reached 13.3 points and 6.4 rebounds per game as a freshman. 

As a sophomore, he reached 26.0 points and 11.0 rebounds each game.  

Boston Celtics chose him in the NBA draft, 2017 in the third overall pick. He owned up second-team Naismith Trophy All-American honors in his junior year. Moreover, he also took part in St. Louis Eagles Athletic union in 2015.  

Jayson also attained a double-double with 14 points and 10 rebounds during his NBA debut. He was chosen by McDonald’s All-American game in 2016. He triumphed Skills competition, All-star game at US, Chicago in 2016. Jayson being a part of Team USA earned a Gold Medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics which were held in Tokyo. He is on the NBA All-Rookie First Team in 2018 and All-NBA Third Team in 2020. As a three-time NBA All-Star, he is one of the most acclaimed players in the NBA. 

Jayson Tatum’s relationships 

Tatum hardly ever discusses his relationships with media, rather prefers to talk about his son Jayson Tatum Jr., aka Deuce. Jayson is not married yet.   

Jayson’s baby mama Torah Lachelle 

Jayson’s baby mama Torah Lachelle 

Torah and Jayson hit it off during high school, so it won’t be wrong to say that Torah was the basketball player’s, high-school sweetheart. Torah is currently working as a hairstylist and owns The Curl Bar Boston. The couple split their ways when Lachell told Jayson that she was pregnant with his child.  

Jayson Tatum Jr. Aka., Deuce was born in early December 2017. But unfortunately, the young dude couldn’t bring his parents together, but the couple gratefully developed a genial co-parenting relationship. Tatum confessed during an interview with Boston.com that he enjoys being a young father Tatum, he said:  

“We’re growing up together. I think it’s cool that he’s going to be able to see me as my career goes and as he’s getting older to remember certain things and interact. Things like that. It’s a plus.” 

Jayson really adores his son, and he fondly declares that his son has taken popularity in his stride by his cute antics and him being a fan’s favorite, he commented:  

“It’s cool. He enjoys it. Every time he comes to a home game, people cheer when they see him and scream his name. When he comes to the games on the road and here at All-Star, he has his personality.” 

Jayson’s social media page portrays the father-son duo’s intimate bond rather beautifully. Jayson frequently posts pictures of his son who burgeoning to be a basketball player. 

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Tatum’s ex Samie Amos  

Tatum’s ex Samie Amos  

When Lachelle revealed his pregnancy to Tatum, he was dating Samie Amos then. But right after being aware of Lachell’s condition, he broke up with Samie because he wanted to prioritize raising his child with his mother.   

Amos was distressed after the breakup, and spit out her annoyance and devastation in an Instagram post saying that he won’t find a girl like her again and declared him a loser, she further vocalized her emotion by saying:    

“What did you let go? A girl that would go out of her way just to please you and someone that rode with you through thick and thin. A girl who loved you regardless of your flaws (trust me there was a lot). Good luck finding a girl who put up with you as I did. Sorry, you played your damn self.” 

Jayson’s relationship with singer Ella Mai and model Bella B 

Jayson’s relationship with singer Ella Mai and model Bella B 

Jayson at first hooked up with British singer Ella Mai and she was caught by the paparazzi while she was hanging out with the basketball player at his home in October 2020.  

The couple was no longer spotted together which lead to people surmising that they had parted ways.  

Jayson was afterward seen with model Bella B during dining which caused their fans to speculate that they are dating each other. 

Both the ladies Bella B and Ella Mai attended the Celtics’ game in 2021, against the Lakers and cheered off Jayson.  

As per recent reports of 2022, it has been observed that Tatum is still courting his girlfriend, Ella Mai. The couple is in a relationship since October 2020, and the paparazzi caught her dropping by his house in Missouri.  

Mai is an English singer-songwriter who appeared in The X Factor Season 11. She initiated her career at London’s British and Irish Modern Music Institute. She was tracked down by record producer Mustard on social media and was recruited with 10 Summers Records.  

Jayson hasn’t tied the knot yet, and he doesn’t possess a wife. He frequently posts pictures and videos of his parents, baby i.e. Deuce, and family on his social media account.  

Jayson Tatum’s son 

Jayson Tatum’s beloved son, Deuce, was born on December 6, 2017. He goes with his full name which is Jayson Tatum Jr. He just a little while back wished his father a happy birthday and showed up on some of his favorite childhood spots.  

Tatum was seen taking his son to games, and the child frequently caught attention on the court. Jayson was quite young just 19 years and was a few months into the rookie season when he embraced his son. Deuce has already become popular on the internet on multiple occasions.  

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Net worth 

Jayson is a professional and well-known basketball player and earned a huge amount per annum approximately $25 million.  

FAQs on Jayson Tatum  

Who is Jayson Tatum? 

He is an eminent basketball player and a Stardom in National Basketball Association. 

How old is Jayson Tatum? 

He is 24 years old by 2022.  

Who is Jayson Tatum’s wife? 

He is not married yet. Although he has been involved in several flings the guy hasn’t tied the knot yet.  

Is Ella Mai the wife of Jayson Tatum? 

No, Jayson is currently courting her. But the couple hasn’t married yet.  

How many children does Jayson Tatum have? 

He has a son named Jayson Tatum Jr. Aka., Deuce, whom he loves unconditionally. 

Who is the mother of Jayson Tatum’s son? 

Torah Lachelle is the wife of Jayson’s son. 

How much does Jayson Tatum earn annually? 

His net worth is approx. $25 million. 

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