The Mexican wife of Canelo Alvarez: Fernanda Gómez  

The attractive Mexican lady ‘Fernanda Gómez’ is well-liked among her fans for her beguiling and captivating looks. She was boomed after her marriage with her marriage to Canelo Alvarez. But besides her looks, there’s much more to her personality. Let’s look into her story! 

Age & Birthplace 

Fernanda Gomez was born on June 22, 1996, in Guadalajara, Mexico. She is 26 years old as of 2022. Her constellation sign is Cancer. She is of Mexican by her nationality. 

Early life 

Fernanda always used to fancy modeling and has had an eye for fashion since she was a child. This was the reason she pursued her studies in this field, and gratefully she gained bounteous enlightenment through her education.  


Although there isn’t much information available on Fernanda’s education, she hasn’t revealed much. But a few tidbits have suggested that she did her schooling in Mexico and then further education by trailing behind her deepest passion for meddling and entrepreneurship by choosing her respective educational fields. It seems she accomplished her desires.  

Physical attributes 

The stunning Fernanda Gómez stands at 5”5’, a perfect height for her being a model. She presumably weighs around 55kg which goes well with her height. Her Mile long legs look gorgeous in her luxuriant gowns. She has beautiful blond hair and twinkling brown eyes.  

Fernanda Gómez Family

Fernanda’s parents’ names are Lorena Martinez Cuevas, and Ernesto Gomez Morales, who shaped her into what she is today and always had her back. She grew up beside her four siblings, namely Ernesto, Maria Lorena, Oscar, and Ricardo. 

The Mexican wife of Canelo Alvarez

The Mexican lady is renowned for being the wife of boxer Canelo Alvarez. He is a boxing champion and advocates it. The couple met at the OMB charity gala in 2016, and have been together ever since.  

The duo instantly fell for each other and tied the knot on May 15, 2021, in an opulent ceremony in the presence of family and close friends. The wedding took place in Fernanda’s native country and residential cathedral, located in Guadalajara, Mexico.  

The couple shared photos of their big day on their respective social media accounts and received innumerable wishes and blessings. The WBO family also gave their wishes for a prosperous life ahead. The couple is living a blissful life together. 

The duo was blessed with an adorable daughter back in 2018, and they named her Maria, who is the epitome of innocence and is a bundle of joy for Canelo and Fernanda.  

Fernanda Gomez’s husband: Canelo Gomez 

wife of Canelo Alvarez: Fernanda Gómez  

Fernanda Gomez and Canelo Alvarez’s paths coincided in October 2016. The pair had an unsteady relationship for a few years, they split their path in 2017 but reunited in 2018; they were involved with an OMB Gala which was something mutual between their career. 

When they married in 2021, their marriage was recognized all over the world. 

Canelo Alvarez was born in San Agustin in 1990, he is the youngest among his siblings. His seven brothers are all skilled boxers, which is something congenital in him, and his parents by seeing his potential persuaded him to pursue Boxing. 

He earned his first title of FEDECENTRO back in 2008, by defeating Gabriel Martnez. Also deflected Carlos Adán Jerez and Tony “Mazatleco” Fitch in 2008. 

He won the World Boxing Council middleweight championship against Matthew Hatton when he was 21 years old. He is among the world’s highest-paid athletes. 


Fernanda initiated her career as a fashion model and businesswoman. She flaunts her beautiful curves in a plethora of strikingly stunning photographs which she posts on her social media accounts. 

Fernanda Gómez career story

Her façade gives off her fondness for traveling and her posts suggest she has traveled to various places. Moreover, she owns a nail salon and shop in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Thus, she has an Instagram profile for her company for e-marketing.  

She prioritizes facilitating her consumers’ exceptional service and nail art. Her prime concern is to augment her company and amass her customers.  

Fernanda is quite active on social media and frequently posts pictures of her with family, friends, and her adorable daughter. Recently, she has been chased by the media for her extravagantly chic apparel and her appearance at several events.  

Fernanda Gómez social media accounts details

She is an entrepreneur and runs her clothing line on Facebook and Instagram and a YouTube channel where she occasionally talks about body image and promotes self-love. Furthermore, it made her earn numerous MTV Iggy and Teen Vogue honors. Fernanda’s popularity could be surmised by her social networks and whooping number of followers, she has approx. 1.2M followers on her account and 64.8K on her brand.  

She has quite a thriving modeling career, she is famed in Mexico and represents her country in various beauty contests.   

Net worth 

Fernanda fancies living a luxuriant lifestyle, due to her career choice and her professional demand. Obviously, the Mexican lady is a successful businesswoman and earns approximately $20 million per year.

Her business line focuses on her opulent nail art salon. She is also a social media influencer and does several sponsorships for brands, so it’s difficult to pinpoint her exact income. Although, she became popular after her marriage to Canelo Alvarez. 

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FAQs on Fernanda Gomez 

Who is Fernanda Gómez? 

She is a Mexican model and entrepreneur running her nail art salon and a clothing line. 

Who is Fernanda Gómez’s husband? 

She is best known for being the gorgeous wife of the world’s popular Boxing caption Canelo Alvarez. 

How many children does Fernanda Gómez have? 

She has a daughter named Maria, whom she and her husband love unconditionally. 

Is Fernanda Gómez’s a model? 

She is a stunning model and is seen flaunting her flawless curves on social media accounts. 

What is Fernanda Gómez’s net worth? 

Last but not least, she earns $20 million every year. 

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