Wynton Harvey: Is He Different from Steve Harvey?

Who does not know Wynton Harvey? About 40% of young people know the African-American young photographer Wynton Harvey who is being hailed due to his tremendous art in photography. Another reason for his fame is his father’s striking popularity. But there is much more to his personality besides being Steve Harvey’s son, let’s look into his story to find out!

Biography of Wynton Harvey

Wynton has been born on July 18, 1997, in the United States of America, and ever since he has been residing there. Wynton is 25 years old by now. Wynton’s constellation sign is Cancer.

Wynton’s nationality is American and concerning his Ethnicity, he belongs to African-American descent.


As much information is available on Wynton’s education, it has been concluded that he got his early education from a public school located in his residential area, and is presently studying at Savannah College of Arts and design situated in Atlanta, Georgia.


Wynton’s engrossment in photography knows no bounds and you couldn’t agree more with the fact that he is fascinated by this profession since his early life. Wynton revealed his marvelous talent for photography in an exhibition that was held in Atlanta on June 14th, 2018, when he was just 20 years old.

In addition to it, Wynton boasts a huge number of fans and followers on his social media more specifically on Instagram, approximately around 90.4K.

Wynton has owned the honor of being called The Week’s Photographer due to his stupefying photography. Not just that, Wynton himself savors being photographed as well as being a model.    

As per Wynton’s career choices, it’s clear that he hasn’t followed his father’s footsteps in terms of profession but has pursued a different career. Wynton has rather a luxuriant choice in clothing and face-wearing trendy stylish Apparel.

Nonetheless, Wynton is seen repeatedly in his father’s shows as a guest, and the father-son duo gives a quality touch to the episode through their intimate relationship and cute banter.

He also made an appearance in Steve Harvey’s ‘Wynton and Lori Pack for College’ video which was posted.

Wynton has received applause and adoration for his work from his great number of fans.

His family has always backed him in his career and supported his dream and passion.

Wynton is frequently cognized by paparazzi for his fashion and style, and the credit goes to his mother and siblings for it.

Wynton is a highly ingenious and ambitious person, who aspires to become a philanthropist. Like his father, he desires to be a wealthy person someday by following his career. He also disclosed his deepest desire to be featured on the cover page of Forbes one day, and we wish all the luck to this determined young guy.

Physical Attributes

Wynton stands 5”9’ inches (1.82 meters tall), which is a relatively average and favored height for male models today, due to which Wynton is quite fancied for this profession.

Although there is no information on this young guy’s weight so it’s safe to suggest that it would be in correspondence with his height.

Wynton possess sparking Black eyes which are quite enhanced on his complexion and his black hair is one of a kind as per his black heritage.


As much information is available on Wynton’s education, it has been concluded that he got his early education from a public school located in his residential area, and is presently studying at Savannah College of Arts and design situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dating life

He is courting Taylor Gordon, the gorgeous daughter of a well-known and distinguished American journalist Ed Gordon. Over and above that the duo has stumbled across each other in 2016.

Ever since the couple has been cheek by jowl. But despite the media sucking on any juice tale, the couple hasn’t disclosed any further tidbits about their relationship.

Wynton Harvey: Is He Different from Steve Harvey?

Besides being the love lady of Wynton, Taylor is a social media influencer and fashion blogger and possesses a huge fan following because of her gorgeous looks and effortlessly striking beauty blogs.

Net worth

Wynton grew up in a well-known family. He is a young photographer. Reportedly, the photographers make around $65,510 annually. Not just that, Wynton is a model as well.

Wynton Harvey: Son of Famous Steve Harvey

It is no wonder that Wynton got some of his fame due to his father Steve Harvey whose real name is Broderick Stephen. He was born on January 17, 1957, in West Virginia, USA.

Steve’s parents were Jesse Harvey and Eloise Vera and they raised him in Ohio, and the street where he grew up and spent his childhood was renamed Steve Harvey Way in 2015.

Steve had several jobs and faced an exhausting and difficult time living as a failed comic. But his hard work didn’t get in vain and he became the king of Comedy. He performed his first comedy show in Ohio, which didn’t get as much success but got him somewhere in his career.

Wynton Harvey: Is He Different from Steve Harvey?

Steve aired his first show by the name ‘The Steve Harvey Show in 2012, which was later on renamed in 2015, and goes by the name ‘Steve’.

Moreover, Steve proudly accrued five Daytime Emmy Awards in the seven-year.

The acclaimed comedian married his first partner, Marcia Harvey, in 1980. However, in 1994, they split their ways, as their compatibility didn’t align.

Shockingly, in 1996, Steve married again for the second time with Wynton’s mother, Mary Shackelford, known by the name Mary Lee.

Steve accepted this fact while talking about his beloved son that he expects great wonders from his son just like every father. Wynton also said that he looked up to his dad in every facet of his life because his dad showed him how to be a good young man. Steve gets emotional while discussing his son and confessed that he loves him more than himself.

By showing his love, Wynton gave a surprise to his daddy on father’s day surprise by making an appearance on his father’s talk show and gifted him Tom Ford shoes which impress Steve.

Steve revealed the background story to his audience that Wynton wanted these shoes and jokingly asked him where he got the money.

Wynton sheepishly replied that the gift was bought with his father’s money which makes the audience howl in laughter.

But it touched his father’s emotions and he said:

“But it’s alright, so it’s like you bought them for yourself, but it’s the thought that counts, though.” 

Steve then further inquired, 

”So you went to the Tom Ford store and put it in my account to give me my gift “? 

Wynton replied mischievously, 


Then Steve, slightly bumped his shoe with him and said: Allowance was? 

The cute chitchat between father and son was the highlight of the show.

Later on, Wynton gave him the next gift, which was a striking frame with a photo of him with Steve with a lovely quote, I’ll ride with you until the wheels off.”

Wynton confessed that his father made him a good student to pass out of college, he was the one who was a constant inspiration for him.

Steve got so emotional with his son’s surprises and love and was so overwhelmed to even utter a word, he also decoded the quote by saying it meant,

“I don’t care what you do, just come to me. Don’t go to anybody else.”

Wynton Harvey is a Family Man

Wynton was born to two shining stars in Showbiz, his father an eminent megastar, Steve Harvey. He does not require any introduction and his mother Mary Lee is a well-known fashion icon.

After tying the knot with the famed Steve Harvey, a tv host, Mary Lee came into the limelight and was frequently followed by the paparazzi for any juice news which could be squeezed out of a couple. Mary Lee was their second wife of Steve.

Steve and Mary Lee married in 1996, after one year, Wynton was born, and the couple split ways after being together for nine years. Steve also took the matter to court for the custody of Wynton which he gratefully won.

Wynton’s stepmother is Marjorie Harvey who is their current wife of Steve. The couple married each other in 2007, after being in a relationship for 3 years.

Wynton has three half-siblings from his stepmother, named Lori, Morgan, and Jason Harvey. He used to have quite an amiable relationship with his family.

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Who is Wynton Harvey?

He is Steve Harvey’s son and a professional photographer and model.

Is Wynton Harvey Steve Harvey’s son?

Yes, he’s Steve’s beloved son and has quite a tremendous bond with his father.

Is Wynton Harvey also a comedian?

No, Wynton is a photographer and occasionally poses as a model as well.

Who is Wynton Harvey’s mother?

Steve Harvey’s second wife, Mary Lee is Wynton’s mother, and Marjorie Harvey is his stepmother.

Is Wynton Harvey dating anyone?

He is dating Taylor Gordon, who is a fashion influencer.

How much does Wynton Harvey earn annually?

He earns approximately $65,510.

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