Top Reasons for Hair Loss in Men and Women (More Than Just Genes)

Are you worried about your hair thinning out?

You’re not alone. About 80 million Americans suffer from hair loss as early as they enter their teen years. Since most mold their personalities based on their hairstyles, hair loss has a massive impact on their self-esteem.

It’s easy to blame hair loss on bad genes, but there are plenty of other reasons for hair loss in men and women. They can stem from your diet, medication, or other common lifestyle choices. Ignoring these reasons for hair loss will only intensify the problem.

To know what we’re talking about, continue reading what we’ve prepared below. We explain the top causes of hair loss for both men and women and how you can remedy them. Learn all you need to combat hair loss today!

Prescription Medication

Certain medications bring about side effects that include the loss of hair. Blood thinners, antidepressants, and pressure medication are only some that can cause this.

Most of these cause hair loss by pulling nutrients into essential areas in your body. It often causes your hair follicles to be among the last ones to receive nutrients, thinning your hair out.

You mustn’t stop taking your meds simply because of your hair, though. Halting medications before you complete them can pose serious health risks. Ask your doctor for alternative medications if any are available, instead.

Certain Health Conditions

Tons of health conditions can be the reasons for sudden hair loss. Hormonal disorders, like thyroid disease, often cause hair loss more than other conditions. With thyroid disease, the gland has an imbalance in its TSH production, leading to patterned hair loss around your head.

Diseases that affect your blood can also cause hair loss. Iron-deficiency anemia, in particular, causes your hair to thin out. Low iron levels make it hard for follicles to get the nourishment they need, leading to an unhealthy scalp.

What’s great is that treatments for these conditions also help regrow your hair. You should follow your doctor’s advice if you want your hair to regrow as soon as possible.

Medical Procedures

If you’ve had surgery, you may notice that your hair is thinner than before. The severity of your hair loss will depend on the intensity of the surgery. Surgical procedures cause physical stress on your body, which forces it to change how it functions.

Same as with prescription medication above, your body will focus on healing itself. It draws functions away from your scalp since the area is not as important. General anesthesia can also intensify these effects, thinning out your hair even more.

Chemotherapy also leads to major, if not total, hair loss. The radiation you’re exposed to will kill off your follicles, causing your hair to die and fall off.

Your hair will grow back once your body heals, or in months after the treatments stop. Cooling caps can help prevent hair loss during these periods, especially while undergoing chemotherapy.

Unhealthy Diets

Your diet can be one of the top health reasons for hair loss. It’s important to get the right amount of vitamins and minerals in your diet. These will help your scalp produce thick and healthy hair.

Protein is most important if you want to prevent sudden hair loss. It’s what hair follicles use to nourish your roots to produce healthy oil. They also strengthen them, making them less likely to fall off for no reason.

It’s also why people who go through a protein-deficient diet have noticeable hair loss. These often occur after three months once they’ve lost considerable weight. Most have depleted their bodies’ protein reserves, leaving them with little to use at this point.

Hair Care

How you handle your hair also affects its health. Appliances like hairdryers, flat irons, and curling irons apply immense heat to your hair. Doing so damages your strands, making them more likely to break.

Sometimes, they damage your hair in a way that makes it look like you’re balding. This is because damaged strands become thinner, causing your hair to lose its volume.

Some chemical solutions also do these to your hair. It’s important only to get hair products that provide your hair with the nutrients it needs. Avoid hair products labeled “5-in-1” and such, since they overload your scalp with chemicals.


Severe psychological stress causes your body to react. In most cases, major stress leads to hair loss as alopecia areata. This form of alopecia affects around 147 million people worldwide.

Major stress can trigger your follicles to go into a resting phase. In this phase, they stop producing new strands of hair, causing large bald patches to appear at a time.

What’s great is that stress-induced hair loss is only temporary. As you relieve yourself from stress, your follicles produce hair strands once again. It’ll be like nothing ever happened with your hair in a few months.

If you want to help the process along, buy RU58841 solutions. These prevent your follicles from going into the resting phase. They also promote healthier hair growth with no negative effects on your body.


Childbirth is among the top reasons for hair loss in women. Falling estrogen levels are to blame here.

Women often have shinier, thicker, and healthier hair during their pregnancy. Elevated estrogen levels prevent them from falling off easily. Once they give birth, though, estrogen levels drop, causing significant hair loss.

The good news is that this is all temporary. Estrogen levels will return to normal in about three months. Hair will grow and shed at a regular pace by then.

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Know the Top Reasons for Hair Loss Today

Wrapping up the topic about Hair Loss in Men and Women. It’s surprising to learn that many things can easily cause you to lose your hair. Once you learn about them, though, they’re just as easy to avoid. Know how these reasons for hair loss affect your body and work around them today!

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