How to Choose the Best PDF Generator API in 2024

If you run an e-commerce or logistics business website, you might know the pain of manually formatting customer data into a standard document that can be shared and printed.

Before the PDF generator API, this was a manual and time-consuming task that was definitely prone to errors. Now, with the PDF generator API, you can easily create professional PDF documents in your applications. 

With the increasing trend of APIs, there are many options available out there that might make you wonder how to choose the best PDF generator API in 2024.

In this article, I will share some tips that will help you get the answer to your query; How to choose the best PDF generator API in 2024? But let’s first understand what a PDF generator API is.

What is a PDF Generator API?

Before learning how to choose the best PDF generator API in 2024, it is important to first understand its definition.

A PDF generator API is a tool that allows developers and software to seamlessly convert and format the data into a standard PDF document, thus eliminating the need to format and create the PDFs manually.

It’s more like a middleman; it takes the data from you, sends it to the PDF generation service provider, and gives a PDF document to you.

The API automates the process by converting image, text, or HTML data directly into a well-formatted PDF document, thus streamlining the creation and sharing of documents.

For the PDF generator API to work, you need to integrate the API code into your software, input the data, and then the API takes the data and formats it into a PDF document.

This way, you don’t need to do the entire formatting and creation process manually, as the PDF generator API will do it for you.

How To Choose The Best PDF Generator API?

Here, I am going to discuss the top 4 factors to consider while selecting the best PDF generator API.


First of all, while choosing a PDF generator API, you need to evaluate its features. For example, you might need an API that can convert HTML data into a PDF, so you should look into and invest in such an API.

See if the API has the required features that you are looking for, and if it doesn’t, there is no need to invest in it.

Important features that you should look for in a PDF generator API include its ability to extract text from an image and convert it into a PDF, add repeating headers and footers, form PDFs from URLs and HTML, and edit features.

Many PDF generator APIs also allow you to merge, add, and rotate the PDF pages, convert MS Office files into PDFs, and add e-signatures to the PDF.

So, make sure that the API you intend to invest in has the required features before making a purchase.


In the online world, the most important thing is security. With the increase in cyberattacks, it has become more important to look for a more secure option.

Always look for an API provider that prioritizes security. Don’t forget to check their storage policy, i.e., how your data will be treated after it is passed to their server—do they delete it or store it?

You can also choose the privacy-focused version of the API if you don’t want your data to be stored at any point.

Data encryption is really important, so make sure that your API provider encrypts the data in transit. It will keep the data protected if any problem arises during data transfer.

Select a PDF generator API that matches all the security protocols. Because obviously no one wants their customers’ data to be hacked.


Accuracy is the foundation of any business. If the API is not generating accurate results, it will only leave you with frustration and regret. So, always invest in a PDF generator API that gives accurate results.

Test the API and see if it has generated the PDF with the right font, images, and text. Make sure the generated PDF contains the same information as the original. Evaluating these things earlier will help you avoid future errors and work more efficiently.


Always opt for a reliable PDF generator API. If your software has a huge customer base and keeps actively engaged, choose an API that can handle large amounts of requests and does not crash.

Late responses to the request can affect the workflow, so it’s crucial to test the API response speed. It’s always better to choose a provider that can offer a service-level agreement to avoid unexpected downtime.

Best PDF Generator APIs:

By now, you have understood how to choose the best PDF generator API in 2024 for your software. Now let’s look at some of the best PDF generator APIs available.

PDF Generator API

The PDF Generator API (company name) is one of the most popular REST APIs. It converts JSON data into a PDF document.

It provides a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to edit the document templates according to your choice.

You can generate a default template for your users, and every time they use the template, a copy will be saved in their private workspace.

Moreover, you can also write mathematical and logical expressions to customize the values in the document components. Different components, like tables, barcodes, and text, can be used to format the data in the PDF. 

Whether you want to customize the invoices or the shipping labels, this API has got you covered.

They take your privacy very seriously and don’t save your data during the generation process.Rather, they enable you to choose the location where you want your data to be processed to comply with security standards.

As far as the pricing is concerned, it offers 2500 merges per month. One important point to note here is that it charges the users depending upon the number of merges per PDF instead of the number of PDFs created.

For example, if you have merged data from two sources, you will be charged for two merges instead of one PDF.


The PSPDFKit API is a feature-rich PDF generator API that allows you to form PDFs from HTML.

It lets you customize the fonts and images, maintain the headers and footers across pages, and style the CSS according to your requirements.

In addition to PDF editing, it also offers features like OCR, watermarking, and document conversion from 10 different file types. It supports Postman collections and offers language-specific documents with a sample code.

Unlike the PDF Generator API, it charges users depending on the number of PDFs generated rather than the actions. It offers 100 free credits per account, allowing users to test the API before making any purchases.

For businesses looking for a cost-effective and versatile API that converts multiple file types, the PSPDFKit API is a great choice.

Anvil PDF Generation API

Anvil PDF Generation API is a simple yet effective solution that offers PDF formation from HTML, CSS, and markdown.

Especially if you are looking for a scalable API that can handle thousands of requests, it might be the right option for you. On the official website, they claim to be a scalable and reliable solution with 99.99% uptime.

Moreover, it doesn’t have a subscription plan. It charges you when you make a document generation request.If you have an application with a large volume of requests, you can also contact them to settle things accordingly.

With a collection of detailed documentation and tutorials, Anvil makes the integration process much easier. It’s a great solution for businesses looking for a scalable, reliable, and cost-effective solution.


PDF Monkey is a great PDF generator REST API that allows you to build and manage templates in your dashboard and convert HTML or JSON data into PDF documents.

With PDF Monkey, you can preview the generated PDF files in the dashboard and insert eye-catching charts in your PDF through their chart library.

By allowing you to export external resources like Tailwind CSS, Google fonts, and QR Code generators, it lets you customize your documents according to your needs.

You can generate 300 PDFs with its monthly free plan.It offers two paid plans that enable you to generate more PDFs per month.


In conclusion, a PDF generator API is a great way to streamline and automate PDF generation in your application or software.

There are various PDF generator APIs to choose from. I have explained in the article how to choose the best PDF generator API in 2024. To select the right one, always make sure that it is secure, accurate, reliable, and has the required features.

I have explained all these points in detail, along with some of the best PDF generator APIs, so that you can choose the right one and work efficiently.

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